The wife is still sleeping so I can sample her goods. Hush! You know what I mean. Get your mind out of the gutter. It’s all in the family!

1 Are there any rappers who don’t have their boys taping each and every boring movement they make?

2 Can rappers still really blame lack of huge marketing and promotion budgets for why their albums don’t sell as well as they used to?

3 Why is hip-hop gossip hotter than Lil Wayne on the mixtape circuit?

4 Has anyone fallen off harder than Chamillionaire?

5 Is Paul Wall still making grills?

6 Would you rather Jay-Z or a white man tell you that song you finished last night was hot garbage?

7 Can Lil Kim really comeback?

8 Will R Kelly ever catch a bad one in a courtroom?

9 Would I have liked that Alicia Keys “No One” song more if Keyshia Cole sang it?

10 Should we still really give a fuck about Janet or any Jackson for that matter?

11 Can you believe how many muthafuckas go to Will Smith flicks?

12 When is Fab gonna admit that at the very least, he doesn’t roll with Boy Scouts?

13 Did Ghost and Rae’s criticism really keep Middle America Wu-Stan crackers from copping 8 Diagrams?

14 How many more rappers will fake retire next year?

15 If you hadn’t already, would you marry Beyonce at this point?

16 Should I just start selling covers since pretty much everyone except me and the missus do?

17 If you mimic a famous cover from a more established publication should you somehow credit them?

18 Is there really a better blogger than me?

19 Especially when I’m focused?

20 Is Katt Williams still supposed to be the funniest nigga on the planet?

21 Where’s Martin Lawrence?

22 Does Common really live in my building?

23 Is Lauren London preggars or not?

24 Remember when Erick Sermon fell out the window? (He doesn’t!)