Is Barack Obama gay?

Robert Novak is the guy dirty politicians go to when they need to throw somebody under a bus. A few years ago, Dick Cheney had him leak the fact that Joe Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame (smokin!), was a CIA operative, in retaliation for some shit Joe Wilson had written about there being no WMD in Iraq.

You can imagine my concern then when I read yesterday afternoon, in a Robert Novak column, that Hillary Clinton has got some shit on Barack Obama, but she’s not gonna put it out there, because it would be bad for herself and bad for the Democratic party. At the very least, we might be about to learn some hilarious shit about Barack Obama, but who knows what kind of clusterfuck this could turn into?

Here’s what Novak had to say specifically:

“Agents of Sen. Hillary Clinton are spreading the word in Democratic circles that she has scandalous information about her principal opponent for the party’s presidential nomination, Sen. Barack Obama, but has decided not to use it.”

To which Barack Obama has responded:

“She of all people, having complained so often about ‘the politics of personal destruction,’ should move quickly to either stand by or renounce these tactics.”

To which Hillary responded:

“A Republican-leaning journalist runs a blind item designed to set Democrats against one another. Experienced Democrats see this for what it is. Others get distracted and thrown off their games. We have no idea what Mr. Novak’s item is about and reject it totally.”

Hilarious shit.

Which of course begs the question. What exactly does Hillary know about Barack Obama that she’s not gonna tell us (at least not now)? My guess is that it could be either one of two things: a) Hillary doesn’t have shit on Barack Obama (that we don’t already know), she just figured she’d put the doubt in people’s minds and let their imagination fill in the blanks; or b) Barack Obama used to fuck other guys.

Of course, for the sake of my own personal amusement, I’m hoping it’s the latter. (Nullus.) But as of right now, I’m leaning towards the former as the more reasonable explanation. Hillary probably doesn’t have any proof (like pictures of the Senator and Donnie McClurkin bufuing one another) that Barack Obama is a fruit, but she can use this innuendo to float the idea in the minds of caucus goers out in Iowa. Which is a brilliant idea, if you think about. As long as she doesn’t get caught.

President Sieg Howdy pulled something similar back in 2000, using a process known as push-polling to suggest to voters in South Carolina that John McCain had an illegitimate black baby. Which worked especially well, since he does have a daughter from Bangladesh, whom, if you didn’t know any better, might appear to be the unintended consequence of some fateful campaign stop over in East St. Louis.

If there really was photographic evidence of Obama being a brownie hound, I doubt Hillary would want to run the risk of announcing that she had it beforehand, and then have it turn up at some point between now and election day. One of Karl Rove’s haX0rs could get access to it and email it to Robert Novak next fall, thus jeopardizing her relationship with the teh ghey community right before the big election.

But let’s say there is no picture of Barack Obama blowing another guy, and Hillary’s just pretending there is. Perfect. Now all she’s gotta do is play dumb. Meanwhile, the burden is on Barack Obama to prove that he’s not teh ghey. He might have to pull one of those moves like when Al Gore was shoving his tongue all down his wife’s throat at the Democratic convention. And Hillary Clinton doesn’t have to worry about this coming back to bite her in the ass a year from now, since there was never any real scandal in the first place.

What do you ‘bags think? Does Hillary Clinton really have dirt on Barack Obama? If so, what do you think it might be?

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  • Jimmy Valentime


    No Homo



    Ayo Technology

    to this whole post….

    Maybe he just cheated on his wife or was (still) sniffing coke …

  • sammy

    First, S-N-I-T-C-H-E-S

  • jonathan

    nah he fucked one of these groupies just like bill clinton! thats all! i just aint saying nothing cause i dont think he’s tripping like she is!! u aint no

  • dameSTAtus

    Bol, I need you to get a post together about the new survey of America’s most dangerous cities (in terms of murder, assualt, robbery, car thefts, etc..)

    Detroit 1
    STL 2
    Oakland 4
    Richmond, CA (right near oakland) 9.

    So basically, find a Detroit representative amongst your fanbase, and let’s talk turkey.

  • LOL

    you are a pathetic human being and this post is just as pathetic.

    bill cosby ass niggra

  • Victor–Vaz9jW054

  • Ghost Deini

    Why does everything have to be gay with you? You’re so quick to go there.

    • LOL

      he’s ALWAYS quick to go there cause hes a white boy.

      have u heard this dudes white boy voice?

      white boys LOVE to go theri wthith that gay shit.

      always gaying it up

      bol is homorific. forreal

      stop hangin round with hipsters and listening to cat power, then frontin like ur some hiphop guy

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Bol you sound like one of fat, lazy, pitiful chicks out there in the world. Yall alway hollering this person or that person must be or could be gay.

