24 Q’s

The wife is still sleeping so I can sample her goods. Hush! You know what I mean. Get your mind out of the gutter. It’s all in the family!

1 Are there any rappers who don’t have their boys taping each and every boring movement they make?

2 Can rappers still really blame lack of huge marketing and promotion budgets for why their albums don’t sell as well as they used to?

3 Why is hip-hop gossip hotter than Lil Wayne on the mixtape circuit?

4 Has anyone fallen off harder than Chamillionaire?

5 Is Paul Wall still making grills?

6 Would you rather Jay-Z or a white man tell you that song you finished last night was hot garbage?

7 Can Lil Kim really comeback?

8 Will R Kelly ever catch a bad one in a courtroom?

9 Would I have liked that Alicia Keys “No One” song more if Keyshia Cole sang it?

10 Should we still really give a fuck about Janet or any Jackson for that matter?

11 Can you believe how many muthafuckas go to Will Smith flicks?

12 When is Fab gonna admit that at the very least, he doesn’t roll with Boy Scouts?

13 Did Ghost and Rae’s criticism really keep Middle America Wu-Stan crackers from copping 8 Diagrams?

14 How many more rappers will fake retire next year?

15 If you hadn’t already, would you marry Beyonce at this point?

16 Should I just start selling covers since pretty much everyone except me and the missus do?

17 If you mimic a famous cover from a more established publication should you somehow credit them?

18 Is there really a better blogger than me?

19 Especially when I’m focused?

20 Is Katt Williams still supposed to be the funniest nigga on the planet?

21 Where’s Martin Lawrence?

22 Does Common really live in my building?

23 Is Lauren London preggars or not?

24 Remember when Erick Sermon fell out the window? (He doesn’t!)

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  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER


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  • lkharley2002@yahoo.com

    this is the best post of them all…u just missed one question: who career did 50 fuck more: Ja Rule – it seems like he hasn’t had a true hit record since 50 showed up, Fat Joe – 50 and the crew ran him out of New York and now he can only have a hit when Lil Wayne is on the same song(be honest his verses on those Khaled records are quickly forgettable) or Cam’ron- 50 first put it out there that Jimmy was better and now eightmonths later Jim is signing joint ventures with Sony while Cam is bragging about a pool the same size of my dad’s..who’s had a harder career post 50

  • http://xxlmag.com YN

    Dude is so focused.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    1. Not since YouTube.

    2. Nope. They can blame recording budgets, to a degree, but not marketing or promotion. Or they can always quit.

    3. Because these dewshes don’t realize that nobody has done what Wayne did. They’d rather hate. This dude is on his 11th album, and keeps getting better. And he’s, what – 25? Gotta respect that. Work like Wayne.

    4. Only Mike Jones.

    5. If he were smart, he’d be making caps for all the cats on X that can’t stop grinding their teeth. That’s the bigger market.

    6. A white man. He’s representing the buying public.

    7. Only if she can undo the surgery and unstaple the nostrils.

    8. Not if he releases another album and goes on tour before his court date again. Money talks.

    9. Good one. Can’t call it.

    10. No, but we sure let Jesse speak for us all…

    11. I guess. But I Am Legend was slack. But eff it; good for him. And to be real, He’s the DJ; I’m the Rapper was classic. Jazzy Jeff doesn’t get enough respect for being an inventor.

    12. When he gets jacked and they aren’t there.

    13. Probably not, but they sure as hell didn’t help promote it.

    14. Hopefully all the wack ones. Then hopefully they’ll all get dropped.

    15. Only if I could be the new black K-Fed. Not if I was supposedly worth over $300M.

    16. Yes. (damn. I mean, no, I guess, right?)

    17. The rule should be like sampling music. If it’s a direct bite, then yes. If it’s an interpolation, hell no. Art, like music, like the English language, only goes so far. Some things will always be mimicked. Nothing new under the sun, only new ways to see the light.

    18. I won’t answer that. This is your show, and I might have tapped out by now. Salute.

    19. That’s probably the key. STAY UP!!!

    20. That new show was pretty good. He did bite a few jokes though. Still, nothing beats Delirious and Raw. And nobody was funnier than Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor or Robin Harris.

