The Jive Turkeys of Hip-Hop…

Was there ever a time when a music genre was more spectacle than art? On the whole Hip-Hop has never been more popular than it is now, but the flip side is that for all the wrong reasons some people are connecting to rap.

The Bill O’Reillys and the congressional cowards have used Hip-Hop as a mainstream media codename for young Black teenagers (no Time To Make The Dough Nutz) . Speaking of Cam’Ron and not Kamron, 2007 found the DipSet founder hustling backwards on several fronts. Grand Hustle took several steps backwards with the indictments of T.I. and DJ Drama, and the greatest rapper alive has had more magazine covers than hit songs in his career.

Is this what Hip-Hop has become? A bastion for unpardonable jive turkeys? Let’s take a look at the moments in 2007 that I am thankful for, because without them I wouldn’t have a job.

DJ Drama’s arrest for copywrite infringement – The music business blatantly cannibalizes itself by attacking its unofficial promotional department. After an intense investigation, the authorities raid the production offices of the DJ with automatic machine gun armored officers in anticipation of DJ Drama resisting arrest by throwing blanks CD’s!?!

Don Imus – Imus learned the words ‘nappy headed hos’ by listening to Hip-Hop. Who? He can’t remember who. Isn’t Hip-Hop someone’s name?

Cam’Ron – In a desperate attempt to divert attention away from the fact that he was siphoning away money from the Diplomats movement Cam’Ron tried to build up his business off the backsweat of 50 Cent’s popularity. At a certain point you have to create more good music than controversy.

KanYe West – The Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ Mixtape was 2007’s best and it portended of the success for KanYe that was to follow with his third studio album ‘Graduation’.

The Government – Forget that the president lied to the American people about the war in Iraq, forget about the fact that people’s private information is up for sale to the highest bidding corporate entity. These cowards have decided to attack rap music as if it were being produced by Al Queda. Well, in the case of DJ Khaled I’m not so sure.

Bill O’Reilly – Does anyone remember Morton Downey Jr.? What about Rush Limbaugh? These shitbag mouthpieces come and go, but the ill feelings they manifest always remain. O’Reilly was only one step from implosion just a minute ago, but since Rush Limbaugh is still an out of the box pill addict they’ve kept Bill around to keep the people confused.

White Hip-Hop fans – What does the Wu Tang clan pay their car notes with? White Hip-Hop fans’ money. The same people that pay Fifty Cent’s mansion mortgage also. Without white Hip-Hop fans we would have no audience for the (white) Rapper Show. You see the ratings on that Salt and Pepa show?

T.I. – Damn son. This dude had it all in front of him. He was on his way to picking up a worthless BET award and promoting his co-starring role in a ‘hood classic movie. Damn.

2007’s biggest events in Hip-Hop had almost nothing to do with music. I pray that 2008 goes in even harder or else I may have to start writing about college football.

USC > Ohio State.

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  • -R-E-A-L-


    and there we’re people who actually were throwing around the typical “Free T.I.” around they myspace as if he aint do anything bad .. lmao!!!

    this dude tried to buy weapons from the ATF and people still questioning if he’s innocent??

    face it atlanta-ers, T.I. is gonna be in jail for a minute, even with good lawyers.


  • lol

    dude , you stay on white peoples nuts

  • lol

    hiphopwould still have an audience. Just like reggae still has an audience without white people.

    Theres always a number of white people who will be interested in what is current & popular musically in the black community. (wiggers)

    then there is the greater white population who only listen when its old and black people dont listen any more and theres no threat. i.e current wu-tang fans.

    they only jump on the bandwagon when its played on indie rock station and deemed ‘ok’ for them to listen too , without seeming like a wigger.

    • Billy X. Sunday

      You always jump like a trained dog whenever I type the word ‘white’ next to the word ‘people’ and just like a dog you are as stupid as a sunset.

      Where the fuck would Hip-Hop be if we didn’t have white people music from which to sample to make beats? The Doors? 5 to 1?

      Where the fuck would Hip-Hop be if we didn’t have white people developing the technology for machines like the MPC? Okay, maybe that was the chinks who made the MPC and okay, maybe the RZA made that computer program that lets anyone with a laptop become a deejay, but we still need white people in love with Hip-Hop to buy the majority of these records that get counted on SoundScan.

      I can’t imagine that you’ve bought any music media that isn’t bootlegged. Let’s face it… As soon as white people decided to start fucking with Hip-Hop is when you finally heard of it.

