Don’t be a fag

Is wearing your pants down around your ass a sign that you like it in the a (no black people relocating en masse to Atlanta, Georgia), and if so, is that a good reason to encourage today’s youth to stop sagging?

Over the years, I’ve heard my share of theories on how black kids began wearing sagging pants. For example, I believe Michael Eric Dyson states in his book Know What I Mean: Reflections on Hip-Hop (I read it and even reviewed it, but fortunately I’ve been able to forget almost all of it) that sagging pants originated in prison culture, because you weren’t allowed to wear a belt.

But I remember hearing back during the Kris Kross era – which was either when sagging pants became the fad that it is today, or when it first came across my radar – that sagging pants was something that only fags did in prison. Your ass crack hanging all out the top of your pants was a sign the you took it up the coat.

According to jimi izrael, who’s a bit older than I am, sagging was actually begun back in the ’80s by cracka-ass crackas who used to sport preppy-style Nautica jeans and Levi 501s. Black folks at the time used to rock Jim Jones-style extra-medium designer jeans. Sagging pants were introduced to the hip-hop crowd with the advent of rappers with cracka-ass cracka-ish – not to mention teh ghey – tendencies like Kwame the Boy Genius, Special Ed, Groove B Chill, and Kid N Play.

Whatever the case, sagging pants have been back in the news a lot lately. Some city down in Louisiana managed to ban kids from wearing pants down around their asses, and it’s kick started a trend all over.

From what I understand, local governments have been trying to ban all sorts of hip-hop and/or gang-related clothing for years, but ACLU types have been able to have the laws struck down, citing free speech concerns. But finally one of these anti-hip-hop types got the bright idea to ban sagging pants on the grounds that showing off your ass and your underwear to people constitutes indecent exposure.

A cursory check of Google News under the search string sagging pants reveals that similar measures are under consideration in cities all over the country, as well as in several schools. Even the City of Pine Lawn, the awful ghetto where my little brother teaches elementary school, is considering such a law. “It’s indecent exposure,” says the Mayor of Pine Lawn, Sylvester Caldwell, who hopes to introduce a bill to the state legislature that would make the ban statewide here in Missouri.

Down in the gay great state of Texas, this religious rapper named Dooney da Priest managed to seize on all of this sagging pants-related hoopla by recording a song called “Pull Your Pants Up.” He was invited on NPR to discuss the song and the sagging pants issue, but then it became a whole ‘nother issue, when the teh ghey community decided the song was homophobic because it seeks to convince kids to stop sagging pants by letting them know that shit is for fags. (One line in the song goes, “You walk the streets with your pants way down low. I don’t know, looks to me like you’re on the down low!”)

So of course then they had to invite the guy back on NPR to issue an apology, of sorts, to the teh ghey community. According to Dooney, he’s still against guys fucking other guys in the ass, but that’s not even what the song was about. If guys want to fuck other guys in the ass, that’s their problem. The purpose of his song is to inform today’s youth, that may not be aware of what sagging your pants really means.

Like I said, I’m not even sure how the trend of sagging pants began or if it’s really a signal that you like it in the a. Even if it isn’t, it’s obviously developed that connotation over the years. Assuming that it is, is it really homophobic to let kids know the real origin of this trend; and if so, is that a good-enough reason not to let kids know the real significance of wearing your pants like that? Or should the way kids wear their pants even be an issue in the first place? What do you down-low brothers think?

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  • Maurice Garland

    I’ve heard that sagging pants originated from poverty in the sense that:

    Poor children had to wear their older siblings hand-me-downs

    Parents bought their children’s clothes in bigger sizes because they were cheaper

    Parents found it cost effective to buy bigger sizes since the child would grow into them over the years.

    • Real Talk

      You think there were no poor kids wearing Hand-me-downs before 1991 ? As much as I love Killer Mike that was one of the dumbest things he ever put out there. Sagging $200 jeans and using poverty as an excuse is now woah.

      Black americans have been poor from jump, but I didnt’ see any pants around peoples knees at civil rights marches.

  • these posts are racist

    Kwame and Kid N Play did sag their pants.

