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  • Ty

    1st bitchesssss…..What media outlet doesn’t mislead its audience? But I see your point.

    • Calibud

      What is YOUR point?

  • Incilin

    Jay Smooth is at it again. Great post.

  • Kirk

    you did it Jay this is what I expect from you could be better but hey it’s still on point Thank you.

  • these posts are racist

    Awesome. Check out the book “Manufactured Consent” by Noam Chompsky.

  • http://www.worldfriendswin worldfriendswin

    media we as people shouldn’t always believe what we heard or see

  • Seattle Slim

    LOL the end slayed me! Really good piece my dude! I am a huge fan so keep ‘em coming!

  • JustKC

    That was funny shyt. 1st the war against Oprah and dissin Hip Hop. Now we got a war with CNN dissing WWE?! Man these pricts have nothin better to do

  • N.O. 4 life

    …wow…wwe is better at giving news than cnn

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  • Roblynn

    This is my favorite blog on the internet

  • DJ Atrice

    HA, the end was classic! Good job on this one

  • Around and Around

    Jay man you need to go back to the old media player format not the youtube video, ‘the man’ blocks all you tube content while at work…..

  • kritiq

    LOL at cassidy for the statement he about about Jigga pushing he’s album back, nigga did about 63,000 first week and jay did around 480,000 what a difference next time you’ll shut you big mouth youngin.

  • Worley

    Why does this dude always look like he needs a bath? Wear a hat or get a baldy that hairline is killin’ me.

  • P-Matik

    American mainstream media sucks anyway.

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  • NoMamesBuey

    Jay, like you said as Fake Nas ethering Bill Ho’Lie-ly

    “This ain’t journalism, this is Fox News”. aka Fox Propaganda aka Faux News

  • LOL

    good post man. ur a better blogger than those 2 sellout cracker happy niggers Bol and Billy X Sunday

  • Casper

    Where is Billy; He still grieving?

  • blacker cracker

    john cena is the best rapper alive

  • kingburns

    nice Simpsons reference.

  • moresickaMC

    Jay Smooth>>>Bol

  • Vicious Seiger

    Jay Smooth once again you are on point. Fox News is Bad but at least you can see the republican spin in every piece they do but, CNN must be desperate for viewers or trying to find or MAKE more BS Hot Topic of the Day Stories to keep our minds off the real stories … the ones that they have been trying to keep of all our minds off of -Bush’s War and Bush’s Ass Backwards Economics. Hilarious and insightful as always good job.

  • Doobie

    I found out years ago that the news often twists shit to present a skewed version of things. One incident that really brought that to light was one night when I was driving home from a club downtown, I passed this predominantly white club in the artsier section of the city. I knew people that had been to that club so I knew that there was some serious E poppin going on inside. There was a major bust that night and they had mad white kids lined up along the curb in handcuffs. I turned on the news when I got home and there it was, exactly what I saw, how I saw it: a bunch of upper-middle class white kids in handcuffs. This was shortly after the actual incident so I guess the proper people hadn’t gotten the chance to review and edit the footage yet (and it was like 4 something in the morning so the propaganda control unit probably hadn’t made it in, I’m sure they have too much stature to be doing that night shift shit). I woke up a couple of hours later to a report of the same story, but the footage looked way different: somehow the two black kids who were probably the only black kids in the entire club and one white kid (who was probably from a poor and thereby unconnected family) were the only ones they showed on T.V. getting arrested. I shit you not.

    All the news channels suck, but MSNBC seems to suck the least right now, so they’re the only national news channel that I watch.

  • Carlito

    You are the fucking MAN! That ending killed me, lmao.

    And for the record, Fox got owned by WWE.

  • Jay Smooth

    Around and Around: Sorry about that, my other player’s code changed and it doesn’t load right here. If you go to I usually have the other player there, for right now.

  • ROC

    Keep up the good work Jay. Your post are always interesting and informative.

  • Latino Heat

    co-sing dude that said john cena is the best rapper alive! you bitches cant see him!



  • cheez wizz

    fuck cnn…..the chanel and the group….lololololololol


  • Koolkidkulture

    welcome to the world of editing, kiddies.

    final cut is a hell of a drug.

    cnn. … what happened to you?

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    drop another post, goddamnit

  • shala esquire

    amazing post.

  • jb

    cnn has always been ‘randomly crappy’, jay — but i love the way you put that! great blog.


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