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I can’t front, regardless of whatever technology festishes I have, when it comes to my phone I keep it simpler than a Soulja Boy song. I can’t risk the functionality of my blackberry‘s rock solid push email system for all the bells and whistles that come on new phones. Now if the iPhone actually had a keypad with buttons, I’d probably think twice.

Regardless, is reporting today that two new beatmaking programs are set to drop for the Iphone, so maybe I’m going to give purchasing that device some second thought.

So there’s Beatphone and the MPC500 Project, both of which allow you to make tracks by tapping out patterns on the screen’s virtual pads. Plus you can sample and edit sequences. Perhaps you’ll even be able to make a phone call at the same time.

Check out some screenshots.

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  • Bostonbound

    man this shit prolly makes the wackest beats i ever heard, low quality, simplistic, non creative beats. prolly ok for making loops real quick if ya think of a good one and dont want to “lose” it

  • mega_tron_201

    real d0pe imo
    same thing with me,i wanted a keypad, but maybe i will give the iphone a try hmmmm. o.0

  • TheArtesianTruth

    These new iPhone functions seem to be very particular for such a small contingent of phone users. They should look into broadening their scope and adding the following applications:

    -The Bullshit Sensor (perfect for industry networking parties)
    -I Am Not The Father (no need for Maury when I got my handy dandy iphone)
    -Cellular Pocket Rocket (great for the female users)

    I hope Mr. Mac is reading this so he can get on it!

    • William Holla Esq.

      funny thing u say that there are some programs u can hack that will get u out of industry bullshit situations iys called the i rescue pack even tho it wont save u from your maury altercations it will get u out of those stupid ass convos u dont want to be in…
      and for the women there is a program called the ibrate just hit start and it will put the V in vibrate till u want it to stop crazy what these 3rd party apps come up with.


  • ddubbzz

    Yo..thats sort of hot. Allot of producers would love that type of shit

  • billi cobley

    suck on my todger

  • Incilin

    Although I doubt this shit will be hot, it (along with the Wii post a little while back, as well as the vocoder thing that seems popular now) suggests a new direction for hip hop production to take. I’m not saying it’ll make hot beats today, but it might be used in the future. It’s something worth keeping an eye on, but not really worth investing in yourself.



  • William Holla Esq.

    I like this program I actually hacked my iPhone a while ago and this program was available about 2 months ago i use it alot u can make phone calls and be on the phone and still play with the beatphone u also if u have music on your phone u can add a kick and a sneer here and there but it wont save to that song but i like using it to acapellas of hip hop songs i have on my iphone kick a drum pattern out not to mention it comes with looped samples for u to work with that shit is cool but there are alot other features that i will mention at a later time good read


  • Kevo

    Interesting App. I would use it to pass time as I pass time playing Pac-Man on my Blackberry. Maybe.

    Yet still the iPhone lacks the most simple features such as copy and paste feature or BCC. A joke.

  • adiggz

    that beatphone shyt make bullshyt beats..i gotit on my iphone now….if u want it for free look for a program called ibrickr 9.0 and u can get it for free..if anybody needs it holla at me