    Kwame rocked the slick dress pants with the polka dot dress shirt (hence Biggie’s line…) and Kid N Play made the z-cavarichi pants and colorful rayon shirt the unitfor for all 15-25 year old hip hop heads.

    Oh yeah, read a book and stop being homophobic.

    • Bol

      What about that whole part where I said, “according to jimi izrael,” and even included a link to the guy’s site where he discusses Kid N Play and Kwame?

      I guess facts don’t count in Islam.

      • King B

        Your so called “facts” don’t count anywhere you fat fuck!

  • these posts are racist

    I mean, they did not sag their pants.

  • smog

    sagging pants=more room to conceal a gun, or guns. btw i saw that there was a kfc add right next to your head it says 360 pride family community heritage individual

    • N.O. 4 life

      no it dont asshole…if yo draws showin that means a gun that would be tucked would be showin too…

  • 1,2,1,2…ANDITDON’TSTOP81





    • Allen_J

      I agree and this is old news they’ve been talking and trying to make stuff happen about sagging pants for the last 5 months maybe

  • don’t be a homophobe

    holy sh*t. i never would have expected such jaw-dropping bigotry from such a well-respected site. yeah, everyone knows hip-hop can be gay-hating…but are you for real? step out of your hate-filled cesspool of a life, and into the 21st century. you are pure ignorance.

    and XXL people? how can you allow such crap to be broadcasted all over the net? is this what you call journalism? are you proud to have this on your site? wtf?

  • og bobby j

    First off….putting a law in place to prevent wearing pants low is the stupidest shit i ever heard. Whats next, telling kids how to wear there hats and shirts and making TPAR and Around stop wearing thongs?

    Maybe we should put a law in place to make people realize that being “so hooooood” is nothing to glorify. Being educated and a productive member of the community is a little better then reppin your hood or ballin

    • Around and Around

      I agree with UG Bobby J, America already has the most people incarcerated on the planet, lets add some more pointless laws to add to the total.

      On another point, the thong turns your mom on… you know….make the bitch happy.

  • N.O. 4 life

    just another way for the media and government to divert attention away from the obvious problems in communities and abroad

  • Mr Bell

    What is saggin spelled backwards. Think about it.

    • May

      LOL @ Mr Bell

      As for the saggin sh*t, I think it’s a silly idea for the police to be chasing people down just because their pants are too low. I do believe that sagging did come from prison, but the inmates’ pants sagged because they weren’t allowed to wear belts in the first place.

      But at least motherf*ckers won’t be looking sloppy, that’s the upside of it.

      But I know for sure that something like this would not fly in New York, no matter how hard the state legislature tries.



  • these posts are racist

    Byron, Yes! Islam is the reason I responded like I did. Your logic is impecable!

    How does the fact that you site jimi isn’treal change the fact that I disagree with the idea?

  • http://yahoo CaesarDuke

    U know heard that in slavery time the slaves would try to run away from their master’s and the master’s would pull their pants down to keep from running away and I also heard that sagging your pants meant that you wanted to well get fucked in the ass me personally i don’t where it came from i don’t do it but it’s not a good thing to do and i’m a teenager and not all teenagers wear their pant’s low just my opinion

  • 4 ya momma

    nut huggers gayer than crack exposers

  • og bobby j

    well Around….if its to please my mother then it is cool with me and i think that is even more of a reason that you should be allowed to wear it…..

    cosign w. 4 ya momma
    i’d rather see some plumbers crack then some dudes moose knuckle…

    neither is the highlight of my day…..

  • Around and Around

    According to jimi izrael, who’s a bit older than I am, sagging was actually begun back in the ’80s by cracka-ass crackas who used to sport preppy-style Nautica jeans and Levi 501s.

    That’s some bullshit, no crackers were sagging in the 80′s, those 501′s were tight & ripped with a comb showing out the back pocket.

    -What’s funny is UG Booby gay still rocks that shit.

  • Doobie

    Your “review” of that Michael Eric Dyson book was woefully shallow, you seem to be sorely lacking in “depth perception” there Bol. I took particular issue with your criticisms of his 2pac book:

    “I had a hard time buying that an intellectual of his stature could genuinely be that impressed with 2Pac as an artist or as a thinker or as a person in general.”

