I Apologize To The Readers Of XXL…

I thought that King magazine was Harris Publications answer to Vibe magazine as far as a lifestyle barometer for the urban experience. I was dead wrong. Yeah, sure King mag is edgier and more street oriented than Vibe will ever be, but I never thought that King would resemble a soft pr0n Black Beat. That can’t continue with all the creative people that Harris has at their disposal. I’d like to see King mag push FHM and Maxim out of the box. Nevermind the fact that those two publications have a budget that dwarfs King, but in terms of talented information brokers King takes the cake.

King needs to bring back the features with urban entrepreneurs. Not just these rap music fucks, but urban Hollywood’s movers and shakers. Discuss the art of making a movie deal in the ‘new’ economy. Explain the differences between major and independent studios. Discuss that real shit. King should be highlighting the folks that are caking up outside of entertainment as well.

A shitload of dollars gets filtered through the urban landscape on everything from clothing and cars to more perishable items like food and beverages. I peeped a gang of liquor ads in King but I didn’t spot a section that reviewed these items. If you are going to talk that lifestyle shit then you need to represent it to the fullest. A higher lifestyle isn’t just about the environment you create outside of your body, but especially the environment that exists within your framework.

King brings a ton of sexy photos of the latest harlot du jour, but little info of the overall benefits of a healthy sex life. Casual sex is the bomb and all, but we need to have a conscience if we want to keep this shit rocking into our sixties and seventies. Playboy magazine does this for their readership. King mag can do the same and more. There was a huge news item this year about bootleg condoms being sold in the ‘hood. Did King mag run a feature on this story? King mag staff, you got to do better (no Whack Entertainment Television).

I understand that my employers at Harris also produce King magazine and this isn’t a case of the dog biting the hand that feeds it. If this were another magazine that wasn’t under the same banner then I wouldn’t give a shit, but I see a chance for King to fill a lane that savvy readers and consumers are without right now.

Imagine if Black Enterprise and Playboy and motherfuckin XXL had an orgy and that unholy union produced a baby? King magazine could be that baby. It starts at the top first. It’s time too give the King reader more than they bargained for. Yeah they get a monster fuckin’ discount already with a yearly subscription costing only $12 bucks, but its time to make King that magazine that motherfuckers can’t live without.

If you need to hire me to write some shit holler at the kid y’all know where to find me. I don’t want to purchase another King mag and see any more lackluster, lazy writing. Y’all folks need to come harder.

Pause [ll] to that last sentence.

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  • Ty

    preach….. bring Dawton back King Mag

  • chun

    Oww, desperate.

    It’s a shame that you and 5 other people buy these magazines, but whoring yourself on their publishers website and then suggesting changes is low. Get a job that can actually achieve sonething above emulating Bol. He actually highlights things that are beyond bitches, money and 50 Cent/Lil’ Wayne.

    Please be the grown man you try to portray. Talk about rappers being ‘actors’ when you can’t be the better man you talk about. Just a shame. And a waste of some talent…

    A fan

  • Styles

    Good article. The longstanding joke about Playboy is that people “read” it for the “articles.” But the fact is that they DO have good articles. KING could be the best of both worlds also.

  • http://highbridnation.com Evorgleb

    agree with you a lot. I actually was recently thinking that there is a void that could be filled when it comes to black/urban publication. King in theory could fill the void. However, if they don’t there may be someone else ready to come along and fill that void…like me.

  • http://paidandpopular.blogspot.com Anthony to the S.

    Actually, Paid and Popular would be said barometer. Just a suggestion lol.


  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Lighten up pimpin’. You must work for King magazine you sound so sensitive.

    The truth is that King has more room for growth than XXL does because it isn’t constrained to any particular genre of art and expression.

    The motherfuckers that copp XXL magazine would be mad as hell if XXL talked about anything that wasn’t rap-related. Hip-Hop exists in a singular vacuum to these rap fans while the rest of the world does other shit with their time (and money) other than attempting to copy Jay-Z or Fifty Cent.

    I am a grown man, and as such I have needs like buying my own drugs and alcohol and paying for prostitutes. Since your such a fan of mine why don’t you contribute some money to my PayPal account and maybe I’ll consider not whoring myself around like your favorite rapper does.

    Otherwise, well, you already know where you can go…

  • Esteban

    “This shameless public advertisement was proudly brought to you by Harris Publications and their talentless blog staff…”

  • honkie

    fuckin niggers


    i wish i had a healthy sex life, my dick has got so many genital warts on it, bitches think i have a ribbed condom on when im really fucking em bareback

  • blacker cracker

    oh yeah, nice article, i agree

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Blacker Cracker,
    That true confession was sicker than shit.

    You are part of the reason why chlamydia has gone platinum but your favorite rapper isn’t.

    Like the God of rap Rakim Allah said, “Make ‘em – make ‘em clap to this”


    King has had some dope artcles in it’s brief history, but the real thing it lacks in comparison to Playboy is: Nudity!!!!!!!!

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  • D filla

    King needs to run with this shit if they want to be a class act. It’d be a great thing for people.

  • Y. Fame

    Check out this new blog, beatsandfoodstamps.blogspot.com

  • http://www.myspace.com/sogentllc LowEndOfDaChi

    Yup, you hit the nail on the head with this one, son. Reading a King magazine nowadays feels like reading a XXL mag with more eyecandy. Thats why I often fuck around and cop a Maxim, Details, or Men’s Health Mag(dope shit). I’d like to see more in depth writing on fitness, general health topics, and budgeting/money management, things those other mags provide on the reg.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Damn… mutiny!!!

    But dead on. I haven’t even looked at a King Magazine recently. And Playboy without nudie flix is still comparable to Rolling Stone, in terms of journalism. But the quality of boobies make it so much better. Plus they have the joke game on smash.

    FEDS and DON DIVA are both hurting King, just because they have the thick broads, the true crime-n-punishment stories and the legal insider info. And they broke Buffie the Body first, I think.

    I just hope King doesn’t become a street-lit tit rag.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com MGG

    yeah…i still read KING when I see, but I was wondering why I wasnt compelled to buy one lately…i think ive found my answer.

    hell, it seems like its XXL but in King, the rappers where slightly more stylish clothes. And I’ll be damned…another Weezy feature…

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    Real talk I thought KING was like the black Maxim,at least Maxim has some slick articles not saying that KING cant and is not coming with the same articulate interviews ,but they be on that whitebwoi shit.The last article I read in Maxim was the one they did on Evel Kneival(he was the tonyhawk/caryhart of my day).Dude was hard than a mutha-but the last time I checked out KING they did one on the “BoyzNTheHood” actor the blood nigga that blasted Ricky(this nigga let that movie blow his headup) so 2 me so far its a tie

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka The Monday Malfunctionist

    MESSAGE BITCHEZ!!!!!!!!!!


    This site sucks!!!y`all album reviews are garbage.HIPHOPDX is the shit when it comes to quick rap news and albums reviews.The only good thing about XXL are the columnist real talk.

  • kritiq

    agree on you on this one king is the bomb.

  • hdot

    “I thought that King magazine was Harris Publications answer to Vibe magazine as far as a lifestyle barometer for the urban experience.”

    I don’t know why the hell you thought that in the first place. that’s never how king was marketed. lifestyle? c’mon now.

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