Bol does a Power Hour

On evenings when I’m not working like a Hebrew slave at the BGM (this holiday season has been especially aggravating, if not particularly busy), I like to crack open a six pack of Bud Light and spend a few… hours or so surfing the Internets for pictures of women I wouldn’t mind having sex with. Every once in a while, I’ll stumble upon a cool website or an interesting article that I’ll set aside to maybe do a story on at a later date. But the other day, I stumbled upon what was easily one of the coolest sites I’ve ever been to. I figured I’d definitely do a story on it.

The name of the site is These Are Powerful Hours, and it offers, according to its own description, “artisinal power hour mixes for the discriminating binge drinker.” In other words, hour-long custom soundtracks for doing a Power Hour or, as we used to call them out in Chicken Switch, MO, the Hour of Power.

A Power Hour, in case you never heard of it, is a drinking game in which you do a shot of beer every minute for an hour. At the end of an hour, you will have drunk about seven and a half beers and you’ll be good and shitty, even though most people, myself included, can drink way more than seven and a half beers during the course of an evening. The thing is, drinking seven and a half beers in such a short period of time gets you way more drunk than you would get from drinking 20 beers over the course of five hours. I should know. That happened to me a few weeks ago.

Wikipedia entry for Power Hours

I tried the Century Club once in college, which is the same concept but with 100 shots over the course of 100 minutes, but I don’t think I for real qualified to join the club, as it were. As I recall, I drank more than the amount of beer necessary to complete the task (about 10), because I had a 12 pack anyway, but sitting there staring at the clock waiting to take your next drink gets to be a pain in the ass, especially once you get about halfway through. Even though there’s only a minute in between each drink, it’s easy to forget what you’re doing. Or where you are, for that matter. If only there was a such thing as These Are Powerful Hours when I was in college.

Last night, I did a Power Hour to Powerful Hour’s Ghostface mix called, Bulletproof Birthdays: Ghost Hour, Sign of the Power. There also mixes by Prince and Steely Dan that I thought were mad tempting, but I figured for the sake of journalism I should go with one of their rap mixes. And since this site is obviously run by hipster cracka-ass crackas, I was only left to choose from the Ghostface mix, a Dipset mix, a Timbaland mix, and a Hyphy mix. Obviously the Timbaland mix and the Hyphy mix were out of the question. I seriously debated doing the Dipset mix, since a Power Hour is such an ign’ant pursuit in the first place, but I’m just not gonna listen to 60 Dipset songs in a row unless I absolutely have to. Like if a girl told me she’d blow me.

So, how was it? Honestly, not that bad. In fact, I might even go so far as to say that doing a Power Hour to a custom mix of Ghostface records is the best way you can spend an evening that doesn’t involve a woman. And it’s way cheaper to boot. Of course your mileage may vary. A man of my stature, I can’t even get much of a hangover drinking beer. And I should note that my Acceptable Use Policy with XXL doesn’t allow me to promote anything that might be illegal. So I’m gonna have to insist that no little kids try this, even though I’m not aware of any laws barring kids from doing a Power Hour, provided it’s cool with their parents. If it’s not illegal per se for a kid to have a drink, then why shouldn’t a kid be able to drink himself half to death? TPAR?

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  • these posts are racist

    I don’t drink alcohol nor do I do drugs, Byron. I advise that you stay off that poison as well. Brothers need to stay off alcohol, drugs and you should also excercise regularly, at least 5 times a week – cardio and weight training.

    It is illegal for children to drink and is also illegal for adults to provide children with alcohol.

    • Bol

      >I don’t drink alcohol nor do I do drugs, Byron.

      Your package of cookies is in the mail.

      • these posts are racist

        So I get a “cookie” for telling you I don’t drink, in a sentence. What do you get for telling us you do drink in a several paragraph blog?

        • LowEndofDaChi


          There’s nothing wrong with occasional alcohol consumption man. As with any recreational drug, moderation is the key!

        • concerned hater

          as a representative of “the devil” (small d) I’d like to point out that only 5% of us need to worry about that ish, the rest is just doing as the gods will us to do, cylons figured it out sun… sheesh… love it.

          plus there is something zenlike in taking the time to recognize every minute of an hour, mixing in a shot of old milwakee and a 60minute french house mix just eliminates the pretenders

  • CPHead

    Technically it is not illegal for a minor to drink alcohol in California, but it is illegal to in possession of alcohol if you are a minor. It’s fucking retarded, but whatever.