    Maybe if you were closer to an intellectual of his stature, you would understand. It seems like you’ve been too spoon-fed all of your life to be able to digest beyond the surface of most things that you analyze. You also choose to refute things when you have no evidence to support your challenging of the facts, simply because they don’t fit the shallow and insular way that you choose to envision things.

    These laws making it illegal to wear saggy pants are pretty silly. As far as what it “means”, the origin is too unclear at this point for that to be reasonably considered, so it basically “means” whatever people on the streets think it means. If people think it means that you’re gay, then hell yea the word should be spread, and no that doesn’t mean that you are homophobic. That’s just getting the word out about an agreed upon definition. The alleged “homophobia” lies in the fact that in that scenario, kids are told that it’s gay to get them to stop doing it, for “fear” of looking gay. Perhaps that connotation that’s expected to be drawn is rooted in homophobia—but so what.

    • Around and Around

      Nice take Doobie

  • Godiva

    Bol, I don’t comment often but this one caught my attention. I am a high school teacher. I do not allow my students in my class unless they pull their pants up. However, I totally disagree with this idea. (They have made it into a law in one of our local cities here in Miami. I think the police officers have more serious crimes to tend to rather than stopping citizens and teenagers and citing them for their clothing. I am even more concerned because of the relationship down here with police officers. I have had students detained, and searched because of their appearance. This law now gives the authorities greater opportunities to profile them. I fear now that one of my students will be harmed because they did not pull their pants up. But hey, I digress. I guess now police officers protect, serve the fashion community now.

    • Allen_J

      . I have had students detained, and searched because of their appearance

      Seriously???? You’re no better than cops profiling people

      • anonymous

        i think she meant some of her students were detained by officers, not that she detained them. she said she’s a teacher not a cop.

  • Kirk Franco

    also i heard from Michael Jordan when he came to the NBA and started wearing bigger shorts because of his lucky North Carolina shorts under led to bigger shorts in the NBA then in all of basketball and later to bigger jean shorts on the streets and then bigger jeans and sagging became the norm from a misinterpretation of what jordan was doing might sound stupid but it could be accurate for the current situation or resurgence of sagging or baggy pants

    • Around and Around

      No that’s wrong, Jordan back in the day was wearing some bootie cutters like everyone else. It was a while after Jordan was in the league that the shorts started getting longer.

      • Worley

        The Michigan team with Webber, Rose and Howard started the big shorts in the league.

  • DirtDogggy

    I have no damn idea of the saggy pant origin, but who gives a fuck anyway, it looks better than nut hugging ass clinching Stockton styles, and it lets your nuts breath. Whats ghayer tight ass shit or baggy ? I’d say tight shit, but theres a perfect medium somewhere in the middle. To high/tight = ghay
    to low off the ass pulling them up when they fall to your feet = retarded, middle = perfect.(No Craig)

  • Jerry Curls

    It’s true that dudes in jail with sagging jeans means that they take it up the ass, hence sagging your jeans is an indication of faggotry. They like to be treated like a woman, so be a gentleman and hold the door for them, etc. On a side note, you may want to stay away from these people, a surprise buttfuck could await if you don’t, as they may want to wear the PANTS in the relationship, pun intended.

  • Fin

    A law against sagging pants is not only stupid, it’s illegal, and will probably be overturned with a quickness.

    Whether this was started by gay ppl or not, the issue is black ppl thinking it’s their “culture” to perpetuate stupid shit like sagging your pants below your backside especially after a certain age (word to kay-slay and baby).

  • VL Steve

    who gives a fuck how someone feels. why should anyone be forced to apologize. fuck that sensitivity shit. let the lilniggas sag. fuck those fags.

  • these posts are racist

    Yo Around,

    I thought you checked VL Steve about false flaggin? VL Steve, are you a 4 corner?

    • VL Steve

      nope, i’m a 15 yr old korean boy from berkely cali. i like rape porn and excessive amounts of masturbation. bol is my idol actually, i live 30 km north of helsinki, finland, with no gang affiliations. but i can dream can’t i?

  • nixs

    Mabye its sign language for “Kiss My Ass”? Thats what I would think

  • Malossi

    bitches that look good in jeans..