      What?!? Do any Black millionaires own record stations or the means to distribute music? Your dumb ass would still be dancing to disco if white folks didn’t get turned on to Hip-Hop.

      • lol

        man you are so conditioned. u think black music cant survive without white people, like we dont continue to create new music and new genres throughout history around the world , europe the caribbean and africa without them, and witout ‘thier’ ‘instruments’

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  • boner jams 03

    USC lost to stanford…at home…they were 41 point favorites….oh. st. lost to a respectable 8-3 illiois squad on the road….so how the hell is usc>oh. st?

  • Worley

    If white people didn’t start buying rap it might still be hip-hop. We might still have Stretch and Bobbito instead of the oversaturated mixtape market with fools like DJ Khaled looking doofy as hell shouting about we the best. Peep dude in Shottas. The n*gga was mad skinny and doofy looking.

    Without white people we would still sample James Brown and the sh*t would still have some soul. Having said all that, white people do pump the majority of dollars in it, but the sh*t existed before them and it will after them.

    Patiently waiting for white folks to jump on some other bandwagon and leave us alone…

    • EReal

      LOL @ You

      Look at the ratio at the “Real HipHop” shows. What was it at the Brooklyn HipHop festival? Ask BXS bitch, in fact ask the Internets Celebrities.
      Fact is that i know more white cats that know more shit about hiphop than black cats do. REAL hiphop, even more about the LEGENDS and OGs of hiphop.
      I see mainly white cats at Souls of Mischeif shows, at Del, at Devin, at Heiro, Immortal, Planet Asia, at shows in general. We have features on here on real mo fuckas like Bishop Lamont, and Strong Arm Steady, ect. and all people say is “who the fuck are these fags” without listening to music. Most of you internets fucks base your opinions on blogs and articles rather than listening to the fuckin music.
      If white people was fuckin up hiphop, Weezy sure as FUCK wouldnt be the G.R.A., cause I dont know 10 white kids even on the net sayin Weezy is great.
      You assholes sit here and say white people are whats wrong with hiphop? LOL.
      Mr. Collipark signed soulja boy, not Lyor Cohen, Lyor Cohen brought us Roc-a-Fella and DefJam fucka.
      Fact is black people need to learn that some white kid listening to better hiphop than you do and knowing more about the art form dosent make him a “wigger”, it makes him a hiphop fan. The shit dosent belong to anyone, it belongs to the world and thats why I know Japanese kids that will fuckin school you on the cardboard and a white MC who is the ONLY cat JayZ would battle.
      You all sound like some salty ass bitches that have yet to define your own identity, so you attack and belittle the people that have found their own, and you know what? Any way you slice it, no matter how you reply, you type of cats look like the biggest bitches.

      My skirt lifting for today is done, I have a REAL job I have to attend to. Somethin you might never know nothin about.

      1 hunned.

  • houston’s finest

    usc would smash garbage-ass ohio state by 50

  • paisley

    face it haters, hip hop is mainstream and losing its soul just like rock and country. and what’s going on with those genre’s these days? real embarrasing, pussy shit. this is why i don’t keep up with music today.

  • smog

    yeah if you work for xxl thats the shit you gotta worry about, us white fans can just sit back and cop all the great albums,ff, graduation, ag, and getback, and the cool when ever that drops,2007>2006 for sure

  • JJ

    U guys r all so busy dissin us white that ima diss you niggers. it has nothin to do with that fact that white people like the music..well it does, but u guys cant AFFORD it livin out of trash cans and such. so us white people have to pick up the slack

  • janice


    I love you X!

  • D filla

    Fuck that shit. I’m white and I love hip hop just like any of you. Why question it?

    • Fire

      My thoughts exactly. Who gives a fuck what race I am? I love hip hop, and not because it’s deemed OK like that dumbass LOL seems to think, but because I like it regardless of what anyone else thinks. I don’t care about a person’s race in any aspect of life, why keep that tradition going?

  • og bobby j

    @ LOL,
    You still seem to think you (blacks) own this hip hop shit. Wake the fuck up and realize that you dont own shit. The only reason hip hop exist is because white people let it and white people get rich off it. If the money slows up to the “crackers”, guess what? Shit is thru…Hip Hop aint built from color, its built from culture….anyone can relate. So until you make your own music, you cant own shit….damn kid, are you that fuckin stupid?

