What a bunch of fuck-ups

Right now I’m running a poll on my own site to determine which is the most highly anticipated of several rap albums that will supposedly be released in the next month or so. Choices include the new albums by the Wu-Tang Clan, Ghostface, Lil’ Wayne, Nas, and Saigon.

As of right now, the Wu is winning what’s turned out to be a tight three-way race between them, Lil’ Wayne, and Nas. By comparison, people don’t seem nearly as interested in the Ghostface and Saigon albums – though at least in the case of the Ghostface album, you have to think he’d be doing a lot better if he didn’t have his own group to compete with. Hopefully, for his sake, this isn’t also the case when it comes to actual album sales.

Barring some surge in voting by people who don’t know from good rap music, it looks the Wu will have taken this poll when I suspend voting at the ass crack of noon Monday morning. Which is interesting, when you think that Lil’ Wayne has been on the cover of XXL like five times this year, while the Wu has to settle for motherfucking URB, but I suppose that’s a topic for another discussion.

The point here is that cracka-ass crackas love them some Wu, even to this day, despite the Wu’s best efforts at sabotaging its own career over the past 10 years or so.

Take for example the run-up to to the release of 8 Diagrams. What a clusterfuck! A while before anyone had even heard anything from the album, there was already talk that Ghostface might not even appear on the album. Which, you’d have to think, was not exactly the best way to inspire confidence in the big comeback album – especially since Ghostface is arguably the only member of the group who hasn’t been on a vacation up his own ass for the past several years now.

Then there was the first couple of tracks that leaked to the Internets. To be clear, I enjoy both of them more so than I’ve enjoyed anything that I’ve heard on the radio since I was in middle school. But I can’t say that either of them is the song I’d put out if I was the Wu-Tang Clan trying to come off of a six-year hiatus. The one flips that same Bob James (or whatever it is) sample that jigs have been rappin’ over since my parents were in high school. And the other one is basically them rapping over “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” with motherfucking Erykah Badu taking the chorus.

The fuck?

Where I differ with Raekwon, who’s obviously bitter because he’s probably been broke for years now, is that I do enjoy both of them. (In fact, I’m kinda glad the RZA would be hesitant to take production advice from Raekwon, given his post-OB4CL output.) I’m at a loss for how this is gonna get them back on MTV, but like I said, they’re fortunate in that they remain ridonkulously popular amongst cracka-ass crackas. They don’t play the Eagles on MTV, and they just sold more albums than Fiddy!

If anything, it’s too bad that the Wu’s career is always in such a state of disarray. Probably more so than anyone else in hip-hop, they have the potential to be a group like one of these older rock groups, where they can tour year in and year out and make ridonkulous sums of money. If only they could stop whining like little bitches and get it together.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/crockerishiphop Crocker

    Spot On Bol. Spot On. (And jesus Rae can’t pick a nice beat to save his life, those shits on Lex Diamond had my ears bleeding)

  • og bobby j

    For the record, I aint really feelin any of the records i heard thusfar from the Wu….I will probably wait for one of my mans and them to cop it…listen to it and most likely burn it…

  • Tyler

    True Story.

  • Cara


  • N.O. 4 life

    wu is overatted

    • Cinsere

      Pffftttt…your whole city is overrated!

    • Wu Clanman

      You an idiot son.

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Wu Tang won’t crack a 100k first week.

    • Re-yo

      & why does this matter to you? Do you only buy albums that sell platinum??

      • AK-47

        True,true.Probably doesnt even buy BIIIIAAAAAAAAAATCH.

  • dead prezident


    As a rule I hate you and everything you stand for (even though I read your blog day after day, WTF). And as a rule, I love the Wu and most things they stand for (drug dealing, misogny, violence and 5% not withstanding). But you’ve never spoken more truth than this post. What a bunch of fuck ups!


    That apparent disolving of the 5 Elements is a nature progression in Music. Also Raekwon being broker than 2 Negroe kids at a Macy’s Department Store is a gven, seeing as Alex Rodriguez is making more money than the whole American Economy(300 Mill + like 230 mill?). Wu-Tang ain’t been the same since ODB was smokin Paint Thinner with Paul Reubens at the local Motel 6 while Method Man really was about “The Meth”. Yet, I digress.

    Alex Rodriguez ==========> American Businesses and Economy

  • B Mo Careful

    Bol I normally don’t comment on these blogs especially since I know a lot of them are just to get a rise out of these readers, but you hit the nail on the head with this one!!! Wu-Tang could have been that legendary hip hop group compared to the likes of these rock bands that tour and make shit loads of money. All of them can spit, they have their on in house producer and each member has their own fan base. But these cats have really let me down. And like you said Ghost is the only one who has actually tried to take this hip hop thing and run with it and when he first came out he had the stocking cap on his face!!! IF ODB could see this now he would be turning over in his grave while throwing up the middle finger!! This just goes to show how hip hop has changed since the early to mid 90′s!!