  • Josh

    From “We Want Easy”:

    “Hey Easy – why you wear your pants so low”

    “Easy access baby”

    Easy-E died of AIDS.


  • Malossi

    Bol(Aka)Byron small infertile balls.You’re a hairy swinging bag of ether,Blowing in the breeze,I smell cheese.Air it out fat boy.

  • The Spaniard

    I don’t give a shit where it originated.

    Purposely sagging pants = 99.9% probibility of being a moron.

    • Akkurate

      Yuh momma said she liked them.

      aight, now that I got ur attn, it aint for morons. I don’t like shit riding me, so I pull em down.
      If you PACKING in THAT DEP’t (nullus for talking about my unit on the net), saggin is the way to go. Just don’t like the feel of sometihng riding me and all up on my, ya dig.

  • nappy_pappy

    i know why i started sagging… moms would make me wear them tight khaki pants with the crease in em, to church and school…but once i hopped on that bus..i unbuckled my shit and let em sliiiiiide just a little…so they looked baggy instead of tight…but not to the point that most these cats are doing it…i mean the waist line of the jeans are just a little above the knee…thats just silly. Just like those quadruple extra large white t’s that look like night gowns… and if u dont want to bring attention to urself from the cops…pull them shits up plain and simple

  • Raised under Reagan

    Sagging pants were introduced to the hip-hop crowd with the advent of rappers with cracka-ass cracka-ish – not to mention teh ghey – tendencies like Kwame the Boy Genius, Special Ed, Groove B Chill, and Kid N Play.

    Biz Markie, started that look for Hip Hop.

  • kane corleone

    boobie j,is not g a name is just a name ,the way i see it young kids has always took styles from the Big Homies,and never knew half the shit they were taking just ran with it,I’m not gonna say that if u aint a G then pull yo pants up lil nigga ,nah thats his mammy’s job to put her foot in his ass like my Granny would do me,and to niggas with that its for when your packin ,nah cuz when you carryin heat u need a belt to tuck the strap and also you need a shirt that would conceal the strap,now not every one on the net has banged so i dont expect u to know that just lettin u know .6star General TH30TY TIMES BETTER THAN U

  • drydock

    Bol is much too kind in his criticism of Dyson and Tupac but I appreciate that he consistently disses both. I think he needs to do at least one column on these guys and why they both suck balls (nullus). He can start with why in Dyson’s book on Tupac where he leaves out the part where Tupac’s entourage in Marin City starts a bunch of bullshit and gets a six year boy killed. Dyson titles one chapter about Tupac as a “ghetto saint”. Getting a 6 year old killed makes you a LOSER.

    • Doobie

      “Tupac’s entourage in Marin City starts a bunch of bullshit and gets a six year boy killed.”

      You and Bol have a lot in common. You don’t know who started what in that incident in Marin City, nor who is responsible for the escalation (and the recounts of the story that I’ve read show just the opposite actually). And, how is 2pac responsible for some other dude shooting a little boy? Here’s what happened according to once source (who seems to have been there to actually witness the incident first hand):

      “The violence all around him was brought home by his appearance at a Marin City, Ca., community festival in August 1992. Shakur was back in the poverty-stricken neighborhood where he had spent his teen-age years.

      But Shakur was surprised by the hostility of some of the young blacks who confronted him with unwelcome shouts. Then, they began battering his car and throwing punches at him. A gun slipped out of Shakur’s belt and skittered across the road. Someone picked it up and a bullet discharged. It hit six-year-old Qa’id Walker Teal in the head and killed him. According to friends, Shakur was inconsolable about the boy’s death, which he memorialized in one of his rap songs, Something 2 Die 4.”

      So let me get this straight, someone tries to shoot and kill 2pac, misses and shoots and kills a little boy instead, and the guy who picked up the gun and try to murder Pac isn’t responsible–2pac is. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. It’s a horrible incident that 2pac felt terrible about (which would be consistent with his character anyway, sorry Bol). YOU (like Bol) choose to ignore all of the good that 2pac did. Us real folks (you know, people with genuinely keen perception) see that Pac was a smart, ambitious, good-hearted dude. Pac started a youth campaign to try to spread awareness about AIDS while still a teenager in Baltimore City, his life dream was to see the eradication of poverty (I’ve seen footage of 2pac with a whole bunch of homeless people living in this little one bedroom apartment before he was even famous, that’s just the kind of dude he was), he put his life on the line to help a black woman that he didn’t even know who appeared to be being harassed by two rowdy white guys down in Georgia, etc, etc. He also advocated a strict code of ethics through T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E. that strongly disavowed violence against innocent people.

