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Cam vs. Spliff part 1

Cam vs. Spliff part 2

These videos are lifted from Dip Set head honcho Duke Da God’s “Eye of the Eagle” DVD, which from what I understand is dropping today, not that I know anyone who will actually spend US currency on it.

Aspiring producers know who Spliff is because he’s a very accessible producer manager who’s gotten his clients (Pro V, Streetrunner, INFO, and Freebass) a lot of work on a plethora of Diplomat albums and mixtapes that have been released over the past few years. You know, the projects that only their legion of internet fans and people in the tri-state area who still hug corners give a fuck about. People in the industry know him because he’s what I guess they might describe with the popular cliche, “on his grind,” whether that be hitting up these A&Rs, or in the studios with the artists. Whether the tracks he’s pushing are good or not, that’s debatable. But i’m not an A&R (yet), so it’s not my call.

However, I got a strong feeling these videos are older than Hell Rell himself. Because Cam’ron…. in a studio? With Juelz? This looks like it came from the forgettable Killa Season era, but I could be wrong. Either way who gives a fuck. Point is that Cam’ron, who is completely irrelevant now (and one could argue he was irrelevant then as well), is getting on the boy Spliffington for using his Diplomat relationships and affiliation to further his own career. Oh god, woe is he who aspires to do something in the music business beyond sit on the studio’s black couch, order food, roll blunts, and beef with other irrelevant members of other rapper entourages.

What part of music “business” did this dude Cam forget about? Is someone supposed to NOT be using their situation to get their own shit popping? Is that not what Cam and the Dip Set did by aligning themselves with Roc-A-Fella? Is that not what Jim Jones did by aligning Byrd Gang with Dip Set? Is that not just the natural progression of things in life?

Granted, when you’re a tight knit bunch you wanna be careful about who you let in your circle and who you’re letting in on your personal business. I understand that. And the Dips have always seemed like that, at least until recently. So I can sort of side with Cam, where’s he basically saying, yo we’ll buy tracks from you but other than that you can go fucking jump off a bridge. But still, don’t get on the little fella for trying to come up. We can’t all be like Max B. Plus the kid even says he’s gotta keep it moving when Duke ain’t doing shit. What do you want him to do, NOT try to sell beats to other people? If that’s the case, then hand him a fat check and i’m sure he’ll be inclined to provide you with whatever tracks you want exclusively. Come on man, you know the drill. C.R.E.A.M. Cash Rules Everything Around Me…. and it probably rules everything around young Spliff as well. Big surprise.

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  • INF

    FUCK camron hes a lame and im happy he’s a nobody now..fuck this nigga deadass

  • kane corleone

    Hater plain and fuckin simple i thought Harlem niggas is supposed to be bout money,bout hustle,instead him and these gay ass yessss mannn weed carryin niggas sittin around gigglin like lil bitches and cosign hate NY niggas is startin 2 become real fuckin suspect

  • nappy_pappy

    yo shit is stupid, spliff aint doing nuthing wrong, tryin to get that paper thats it. Cam sound like a bitter little bitch, complaining and gossiping…and on top of that he look like a crackhead skinny as nigga, d.c. niggas shoulda killed his ass for that lambo… and all them dipset niggas in there laughin and shit? they all some “yes men” kissing Cam’s ass thats it…they all some homos and if u like dipset u a fuckin homo too

  • N.O. 4 life

    spliff was tryna hang…but at the same time be all buisness..its either or not both…that mess was too funny tho

  • BK Cyph

    Thats why Cam’s records is garbage… see that 20 mins of his life that he wasted right there.

    When u see Hov doin some stupid shit like that?!? and he wonder why his career over.

  • Tone B.

    So he’s mad at the homie Spliff for trying to make a dollar? Ridiculous.

  • Ron Lee

    Its fine to use your contacts and situation to better yourself financially. But that’s not something you share with the people who are helping you. You don’t say, “i don’t work for duke, i work for myself” when duke basically made you who you are and he’s standing right there. that’s pretty close to talkin sideways. respect the people that get you to where you are. you can tell this whiteboy started getting a lil ego, he ain’t even say thanks to duke. at least show some type of appreciation, don’t have the world thinkin you did this by yourself when you didn’t. BTW, this video was taken when the Dips were featured in XXL about a year or 2 ago, they’re wearing the same shit they wore during the shoot

  • undisputed champ

    jay-z wrote this shit though sometimes i can’t tell the difference between xxl staff and jay-z. calling cam irrelevant what type of homo shit is that. killa cam is the truth. don’t beef with 50 or jay cause the xxl staff will come after you.

  • Elana R.

    He’s just hating on this kid because he’s white. When people are ignorant enough to ask if your parents or black or white, you say Jewish, then they you go ask some other dude who’s not in the conversation to say whether or not thats “valid”… ignorance. disgusting.