    “Awh did he get his feelins hurt
    Naw he got titties under his shirt”

  • Gutta Gutta

    Bol you’re an idiot. We have a black man trying to do something great and your Anita Hill bitch ass is trying to help these crackers discredit him. Why don’t you go and get that bleach surgery to whiten your skin you uncle tom fagget.

  • Content

    Barack Obama birdmaned Isiah Thomas

    • Malone

      Birdmaned. LOL

  • mad as hell

    why the hell would u even write some bs like that. u know its just a rumor started by rascist fucks who see their status quo coming to an end.

  • Moniker

    Wow Bol with those post you are bordering on some Wendy Williams shit.

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  • phurdrick

    Articles like this is why blacks leaders can’t get ahead!!! Go hang yourself, you dum fuck!!

  • The Spaniard

    Let me preface my main comment with a few disclaimers…

    1. I don’t give a shit if he’s gay or not.

    2. My next statement is not meant to imply I think he’s gay.

    I shook Obama’s hand after chatting with him a bit and his handshake stuck me as being real fucking fruity.

    Anyway…Here is to the first black (& gay) president because that jig has my vote, fag or not.

  • mr.martin

    the fact that you posted that link with that faggot ass pic says it all. You a clown for real

  • http://yahoo CaesarDuke

    Bol it might be my dick in yo mouth no homo how da fuck could you say something like that it’s always black people putting other black people down now dis man might be the first african american president i mean lets face it he does have real good chance to be president but anyway you put him down like he’s shit than you boost up white people youre something really something

  • barbarian at the gate

    As a Republican, it’s a great thing to watch these Dems start to truly rat-fuck eachother.

    08 is going to be a great year.

    We’ll be here to step over the Dem mess as we walk into the White House for another 4 years.

    Just fucking hilarious!!

    Well done, Bol, this posting will send me off on my Tues. departure for Mexico, laughing.

    • Doobie

      Another four years? I don’t think so Barbarian at the gate (what the heck is your moniker a reference to anyway). The only reason you don’t *hear* much about the Republican candidates “rat-fucking” each other is because people aren’t very interested in the Republican candidates. Frankly, the only one who even seems human is Mike Huckabee (I thought McCain was somewhat alright until I watched him at one of those debates).

  • Dude’s trippin’

    Son, you’re way out of line with that bull. You’re an idiot. Can’t you remember what they’ve done to us all over? I hope you’re gettin’ paid to play this game, so you can hurry up and move to Cuba with all the money they gave you. Does your mom knows what you do for a living?

  • BklynBandette

    Please Fam, let’s get back to the matter at hand. Personally, I don’t think Sen. Clinton has anything at all! Whether it’s she or the Republican Leaning Journalist, they must feel a bit threatened by Sen. Obama to wanna cause that sort of buzz. Which would lead me to believe that she may not be as far ahead of Barack in the polls as they would like us to believe.

    Let’s play Devil’s Advocate:

    Suppose the Info is that of a Homosexual nature. Most folks on drugs will do anything to support their habit. Turning tricks is one of them. And when you’re getting it in like that, you’ll trick for any gender. But let’s say drugs wasn’t a factor. Let’s say that’s really his secret, private preference, then to call him to the carpet would be detrimental to her own campaign. To refer to his “Homosexuality” as scandalous would be to alienate and insult her Gay supporters- both in and out of the closet.
    She’d Better Relax Herself on This One!

    Or, what if the secret is Infidelity? ??? Infidelity? The Clintons? She’d Definitely NOT want to be vocal on this one.

    Eitherway, Obama has my vote for ’08.

    Just A Woman’s Perspective.
    Holla If Ya Hear Me …

    • Doobie

      That’s a really keen analysis BklynBandette–much better than this crap piece that Bol wrote deserves. Why not pull anything out of hot air and speculate that it’s the source of the scandal? Maybe he cheated on one of his tests in middle school, maybe he’s the one the one that leaked that Neiman Marcus cookie recipe on the internets, maybe he takes huge donations from people in the Syrian government who are suspected of funding terrorists but who at the very least, allow their people to live in destitution while they own 50 luxury automobiles and live in mansions that would put Donald Trump to shame–oh wait, the Republicans already have that last one covered. I’m strongly leaning towards voting for Obama too.