  • these posts are racist

    Tupac was 25 when he died. His songs, poems, movies and energy inspired millions, including myself.

    Drydock, BOL and the other ignorant people out there, I have one simple message:

    If you’ve never been to the ghetto, don’t come to the ghetto, because you wouldn’t understand the ghetto, so stay the fuck out of the ghetto.

    • Tray

      Pac was an incredibly shitty poet, average rapper, and okay actor in some really awful movies. If you want to be inspired by a mediocrity, that’s your choice. Anyway… as Juvenile once said on probably his most overlooked song ever, don’t be a fucking fag, throw up a soulja rag.

      • Around and Around

        Tray says Tupac was an average rapper & in awful movies, and then quotes Juvenile……..Wow

        Tupac’s poetry has been recommended reading by some school systems across the country, and if you think Juice was a really awful movie you’re either A. 14 years old and waiting for your balls to descend or B. a kid Named Tray, Tray is the biggest bitch name I’ve ever heard.

    • Sinistah aka Click Here To Reply

      lmaoo Tpar or imposter quoting Treach…..

      fuck it, Jer-z Up, Jer-z Out…..

      what more can i say, L’Chaim (or To Life)

    • BR

      tpar is so white.

  • Allen_J

    Why? What does this solve? You think if their pants are up they won’t do crimes? Better yet if their pants are up you can run better from the police after doing that crime. Isn’t they’re something against making a law against certain kinds of people?

  • Nicky J

    Bol, I fuck wit your posts usually but this one is just pointless. Seriously, I think that 1,2 1,2 kid had it right: WHO THE FUCK CARES. Talk about something relevant.

  • drydock

    Doobie– The self-defense ploy is bullshit. Tupac’s gunplay got a 6 six year old killed. He’s not the only guilty party but it’s funny how Dyson and his fans ignore this little incident.

    Dyson is a mediocre intellectual which is probably why he gets so much play by the corporate media. The guy represents zero threat, which is why the American ruling class gives people like him six figure cushy jobs at the university. They sleep quite well knowing that the face of black opposition (on TV anyways) is some professor who writes crappy books about hip hop.

    TPAR– Your response was non substantive. Save the ghetto sermon for your ding a ling liberal friends. Say something relevant and I’ll respond.

    And by the way Marin City isn’t all that bad, despite Tupac’s mayhem, murders are rare and the schools are very good there.

    • Doobie

      “The self-defense ploy is bullshit. Tupac’s gunplay got a 6 six year old killed. He’s not the only guilty party but it’s funny how Dyson and his fans ignore this little incident.”

      Jesus dude, can you read? What self-defense “ploy” did I propose? Your baseless accusations are bullshit. Use facts to explain your accusation. Looking at that incident, there is no way that a reasonable unbiased individual who DOESN’T have some strange personal grudge against him could say that Pac was responsible. What you’re doing is drawing a random conclusion based on your feelings. I’m sure Dyson, like his fans, are well aware of this incident, but the facts show that 2pac is not responsible for being harassed and for someone else shooting a child. 2pac could have easily been killed himself that day, and he was just minding his own business trying to enjoy a day at the park. Now please, use something other than your strange delusions to explain how 2pac is the “guilty party”.

  • Kane Corleone

    For some reason I always have this question when I read the shit ya’ll post,”How old r u niggas”? Sayin Pac got some kid killed is bullshit,also who the fuck is trey to put a legend under a bus then quote some nigga who’s bitin his style ie.(tatts,bandana’s throwin up signs)nigga Hushthefuckup,the Realest nigga to ever breathe on a mic is Makaveli the don dont get shit fucked up,who on this blog grew up in the hood/ghetto/pj’s,who still lives there,prob none of ya’ll pac shit was like a soundtrack to a havenot that lived in that situation,now until you can say i lived it/been there dont say shit,stick to your hip hop politics and let sleepin dogs lay


    As far as sagging is concerned, it was invented by Thelonious Parnell, a.k.a. TPAR in 1936, ten years after his 25th birthday.

