So, I had a chance to attend work the Dirty Awards this year. While I won't be giving you a run down of the night's events, I will tell you that I don't really foresee a need for another show like this for reasons that I've expressed in a previous blog.

Overall, I guess the show was decent. I can apreciate it for knowing that the people involved put alot of work and planning into it, but as a music fan and writer, yeah...whatever.

By the end of the night when me and my crew had to break down our set up, we started joking about the stereotypes that we saw and heard throughout the night. One of the many was the overuse of the word "grindin'."

Much like how Bernie Mac declared the word "muthafucka" a noun, the words "grind" or "grindin'" is verb. But alot of people really don't know what it means, thus they use it way too often.

Its to the point that people can't even answer simple questions without using the word.

"What's Up Man?"


"What you been up too?"


"How's your family?"

"Shid, grindin'"

"You wanna grab a bite to eat?"

"Nah, grindin'"

"Damn! She got a phat ass!"

"Yeah, she be grindin'"

"Man, that {insert rapper name} album was wack."

"Stop hatin, that nigga be grindin'"

It also seems like people like to apply this word to any action that doesn't involve sleeping.  As if, you are automatically considered to be "on your grind" if you aren't in the bed, and considered to be "not on your grind" if you are in bed, trying to get some rest after a long day of "grindin'." People love to say things like "we was up until 4 a.m. looking at porn, surfing myspace, reading blogs, smoking weed, watching ESPN GRINDIN' my nigga!"

"Grindin'" also get applied to the most mundane of tasks. For instance, when I have conversations with independent artists myspace rappers, they insist that they are "grindin'" when they send out gramatically incorrect bulletins begging you to check out their music. They also feel that they are "grindin'" when they leave big ass picture comments all over your page. Bruh, that shit ain't grinding...that shit is annoying.

A couple of years ago I was a panelist at the Ozone Awards and Slim Thug sat on a panel as well. He told the aspiring artists in the crowd something that they needed to hear, but probably didn't listen to. He told all of the rappers that were just handing out mixtapes and flyers without introducing themselves or simply throwing stacks of flyers on the ground that "you ain't grindin'." I was glad that he said that, because cats swore that they were. If you caught them throwing shit on the ground and asked what they were doing, they were almost guaranteed to respond with "shied nigga, grindin', tryin' ta' get it!"

"Grindin'" is so over used that I'm starting to forget what it actually meant. I used to think it meant working hard, sacrificing, planning or focusing on your goals. But now I think it just means throwing paper on the ground and imposing your will upon people on the internet.

One of the cats I was working with at the Dirty Awards suggested that "Grindin'" be put to death and laid right alongside "Bling," and I have to agree with him. Granted, that word has brought us some great songs, albums and even crews, but damn. It doesn't deserve to be used by everybody.

I actually get a sour taste in my mouth when I slip up and say it, so I have to find a new word to use. Mainly because I don't want to consider what I do for a living to be the equivalent of throwing paper on the ground or just being awake for the hell of it.