    21. Running down the street, smoking that “ooh-wee”.

    22. Common lives in the 5th dimension. It’s ill that Erykah Badu had two of the best rappers alive and made them both wear Cross Colours in the late 90′s.

    23. If she is, the baby ain’t mine.

    24. Yup. Plus I remember when Keith Murray slapped Prodigy and all that happened was a diss verse. That’s how I knew Jay would win that battle.

    You’re bending the corner towards the home stretch, homie. I won’t even lie; I’m damn near delirious. No way in hell I could have done this.

    STAY UP!!!

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  • lukee lefty

    could you somehow convince Jigga and Mary to do a best of both worlds style LP ?? ohhhh and could you let me A&R it ???? that would be dope

  • DANJA29

    1. co-sign Underwriter… I saw this getting outta control w/ the Smack DVDs but now it’s just ridiculous.

    2 Nah, if they’re on Def Jam, they can just blame Jay. You know he’s the only person who works at DJ, right?

    3 Yep… the most “masculine” music out there thrives off gossip. Whoda thunk it?

    4 Only Mike Jones. And Paul Wall.

    5 Who knows? He fell off harder than Chamillionaire.

    6 I’d rather Jay tell me… it’s just those guys at Def Jam who miss the days of hearing Lyor Cohen say “that’s wack!” in his funny voice.

    7 Nah, but she has the right to try. We let Ja Rule try, so it’s only fair.

    8 When he stops putting out music to keep peoples’ minds off of it. His popularity is allowing all this postponement to go on. If he was Aaron Hall one of the niggas from Troop, he’d be in the joint right now.

    9 Hmmmm…

    10 Cuuuurrrrrtiiiiiiiissssssss… on second thought, you might have a point.

    11 Maaan please. I’m still tryin’ to believe how many muthafuckas bought ‘Big Willie Style’.

    12 Next time he’s in the studio. You know all that gangsta shit goes out the window when it’s time to do damage control tho’.

    13 Prob’ly. A lot of them are still so busy ridin’ Raekwon for an album that’s never gonna come out, they’d ride with him for anything at this point.

    14 Couldn’t tell you, but I know a few who def. should REAL retire.

    15 I’d marry her 20 years from now just to say I married a chick who used to be the shit. She’ll likely be Aretha-sized by then tho’… those hamburgers are gonna get her, I just know it.

    16 So THAT’S what that Kimora Lee cover was about, eh?

    17 Maybe. But they’re not biters, they’re writers for themselves and others.

    18 I would say “me” just for self-promotion’s sake, but I’m just as irregular with my output as you are.

    19 When focused… you just might be right. I would say Human Bol Box is better, but he treads wack territory for a whole month straight sometimes.

    20 He’s funny, but I dunno about all that.

    21 Shit if I know.

    22 If he does, tell him he’s gotten really boring lately.

    23 Please say the baby.

    24 I remember, but you gotta forgive Erick’s poor memory. Remember how he started puttin’ out solo albums again cause he forgot nobody cared the FIRST time?

    • DANJA29

      my bad on #8… I meant “Aaron Hall *OR* one of the niggas from Troop”.

  • turnerclassicmovies

    10. No, but we sure let Jesse speak for us all…

    23. If she is, the baby ain’t mine.

    classic material

  • http://XXLmag.com Brendan

    4 Has anyone fallen off harder than Chamillionaire? Big ditto on Mike Jones.

    17 If you mimic a famous cover from a more established publication should you somehow credit them? Is YN crazy?

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  • G

    2 Can rappers still really blame lack of huge marketing and promotion budgets for why their albums don’t sell as well as they used to?

    When your album has been out for weeks, and you don’t even have a radio single, let alone a video… yes you can.

  • http://www.pardonmeduke.com Korean Slap Boxer

    I remember that…he falling out the window. He probably traumatized the sh*t outta that girl

  • KIM > REMY


  • Casper

    Martin got a movie coming out (looks corny) called Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins

  • Ali

    whats wrong with Chamillionaire? lol….he’s hella sick Ultimate Victory was tha shit

  • Josh

    Said here first:

    7 Can Lil Kim really comeback?

    Ya’ll have no idea how fire this album is going to be.

    Frequency where you at?!?

    And why would Keysha Cole > Alicia Keys?

    Alicia Keys touches me in a way I’m not comfortable talking about…