    • kingilord

      “The only reason hip hop exist is because white people let it”…are you f#ckin’ serious?!? That is some of THEE most illogical bullsh*t I have ever heard. You honestly believe that if white people stopped listening to or supporting hip hop that it would crumble?!? If white people became totally disinvolved w/hip hop, it would revert back to the days of Public Enemy, X-Clan and Brand Nubians because rappers would have to go back to talking about the social ills that plague black communities, and not the BS they’ve been on since hip hop became mainstream. That would be America’s worst nightmare.



  • May

    That sh*t that you said about DJ Drama was hella funny LMAO

  • tiny dick

    u poor ass fuckin niggers. rap only succeeds cuz white people can afford that shit. go bak to you homeless shelters


    Hoe-G Bobbing for Johnsons…

    Whenever I read your commentary swill, I imagine your fingertips are dirty. I think I even smell dookey through the screen. Stop scratching your cavity before you type.

    We are all contributors to art, but this is black culture. You constantly expose yourself as not only a broke, deadbeat father, but you come here to take out your frustrations with having been slapped around by your “homies” for probably all your life.

    And listening to Hip-Hop obviously has you feeling raggy. But I bet you never stood up to a black person without getting the shiite beat off your back. I suggest you put a stethoscope to your balls and check for a pulse, and don’t forget to have your ovaries and breasts examined while you’re at the clinic.


    And just because you’re white, doesn’t mean you have to be wack. That was all your choice from childhood, and you’re obviously still running from your own past.

    You will lose forever. You don’t need my help.

    I bet anything that your BM is as white as you, but you probably have a mixed child.

  • FAIR

    Why the fuck is is everything race related with you dumb fucks…im a hip hop head doesnt matter if im black or white(lol mj knew it) besides how have we killed hip[ hop it wasnt a white person making ay bay bay and this is why i’m hot…and it wanst a white mc oversaturating the industry…this where u say it was because its a white label owner who put it an mc have a little backbone…the mass public follows whats hot, whats hot is whats bumpin in the ghettos and hoods of our world so stop letting “crackers” at the label tell you what music your putting out and use the creative skill have of the new era brag all in all it has nothing to do with race, its about the music period

  • og bobby j

    @ The underfaggot
    You dont imagine my fingers are dirty…you fantasize they ware…and the smell is not the screen…its your life. You can continue to front like your something relevant, but we all kno the only reason you come on here is to act like you have some authority…case lord knows you never accomplished anything in the world. For the record….I got no problem calling a spade a spade…or a piece of shit economic drain like you out. You have serious issues….self esteem is the most apparent. When your done swinging from the lights, take your tongue out of your dogs ass and kill yourself.

    To anyone that wants to get involved….you could be my groupie too…just like this hoe ass nigga. Undercock…you need me to make you feel important….your a fucking flea…get off my dick you fuckin sub-par excuse for a proud black man.

    Fuck you, not because your black but because your a smut. If you keep this up, i’ll make make sure your mother cleans motel rooms till she’s 85. (if she is not already dead of the crack. When is your dad up for parole?)

    No one cares about the fake ass blog you claim to rock….your community college degree will only get you so far….but fuck it, there is always e thuggin and fast food management right?

    Slouch ass…my fuckin keyboard smells like the circus from dealin with you…you fuckin clown…

  • silly for billy

    Something you forgot in your “white people” category:

    Without white people there would be no Harris Publications, thus, no XXL.

    Thank goodness for their money!

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    Almost doesn’t count, Hoe-G Boobie J…

    Your writing style smells like wet dog.

    In the real world, your son was probably born without a chin, and you’re waiting on his life insurance check. You’ll probably be arrested in the next three years for drawing tax credits for him posthumously.

    Talk all that fucked-up spelling gangster shit you want. At the end of the day, my kids are still in my balls, so I don’t have those responsibilities. Shout out to real fathers of all races and ethnicities.

    Your child is suffering, and I really do feel bad for him. Not just because of his ailment during flu season, but also because you probably spend more on crystal meth than diapers and food. You probably also drink all of his Robitussin.

    You’re a disgrace to your race. White people from all corners of the planet should gang up and beat you with cactuses.

    You will always lose, because you were a loser as soon as you came out of your mother’s yeast hole.


    By the way, who is this “we” you referred to back in your earlier fuckfest of typographical errors?

    Hoe G:
    >”we all kno the only reason you come on here is to act like you have some authority…”</i

    Well, at least I rule you. But that ain’t the point. Let’s be real here – you don’t really have any friends. Neither do you have any emotional, financial or spiritual support on any level at any numeric value, so don’t put others in your category of loserdom. You’re the greatest loser in attendance, and nobody wants to come to your party.

