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  • Incilin

    Yeah, I’m inclined to believe RZA too. His story seems to have every little detail that makes stories sound true, even though he might even be just making crazy shit up anyhow. But then again, as Raekwon pointed out, RZA is acting kinda wild lately. So who really knows anyhow?

  • The Kanadian

    That $#!t is mad funny Jay. I live for your posts.. The RZA is deffinatly one of the worlds eal life Super heros and/or James Bond esque Super Villain, fah real ‘Do..
    Is there away I can here your Radio show in the T.Dot.(Toronto Ont. Kanada) I’d even consider purchasin’ one of ‘em wide Band joints if it meant I’d get Yer show… Let me Know!
    Oh and Incilin You are so the man for not throwin’ up that Goofy FIRST nonsense!

  • nappy_pappy

    wasnt this discussed already like a month back? lol i guess they needed to elaborate on it a little

  • moresickaMC

    lol, I liked the spit take…that was my 1st reation too. Anywayz..I wouldnt be surprised, RZA was always an innovator and has influenced more than has been acknowldged.

  • syncity

    isn’t it more an investment then an invention cuz if dude from europe was already scratching on it in real time…wouldn’t that make him the inventor? just my 2 cents! regardless, the 2 million dollars investment (if its any true) is a bold move…very bold.


    lol…i think da nigga rza is tellin da truth…it just seems a lil far fetched but da rza is usually involved in sum far fetched shit anyway!!!

  • Ghost Deini



    RZA saying he “invented” the serato is like Europeans saying they “discovered” America.

  • iLL

    You are f’n hilarious. Good doo doo man.