  • og bobby j

    Yo Bol,
    You should try playing “edward 40 hands” Just take 2 40′s and tape one to each hand. The rules are that your are not allowed to remove either bottle until both are done….trust me, it gets hard to piss with bottles on your hands. I suggest sweats…

    Oh, and the century club should be 100 beers 72 hours. Not as easy as it sounds….trust

    • Bol

      I like pissing on the bush outside my house while I’m drinking anyway. I find it adds to the effect. The only issue would be getting my joint out of my pants. Nullus on mentioning my joint.

      100 beers in 72 hours? No thank you.

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  • Josh

    I can’t drink beer like that. That shit is nasty.

    I almost always get nauseus when I drink beer, usually well before I get close to being drunk.

    Jack Daniels is my drink of choice.

    I wonder if there are any power-hour type games involving bourbon.

    Now that would be fun.

    It also could be what causes people to get rushed to the hospital to have their stomach pumped for alcohol poisoning.

    Reminds me of that time I came home to my college roommate passed out on the living room floor in a puddle of urine with his eyes open.

    Or the time my ex-girlfriend passed out in some dude’s backyard after making out with half the dudes at the party to get back at me for being an asshole.

    I kinda admit it was pretty funny when her titty popped out as I was dragging her to the backseat of her car to take her to the hospital.

    Not like anyone at the party had never seen her titties before, but still…

    • Were Read 2 Def

      Sounds like ur girlfriend is a prize piece.

    • EReal

      Jesus dude!

    • daesonesb

      You sound like a sucker.

      your girlfriend def doesnt respect you as a man if she would do that kind of shit.

      • Arcey

        he did say ex but i would’ve left her ass there! fuck that!!!

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  • stoneyisland

    Bol, you irresponsible fat bastard, ever heard of alcohol poisoning??? kids die every year from this bullshit and here your fat unemployed ass goes and makes it seem like the newest craze. I hope M.A.D.D or somebody who has lost a kid to some drunk fuck sue’s the shit out of your broke ass. Do the world a favor Bol and go blow your god damn brains out you stupid, fat, muthafucka.

    • stoned cold

      bol can lose weight, but you’ll always be gay, fuckin sissy, you should go hang out with those madd mothers

  • white widow maker

    TPAR is a god, to all you fucking morons out there, notice the brother didnt say first,

    yo tpar, you da man buddy, i enjoy da shit out of your comments and da knowledge you kick

    BOL, you da man, too. you trip me the fuck out

    • EReal

      Anyone else you wanna dickride? Shit man, fuck. lol.

  • b-ease

    November 29th, 2007
    at 3:28 pm

    Josh says:

    I can’t drink beer like that. That shit is nasty.

    I almost always get nauseus when I drink beer, usually well before I get close to being drunk.

    Jack Daniels is my drink of choice.

    Jack Daniel’s is a real man’s alcoholic beverage of choice. But the first two statements still sound like declarations of homosexuality. Only REALLY pretty black girls dont drink beer. Everyone else has to. It’s part of being American.

    • Josh

      I didn’t say I don’t drink beer, just that I can’t drink it like that.

      It’s pointless to me. After 6 or 7 beers, I’m not drunk and feel like I ate a Thanksgiving meal.

      A couple of beers when you’re just chillin or watching the game (statement of heterosexuality) or at the bar after work, is cool.

      But drinking beer to get drunk is for high school students, frat boys and auto plant workers.

      I know “REALLY pretty” spanish girls that don’t drink beer either (for the record).

    • AeM

      Only REALLY pretty black girls dont drink beer.

      True. LOL

    • LowEndofDaChi

      Beer is fucking disgusting.

      Hennessy, Remy, and Grey Goose all day.

  • Doobie

    “I seriously debated doing the Dipset mix, since a Power Hour is such an ign’ant pursuit in the first place, but I’m just not gonna listen to 60 Dipset songs in a row unless I absolutely have to. Like if a girl told me she’d blow me.”

    Lol! I completely concur like a mofo! That Prince mix sounds interesting though. Pretty entertaining read Bol.



  • The Nicker

    My DJ Premier power hour > Ghostface > R Kels > everything else

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  • thoreauly77

    i dont understand the difference between a power hour and just normal drinking.

    a beer every ten minutes for an hour? egads! all of you of-agers need to step your alcoholism game up.

  • og bobby j

    White widow maker is tuggin hard on your balls TPAR…i would check that groupie shit before its gets out of control

    • white widow maker

      og bobby j,

      wusup brotha, I love your cock and balls as well, man
      dont worry, there’s plenty of me to go around
      so what, if i dream about you AND tpar at night?