    I don’t think anyone here cares if you were to choke on racoon jizz in your sleep tonight and never comment again. But maybe I’m wrong… Here, let’s ask the crowd:


  • underspiter is gay

    you know why blind people dont like niggers?

    because they stink

  • M.C

    Your Motherfuckerz are wild n’///LOL…YO to tell you the truth, I think HIP HOp benefits us all. Hip Hop, is for whom ever wants it. It doesn’t reject you because of your race. Muthafuckaz wants to say it’s a black thing or other idiots say ” white ppl control the music, or hip hop beats are sampeld from white’mon the fuck on.. ..Music is for us all.This whole going back in forth about crackerz & niggers need to stop..


    You always jump like a trained dog whenever I type the word ‘white’ next to the word ‘people’ and just like a dog you are as stupid as a sunset.
    BILLY you are a funny got me rolling



  • kritiq

    Old Gay Bobby j your wack ass got sonned by underpants now I really dont know who’s’s crackers like you that push hiphop back cause you cannot advance, tell you what get a proper job and take good care of your son maybe your life will be much more meaningful.

    @ billy maybe if you stopped seeing hiphop fans as black and white and just called them hiphop fans you wont get lashe’s from people who think that you’re just trying to ride “white people” dick, a fan is a fan white or black ,and the’s no way you can prove that without white people hiphop would not be where it is today.

    so just stick your stupid speculations up your ass dick rider.

  • lady godiva

    btw…don’t hate on ohio state! the trojans will get smashed! GO BUCKS!!!!!

  • Head Cracker

    I’m just as sick of the work “cracker” being thrown around as i am listening to this wack ass music. Hip Hop is on Life Support. FACE IT.

  • blacker cracker

    if black people OWN hip hop, i wanna see like some official copyright documents or some shit, negro please most of these dudes dont even own their own goddamn songs

  • lol

    black ppl own hiphop like japanese people own karate.

    Hiphop is from african american culturre

    • blacker cracker

      japanese people dont own karate, chuck norris does

      congratulations on losing the all caps, just keep growing though, learning is a process that never stops

  • thoreauly77

    hmm, the black and white hip-hop fan debate again huh? yawn. sigh.

    on topic (since this thread is derailed)- i would add jim jones and curtis’ extremely weird love-affair with one another to the list.


    Black people also own Hoe-G Booby J.

    And his seed.

    And his mom.

    *Flawless Victory*

    • EReal

      You lose for this comment. Flawless Victory? Uh… O-Gay. (II)


    Whuddup Thoreauly…

    Yeah, cats are so off subject. All because Hoe-G tried to get too big for his britches.

    Dude tried to turn it into a fake white/black thing, which quickly disintegrated.

    Let’s all sing “Ebony and Ivory” in celebration.

  • tseliot

    everyone hates on ohio state. look at the media. they been suckin lsu’s dick all season, while calling osu overrated. look what happened last night. y’all need to wake the fuck up. osu ain’t as bad as people try to say, and the rest of college football ain’t as good.

  • http://xxlmag Kane Corleone

    O-H-TEN STATE allday homie dont get it fucked up,my dude “UN” making these KERRS look bad “IS ANYBODY O.G. BOBBY J’s FRIEND? ANYBODY?
    (echo…)” LOL

  • Kane Corleone

    OHIOFUCKINSTATE,SMH @ these niggas who think different,yeah that Dj Drama shit was funny.My dude “UN” is pullin kerrs hoe cards young fuckbwoi tried to get outta pocket & got checked “IS ANYBODY O.G. BOBBY J’s FRIEND? ANYBODY?
    (echo…)” EXTRA:
    “I bet anything that your BM is as white as you, but you probably have a mixed child.”


    Whuddup Corleone…

    It can always go down. They’ll learn even if I can’t teach em.

    *Notice Hoe-G’s absence*


    Oh, and on some real shit…

    Good post, Sunday.

    Basically, like you put up earlier, it takes jesters to entertain kings. Without the royal fool, not even the writer is inspired.

  • Kane Corleone

    BLACKCRACKER SAYS-”japanese people dont own karate, chuck norris does”, WHOA WHOA homie is that the whitebwoi that got smashed buy BRUCEMUTHAFUCKINLEE? cuz if so you got life fucked up,Bruce is dead and he still got shit on lock

  • Og Bobby J

    Back from the Vay-k…to son you fukin chimps…

    Talk all your cornball shit about my seed…Im talking shit about YOU…i CAN SMELL YOU FROM HERE…PUSSY.