  • Danny

    I don’t usually do this but
    (touches himself for luck)
    Common has been making conscious rap for years, and the world still hasn’t changed yet. Face it, conscious rappers are just wasting their lives away with their noses in the air. The world has and always will be ran by people like 50 Cent, who know how to get ahead without having silly morals. Good Day

  • Kane Corleone

    Damn that link is not good,wtf no more condoms in the LOU ,shiit bitches down there got that “NOLA CLAP”

  • Crocker

    She’s probably gonna reveal that he never had any african-american influence in his life and he was raised by a family of crackers. Sorta like Different Strokes, cept the parent is biological. It amazes how America says this guy is gonna be the first black president when all things considered…MY cracker ass is more urban than this guy. But hey, if hey can change the country for the better…I’m all for it. Osama in ’08. Oops… I mean Obama.

  • Tyler

    Let’s get this outta tha’ way off tha’ top. BoL, just because U are always jock Obama j and basically slobbing on his knob thru your post doesn’t make him gay bro. . Next if anyone is gay U had better check yourself and the white bitch Hillary Clinton 4 sho’ yo. What dick getting bitch in her right mind would have watch her man get all caught up like Bill did and not leave his ass? Answer, a Dike Bitch, ‘dats who. Do your homework BoL and let this sort of BlackMan live U uncle Tom ass nigga. aka
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • Fire

    How do you go from a great post like your last one to a post like this? Who cares if Obama is gay or not? Hillary probably doesn’t have anything on Obama anyway. These are divide and conquer tactics that probably won’t work unless a bunch of idiots latch onto it anyway.

  • http://xxlmag Kane Corleone

    Ok 1st off I was talkin about the first link,but then i pressed the 2nd one and all hell naahhh .If any thing Hillary should be the last person to sling mud about cheatin when she herself let her dude skeet on another hoe’s lapel and not say shit. He do look gay and shit plus i dont trust niggas without a mustache or some type of facial hair walkin round wit that TGAYE DIGGS look.Also that wife is one ugly muthafucka & the nigga is a henpeck

  • Daveyboysmith
  • Weasel F

    Bol is jealous of every successful black man

  • yann

    Bol, you are the dumbest motherfucker on heart!!!!!!


    WTF!!another gay post by Bol.i swear by your mothers pussy that you are a can you accuse a marriage man of being gay week after week when you yourself have never have pussy before.
    That`s pathetic.Go and fuck your boyfriend Billy.This post is garbage!!!!

  • The Nicker

    How about c) It’s actually Novak making up some shit like Hillary’s camp said.

    Bol, you are reaching around really far here to make something out of nothing. (no homo)

    • Jason Murk

      Cosign. And why does it seem like Bol hates on Barack Obama more than any other presidential candidate? Black folks hate to see other black folks prosper.

  • drydock

    Byron gets hated on because he points out the obvious— all politicians are liars and the hip hop hopeless that fall for Obama’s bullshit are a bunch of suckers. Obama is just another politician who won’t change shit.

    While I don’t endorse Bol’s views on everything, he understands the American system well or at least better than 90% of the ding a lings that post here.

    • Doobie

      “Byron gets hated on because he points out the obvious— all politicians are liars and the hip hop hopeless that fall for Obama’s bullshit are a bunch of suckers. Obama is just another politician who won’t change shit.”

      Where does Byron point out anything remotely close to that in this post (other than the fact that either Clinton or Novak is lying about the source of the supposed scandal, but that’s clear from the record on its face anyway)? All he does is speculate baselessly, “speculate” is the direct opposite of “obvious”. ALL human beings for the most part are liars and are full of shit. It’s only because the people are so full of shit that politicians are so full of shit. So, I commend anyone who at least tries to make things better, and Obama at least seems like he is genuinely trying.

  • Jerilyn

    Why in the world would you pick up on a statement by Robert Novak and hold it against Hillary and then expand on what you think the rumor is to the detriment of Obama. You are no worse than a little girlie gossiper.

  • M1

    We have it as the story being one of a past indiscretion de gay. LA Times be sitting on the story as we speak, and have so roosted since Iowa – and earlier.

  • Max Profit

    If you are running for President, you CANNOT hide something like being a faggot!

  • heister

    supposedly Obama met up with a guy at a bar in 1999. Obama provided coke and other drugs which they did together in the back of this guys limo. This guy also gave Obama oral sex in the limo and then again within a couple of days at this guys apartment. I guess the guy wanted the world to know – it’s on Utube and was also broadcasted this am on the Armstrong and Getty show.

  • Michelle S.

    One year later- AND IT DID!

    LOL. Hilary lost. Very surprising (sarcasm at its finest).

  • Anton Penquite

    So it looks like out fearless leader will be playing the toughest golf course at Martha’s Vineyard. Shame on him. He should be working! In a bit he’ll back in the Oval Office hard at work.

  • Dell Otanicar

    So it looks like out studly leader will be playing the toughest golf course on Martha’s Vineyard. Shame on him. He should be on holiday! Soon he’ll back in the Oval Office hard at work.