  • where’s tpar???

    what??? no TPAR???

  • 85mind

    I think the ‘Heart Gently Weeps’ track is sick: Judging by the mixtape that dropped a couple weeks back, which was crazy, I have pretty high expectations for this album. Rae publicly airing out his problems with RZA is retarded at this point. Let the Abbott have creative control over this joint.

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  • http://www.rockthedub.com khal

    bol – saigon isnt coming out in december anymore. too late for your poll, but he pushed it back.

    atl – you say that as if someone truly believed the wu could crack 100K first week. this isnt 93


    The biggest faleshood in Black culture is that rappers are “Paid”


    I went to a Wu-Tang concert this Summer and it was totally packed – with White boys. Most of the Chocalate faces where there trying to hand out their demos or front like they were some how part of the show?

  • http://bloggingsince1978.wordpress.com Iceberg Slimm

    “Probably more so than anyone else in hip-hop, they have the potential to be a group like one of these older rock groups, where they can tour year in and year out and make ridonkulous sums of money.”
    True statement. I wish they would get it together. Why should I go buy this CD if you niggas don’t believe in it your damn selves?

  • Content

    what??? no TPAR???

    Why don’t you throw up the bat symbol

  • bongolock

    i’m just glad theyre still makin music as a clan. alotta those verses on the mixtape demolish 90% of whats goin on elsewhere.

  • Ryan

    I heard one of the tracks on satelite radio for the first time about a month ago, and it would have been ten times better if they just removed Raekwon’s verse from the fucking thing!!! RAE FUCKING SUCKS NOW!!! His good verses are few and far between, he raps like he’s half asleep, and Ice Water is fucking terrible, as was his other group of weed carriers that used to roll with him in the 90′s (American Cream Team). Masta Killa was never a favorite, and U God has never been that good, but those dudes usually made the verses from the other quality members that much better. I am hoping against hope that this Wu album is legit, but I’m bracing myself for another “W” or “Iron Flag”…..Ghost on the other hand, wow……….the track with him, Styles and Beanie is on point.

  • Ty

    Maybe you should talk to Elliot about possibly putting Wu on the cover in the near future. That Weezy shit is played out

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com incilin

    I kinda sorta feel the same way as you. I have a post on my blog similar to this that I think ya should check out. Just click my name.

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com incilin

    I kinda sorta feel the same way as you. I have a post on my blog similar to this that I think ya should check out. Just click my name. peace

  • bk cyph

    Im actually looking fwd to Saigon, Wayne, Scarface, Ghostface, Styles P and then Wu in that order … (i purposely left Nas’ corny ass of the list)

    those new songs are sooooo lackluster and Daytona 500 Pt. II… icouldnt believe they flipped that sample again.

  • nellz

    what about lupe?

  • JB


  • JB


    IN YOUR FACE BRO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stoneyisland

    “Wu rolls together as one, I call my brother sun cuz he shines like one” so much that WU Tang bullshit:) this new album has been sabatoged by RZA the new 2008 version of the fat kid from PM Dawn. Ghost has beef, Rae has beef, the other 50 members or so got beef:) I mean damn I know drama sells (see any 50 cent album) but for a group built on family this shit is disturbing to say the least. I will cop that new ghostface joint but like one reader stated I will have to download that garbage ass wu tang album first.

  • Jeopardy

    These motha-effers have been together so long. Like so many groups before them, you just get tired of each other. Especially with all them god damn members!

  • John Black

    At least all the real heads can still count on Tony. You know he’s gonna put out good product. While the couple of WU joints that we have heard are way better than most of the other shit out, it sounds like they put too much baking soda in em. Starks is performing in NYC 2night. Should be interesting to hear how the WU saga fits into the world according to Pretty Tony.


    Wu Tang won’t crack a 100k first week.

    it`s sad but true.shi sales dosen`t matter but if only they can tour and make big bread.Raekwon is so fucking broke while Ghost still had beef with RZA abut his money he owe him about ten years ago.

  • triplesixninja

    Wu Tang is still the illest group in hip hop ever. thats a straight up fact.





  • Don_kronic

    First of all Im one of thoose “cracka-ass crackas” that can’t get enough of the wu. Ill be copping both ghost and the new 8 diagrams. I picked up rae’s “house of wax” MT and I just came to the conclusion that everyone is right and he is a tid-bit boring, hopefully the rza and dre will wake his ass up.


    haha..dats exactly what ODB would say too…Peace Osiris!