    I just finished crying about not having any friends here….Unlike you, my life exist outside the internet and I aint looking for any stinky nigger friends. Didnt they teach you bathe in the zoo. Go pick some food of your cousins back….

    Hey, you know why steve wonder smiles all the time….cause he dont know hes black!

    Hold up, let me spell check this shit for you…pussy.

    You and all you fuck boy “friends” should have a picnic together….or do some other gay shit. You can bring the watermelon, Kane can brinf the grape soda and fried chicken….

    Listen…this is the last time i will speak on you….I WILL NOT LOOSE. DOnt make me crack the whip and get you back in the fuckin fields….your a subpar. You are the internet equivilant of your mother….a fuckin blog whore.
    God Willing, I run into at some point in my life….

  • Kane Corleone

    @ hoe-g kerrjohnson, You just make sure you bring your hockey helmet wearin Jerry’s Kid to the picnic nothin like retards and chicken to brighten my day.This dudes son look like Warren from ” THERE’S SOMETHING BOUT MARY” frank n beans frank n beans,mark ass bitch U lost. all that slave shit u talkin is what it is just talk u know damn well that yo down syndrome baby makin ass would not say that shit in public or in a real niggas face . I have a ? “did a black dude beat yo ass back elementary or HS”?

  • Kane Corleone

    Hoe-g is a simpleton simon ass mofo dude need to start wearing rubbers and quit making retarded ass kids,cuz prolly got a handicap sticker on his nuts(yo BM’S be pillow talkin check that hoe)this nigga fathered the whole cast of The Ringer

  • og bobby j

    First off, i only use slavery because i dont actually know you and cant comment on anything else in refernece to your monkey ass. I cant even begin to fuckin discuss anything with your cornball ass. Your the same dickryder calling yourself a 6 star general and reppin make believe sets on a blog…you a corn ball. You are officially crowned the princess of the fuckboy band camp faggots. Your dick holder Underfag is the obvious queen…alto sax playing ass nigga!!! You and the Queen should be off somewhere Milking each others prostates….

    If you try to approach me on some bullshit…I will continue to expose you rupaul ass internet thugs…

  • og bobby j

    @ Kane

    By the way…excellent use of the quotations and question marks….damn 6th grade grammer…i know, just take it slow…its a curve

    • maxwell

      Bobby I’m not going to insult you, but do you really believe the stuff you say? i try not to comment because I figure it does no good, but come on man. Get real, you claimed to live in the ghetto, yet you have no respect for your fellow lower-class inhabitants. Come on bobby you can do better. I hope so at least.

  • Kane Corleone

    SMH @ this hoe for trying to give a reason for being a bigot.Nigga this is Harlem Rollin homie aint no playin cuz hit google .The reason why I dont like yo faggot ass is you trying to rep a name(str8 fiction ass nigga) talkin bout westcoast hiphop is dead,then to find out you a kerr ass whitebwoi on top of it,OH HELL NAWW. dont get mad cuz “UN” was choppin yo ass up nigga u got checked-point blank,and until I get a grade or a paycheck for this bullshit bloggin kerr i’m a type how i wanna .6STAR GENERAL BITCH TH30TY TIMES BETTER THAN U

  • Kane Corleone

    C buster no matter how smart or 9th grade educated you wanna be in the real world half the shit u sayin is mute.And if you feel that this is where you need to take out your frustrations on every black dude that fucked your Baby Momma then cool I have no problem with that but when a fuckbwoi peckerwood has the nerve to calL himself og and then call me nigga with two exclamation marks behind them then bitch we have a FUCKING PROBLEM.And if i make an ally in checking yo faggot ass then so C it.

  • Kane Corleone

    @ Kane

    By the way…excellent use of the quotations and question marks….damn 6th grade grammer…i know, just take it slow…its a curve
    (that was funny i cant front,fuck u still though)

  • D BO

    Did this OG Boobie FukkFace just say “I WILL NOT LOOSE”!?!?!?….LOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!
    Wow OG you just bodied yourself!!!!

  • Crocker

    So much tension. Always gotta be black vs. white. Breaks my heart. And for real for real, that Jerry Kids line from Kane was piss myself funny. Nice. Oh yeah….”Ebooony and Ivoooory!”