    His mother purchased overalls from a local farm supply store in Fuckover, New Mexico. TPAR found freedom in this new outfit, because it allowed him to freeball carelessly without anyone being able to tell.

    One day, his personal jester Around became curious about stains emerging from the backside of TPAR’s already beige overall seat. When Around quietly stole his father’s (THE UNDERWRITER) scythe in the early morning. He used the blade to slice the shoulder straps of TPAR’s beloved garment, only to discover that he didn’t wear draws.

    At this moment of homo-erotic truth, the brother lovers decided to promote the cause of allowing your ass crack to be displayed publicly, because they figured that it was easier to fool the public into trying a new trend than to explain their actions.

    Word to Pat Robertson, son. It started with TPAR and his band, The Bitch Tits.

  • f

    THE DICKRIDER mu’fucka,
    no one gives a fuck bout ur homo *jokes*. find some fag site 2 post all ur crap at


    underwriter calls himself that because he spends all his time under the writer(bol) getting buttfucked

    underwriter, yo ass need to be underwater

  • tseliot

    that tupac’s “poetry” is recommended reading for some public school systems indicates: a) that our tax money is wasted, b) that teachers are getting younger and dumber, c) that our children will grow up to be idiots, and d) that teachers are willing to sacrifice education for pop culture in order to reach the masses rather than to teach actual intelligent material and reach a handful . . .

    tupac in school. fucking please. read a cot damned book. and tupac does stand for mediocrity—and i’m not a 14 year old kid either.

    • Doobie

      Well tseliot, somebody deserves a refund for the money spent on your education–good grief.

      2pac’s poetry is quite good for what is essentially teenage high school journal writing, and if it’s being used in middle school or the first couple of years of high school, then it’s an excellent way to reach kids and to get them thinking.


    White Widow Maker is also a loser.

    You will be allowed that one free swipe. Breathe easy. This is a debate. Don’t let the fact that I joke on these dudes take away from the fact that this site needs less b.s. and more real talk. If you’re mad, you should join TPAR’s gang of fairies and – get this – start your own damn blog. That way you’d never have to waste time here with a sour ass opinion. You could just be, fuck, I don’t know… happy or something.

    Plus, you’re a nobody. But if you want to joke, go talk to your tool. Nolo.

    Oh, and plus you’ve never seemed smart before, so don’t try to jump the gun now. I’m really, really tired of this 87 octane crew of dummies trying to act mad because I don’t respect TPAR’s *alleged* law degree over common sense.

    But… whatever.

  • Around and Around

    Amazing these young kids hating on Tupac, they have to be 80′s baby’s with no clue, who talks shit about pac and then quotes Juvenile to make an argument, stick you Weezy youngen’s

    Re TSELliot: the recent publication of Carole Seymour-Jones’s biography of Eliot’s first wife, Vivienne, which claims that the poet was a closet homosexual.

    In the event of my Demise
    when my heart can beat no more
    I Hope I Die For A Principle
    or A Belief that I had Lived 4
    I will die Before My Time
    Because I feel the shadow’s Depth
    so much I wanted 2 accomplish
    before I reached my Death

    I have come 2 grips with the possibility
    and wiped the last tear from My eyes
    I Loved All who were Positive
    In the event of my Demise

  • these posts are racist

    How many people think Underwriter is obsessed with me?


    UNDERPANTS is a little fag looking for attention y`all.he is a gay who was rape by his step pops and is shook thats while he only comes to the internet looking for attetion.HA Ha Ha…
    Too bad nobody is paying underpants attention.
    oh you litte pathetic i feel sorry for you.


    Yo TPAR,
    underpants is gay and is looking for ass to fuck so you better watch ya move…
    just ignore little fag angd keep schooling us .

    • these posts are racist

      No doubt Jaystone. I’ve been busy as hell lately so haven’t been able to comment too much lately. I appreciate the feedback homey.

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