“If you’re tired then go take a nap”—E Double from EPMD.

We did it Brooklyn! Did the impossible but don’t ask to me do it twice. Ok maybe next year. Could be some new Christmas tradition. But for now I’m gonna sleep if you want, go ahead get some shuteye. Don’t cry, close your eyes. Here comes your mother with those two little guys.

I need to put that Wu on: “I can’t go to sleep. I can’t shut my eyes.” Nah, that shit was wack. “Lay your head on my pillow. Pillow! And just relax. Relax. Relax.” Word to the Tonies. I want to watch Kobe make history but I don’t think I’m gonna make it. Guess that's why the big guy upstairs made DVRs.

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported this foolish but courageous crusade. I really appreciate it. Maybe I’ll blog again before Xmas (I kinda got the fever) but I’m surely gonna bring some audio back into the mix. Putting words together all day and night can give you one hell of a migraine. Anyways, I’m out this bitch. No mosquitoes, niggas.

Sidebar: Nas just hit me on the cell. He’s changing the title of his next album to Nuh. He also profusely apologized for doing that Sauce cover without my permission. I forgave him cause I’m tired and my mindstate is type fragile right now. Ha!

Update: I was just fuckin' with y'all.