  • EReal @ BXS

    KanYe West – The Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ Mixtape was 2007’s best and it portended of the success for KanYe that was to follow with his third studio album ‘Graduation’.
    Uhm, BXS, in case you didnt know, there was actually a “Youre Welcome and Thank You Very Much” Mixtape with Kanye and Dre 3000 and its fucking insane.


  • og bobby j

    these fuckin ass pies….im done with your bitch asses….Saying the most racist shit i can think of just to see your response aint even fun no more…..what the fuck is a Kerr? sounds like a brand of potato chips (Herrs?) Its whatever…Im wastin my time with you stupid hoes ass niggas. Fact is, black poeple like Kane and who the fuck ever are just as racist as I pretend to be. I guess TPAR had it correct….Just ignore you fleas….tryin suck me off. Before Kane or undershit catch stronger emotions…I leave them be…. Besides, i just seen Underwiners blog profile and this nigga is a flute player or some shit….between that and a 6 star general, its obvious im out of my element. I cant continue to argue with poeple who like blowing hard rods and claim fake sets….

  • kane corleone

    (..what the fuck is a Kerr?)-Term used in k9 breeding for the weakest(hoe-g johnson) out the litter. Bitches dont know there place .C pussy if u so muthafuckin smart bitch bwoi why not look it up,then c your whole family picture . No i aint squashin shit peckerwood i told u my beef wit yo faggot ass so there it is . The problem is your a fuckin wanna be, to solve that kerr figure out what the fuck you wanna be and stop trying to be something you are not-which is a man! Just cuz u can impregnate your 1st cousin and have retarded ass kids doesnt make you a man ,then got the nerve to leave it up to the Jerry’s Kids foundation to raise them sloth lookin muthafuckas.Damn right fuckbwoi you’re out of yo element you never know who you’re talkin to on this blog shit there is a chance that a REAL OG might be on here reading and interacting with u kerr so check yo self pussy.Aww so u was just pretendin so u can get a response outta me your not really a racist you was just playin huh? C,typical whitebwoi when the heat is on this muthafucka talkin bout he only playin.(STR8 BITCH)

  • og bobby j

    you sure seem to have a good amount of knowledge of the Jerrys kids foundations and such, and given your obvious lack of education or all around “smarts”, i think you may have come up through that system huh? Are you going to sit in fron tof your monitor and throw your signs up? Huh, real OG? Are you flaggin right now? Your a fuckin clown. I care about your opinion as much as your father cares about you, which im confident to say is extremely minimal. I have to admit, it is nice to see that your knowledge of the mating terms of dogs is abundant. I guess between that valuable information and your ability to do the soulja boy, you’re all set. Go rep your block and feel victorious about it too. You are by far the funniest piece of ass crust on this site….PLEASE KEEP IT UP! If you continue to try to put a sentence together, i will die of laughter just thinking about you sitting at the computer with a dictionary and your bandana….GET OFF MY DICK YOU FUCKING FLEA

  • http://xxlmag Kane Corleone

    The guy with HandiMan sperm is talkin shit again.Where’s your son Sloth @,got his ass chained to basement heater.Down there drooling and shit. Got the peckerwood turning bright red right now spittin all over the keyboard and shit.I didnt know this was a spelling contest homie ,I could’ve sworn this is a pissin contest and since you smell like Remy piss that means u lost.Not gonna explain shit else muthfucka if i’m false flaggin prove it bitch,what i can prove is that from your previous statements you is a kerr/loser/bitch + I think everyone on this blog has sonned you one way or another and no one wants to play with you anymore….(AWWWWW).I see you cut that racist shit out ,see YOU STAY LOSIN

  • og bobby j

    I said it before and I’ll say it again….this is entertaining to me, but in the same kind of way its fun to play kickball with grammer school kids. I want to let you win, i was trying, but I cant do it. This isnt a spelling contest, but it would be helpful if we can read what your writing. I have no idea what your talking about as far as your pissing fascination. I think we both know your “false flagging” and your the one proving it each time you reply with some weak 6 star shit. Your a 3 dollar bill type sucker…the worst kind of Nigger. Does that make you happy? I have no problem calling a piece of dog shit “tough guy gang bangger” that he may be from a history of oppression, but he brings his current feeling of inequality on himself. At this point, I already know that your sitting there repping your set on your gangsta ass laptop…your fake son…bugs bunny ass nigga. Please stop embarrassing yourself….


  • Kane Corleone

    That whole rant you just typed is garbage peckerwood kill yourself U LOST .