Justice For Jason Mizell…

There’s a memorial event tonight in NYC for the late, great Jam Master Jay. There will be some memorable performances I’m sure because the lineup is outstanding. Snoop Dogg, Raekwon, Jim Jones, EPMD, Lord Finesse, Mobb Deep, dead prez, DeLa Soul and I’m sure there will be surprise guests falling through. We’ll have a good time partying tonight, but tomorrow I fear we will be back to doing the same things we always did, and thinking the same way before the celebration began.

Jam Master Jay is part of the statistics that say Black males are most likely to die via gun violence. What is troubling and profound is that there are a significant amount of these Black males being killed by guns although they have lifestyles that don’t have a direct connection to the use of guns. JMJ was not a narcotics dealer, or a stick up kid. Those are two professions that you might imagine someone would need a gun to have success in, if you could even consider that success.

JMJ was a deejay and music producer. Sean Taylor was a football player. My homey Ray Barnett was a civil servant. Gun violence has crossed over the tracks from being the province of criminals to finding the doorsteps of family men and fathers. At the end of the day we have less Black men to raise the babies, and eff the ladies who make the babies (no Tupac). Speaking of Tupac, It has been over ten years since his and B.I.G.’s murders and we have come no closer to closure.

I’ve been part of the problem I suppose since I hear the news of another Black man’s murder and I shake my head. I chalk up the deaths to a city or region’s hardbody quotient and I keep it moving. All the while there are families left shattered and devastated in the wake of the hurricane. I’ve never even questioned why handguns are manufactured in the first place. Their purpose has become apparently singular and wholly destructive. While Congress can find the time to attack Hip-Hop culture with verve and determination let’s see if they will pursue the gun manufacturers with equal intensity.

You might say I’m shooting myself in the foot (pun always intended), but I think my employer Harris Publications has some culpability in this situation. Their magazines relating to handguns and automatic pistols only serve to stoke the fires that buttress the desires to own these weapons. Handguns are for killing people. Period. Point blank. Who gets killed at a disproportionate rate due to the use of handguns in the hands of criminals AND law enforcement personnel? Black males. At what point will Hip-Hop say enough is enough? Will we ever say it out loud, or will we just hear the next grim news story and shake our heads in resignation while we keep it moving?

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  • chun


  • smog

    sigaon said it

  • og bobby j

    you right….just too much money in guns and the subsequent arrests to stop it. Just like cigarettes…the gov’t dont care if it kills you…as long as someone gettin paid. Thats capitalism. Trust that the dollar is far more valuable then the average citizen.

  • these posts are racist

    It is more complicated than this. While I generally agree that handguns should be banned, i do not think that will solve the problem. Most people who murder will find ways to obtain guns off of the black market. That will never stop. We need to address the root causes of poverty and racism and the govt. needs to invest billions of dollars and time to clean up the mess, it created.

  • ill_fittin

    but TPAR, what are the odds that is gonna happen? the government is already investing billions of dollars to clean up the mess the iraq gov’t made, now you want them to invest in their own people?

    it is true, if somebody wants to merk you they will find a way… but the more difficult it is to get a gun, the more unlikely ordinary people (not your stick up kids) die from gun violence.

  • these posts are racist

    >>>>”the mess the iraq gov’t made…”

    Fam, this statement is so off.

  • ill_fittin

    fam, you obviously missed the sarcasm in the first paragraph…

  • white widow maker

    what about good guys using guns for self defense against the drug dealers and stick up kids. You should look up the statistics on how many LEGALLY owned guns committ crimes.

    even if you managed to get rid of all the guns somehow, dudes would go back to using swords

    If somebody breaks into my house and tries to harm me or my family, he’s gon get a hole in him

  • these posts are racist

    ill fittin,

    My bad homey. That went way over my head. I understand what you’re saying and look at the tragedy in New Orleans as a micro-example what happens in larger poor/black communities.

    The truth is, the likleyhood that this will happen is slim. Corporations run things and won’t allow it to happen. Slowly, the following future is unfolding:

    Everything will be privatized. Gated communities will be the norm for wealthy people and even public transportation will be privaties (meaning they will not be state/govt. run) and poor people will be relegated to even more secluded and desolate ghettos then they already are…Peace and Security will be granted to those who can pay for it (see Blackwater in Iraq as an example) and poor people’s lives will be even cheaper than they already are now.

  • these posts are racist

    white widow maker,

    good point. guns are viewed as “equalizers” for those who are physically smaller or weaker than the average mugger/criminial. Contrary to what many people assume to be true, there is no way cops can protect you even a fraction of the time. There is just not enough police officers out there to ensure our safety, so we have a right to protect ourselves from those who wish to do us harm…

    • white widow maker

      it’s not just a size thing tho, if the mugger has a gun(i assumed that he did), it doesnt matter how big you are

      you are definitely right about not being able to depend on the police

      billy, i feel your pain tho, shit is sad

  • ill_fittin

    well thats a pretty bleak outlook… in that case lets let them keep the guns. is it better they fulfill the whole shorter life-expectancy thing outside of my gated community? its still gonna spill over. government has avoided and ignored its poorer constituencies since, well forever (and look at how well it worked out for the french). if your prediction is correct, then its doomsday and we’re screwed anyways…

  • http://www.myspace.com/creaseburn comment man

    i’m from the uk and a middle-class eurocrakka but that is a powerful post mr sunday…

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    The fact is we as American citizens have the right to bear arms .Regardless of hip-hop or not we who love this culture are not the problem poverty is the problem .Some cities are starting that LTC law they probably see it as if everybody got heat less crime on innocent people,damn for sure less bank robbery.I have a thing about letting the gov’t know I’m walking with heat .The house is something different but no one is gonna turn in their guns black white nobody

  • akaTheRealist

    but, what u have 2 realize is that no matter what, if you take guns away, you’ll get some type of result. Think of all the mindless crimes black males commit, like poppin’ a dude ’cause he stepped on the kicks or shooting someone because they got too familiar. Just think, the only reason another person died was because the shooter thought to himself, “Oh, he disrespected me? What should I do about it? Hmm..I have a gun