  • og bobby j

    White Widow Maker…thanks…I was feelin neglected.

  • Fernando

    TPAR wears a diaper.

    let me get this straight, TPAR is a lawyer, who doesnt smoke or drink, yet he is on Bol’s blog everyday……..WOLF TICKETS!!!!

  • these posts are racist


    what up homey. I feel you…and I don’t judge cats who choose to drink in moderation or otherwise, I just choose not to.

    one love homey. Chi-town stand up! (even though it’s too cold to stand outside).

    • LowEndOfDaChi

      TPAR, whatup black?

      Yeah man, it was ridiculously cold out there today.

      Click on my name for the myspace when you get a chance, let me know what you think. Its this cat from over on 63rd I been working with.


  • these posts are racist

    “TPAR wears a diaper.”

    Wow Fern, you really put me in my place.

  • AB

    Ever done a Power Hour with 100 sorority chicks dressed in next to nothing? Now that’s that shit.

  • DirtDogggy

    Drinking games are for females.

    Fuck little shot glasses, go to a hardware store and construct a 2-3L funnel with a stop valve on the end.

    Step 1, fill with 6 beers.

    Step 2, open valve and swallow like Britney.

  • I Ether Fat Internet Geeks

    “So, how was it? Honestly, not that bad. In fact, I might even go so far as to say that doing a Power Hour to a custom mix..”

    Hey dude, heres some tips on other things you can do with your wasted hours.

    -Try going out and being social, which in turn and if lucky, might help you lose your virginity.
    -Finally getting out there and looking for a legitimate job that doesn’t involve stocking diapers or working the 10 items or less counter. Hey, maybe you could use that “business degree” you claim to own.
    -Look for psychiatrist to help you move on from obsession of Real World and help you realize that at damn near 30, it’s no longer a hobby, but an issue.
    -Join a gym, work out and get back to your high school weight (320 lbs.)
    -Print out that “How to spot a DL brother” mess you wrote (or all the other man on man garbage you post about….whats up with that anyway?), paste on wall, study, and come to the conclusion that all these years of rejection, depression, and anger towards women might have just been out of confusion about your own sexuality.

    Whatever I could do to help buddy (no Stamos)

  • DocZeus

    Post Of The Year!

    Quotables For Days.


    Good post, Bol.

    Hello, TPAR.

    Hello, Hoe-G Booby J.

    Any other haters, I’ll salute in silence. Remain nameless…

    For this topic, let’s examine the truth of drinking. Red wine, which I find to be quite an exquisite form of absent minded fuckery, is also a great way to avoid heart disease. If you also have no more than 3 beers per day, you’ll run a less likely chance of having a Dick Cheney artery problem before you’re Gerald Levert’s age. Ya dig?

    But at the same time, I have always agreed with the Marquis de Sade:

    Conversation, like certain portions of the anatomy, always runs more smoothly when lubricated.


    I am digging this wisdom that you have announced in “The Power Hour” (no Religious Right).

    I have always told my friends that I have a steel liver, therefore they should never attempt to overthrow my ability to out-drink them. Please pay no attention to TPAR, he drinks Similac, pickle juice and horse skeet.

    And for Hoe-G, he drinks rat pee. He can’t even speak on me, because I absolutely ETHERED HIM on our last encounter – whuddup BXS…

    Anyway, I’ve had three shots of the Que-Bo Gold and at least five beers and one margarita. I’m in rare form out here. Please tell me who wants a problem…


    Yo, White Widow Maker, ask Hoe-G if he got his mammagram back from Dr. Cosby after I thrashed him a few days ago on BXS’s blog.

    Ask him if his Jello Pudding Pops are malignant.


    Pay no attention to these idiots.

    Especially since this *alleged* lawyer still insists on responding to your comments…

    It is obvious that TPAR is really a hamster vet, who makes less money annually than it takes to rent a studio apartment by himself without a co-signer.

    And lest we forget, TPAR wants no problem with THE UNDERWRITER. He doesn’t even have his own blog, but he continues to comment on blogs that he doesn’t own. You would think that an *alleged* lawyer would care enough about the title that he *allegedly* worked so hard to get to at least stop hating on the next man’s thoughts and contributions to the blogosphere. But alas, he is weak, like Fredo.

    Throughout time, men – REAL men – have always used the sauce to be able to relate to each other in true fashion.

    Whether through speech or through writing, sometimes you have to get loose to say what you really mean. I bet that if TPAR ever had a shot of tequila, he’d sound a lot more like he means to sound. Instead, he always sounds like he has a nerd beef with the blogger.

    What a fucking waste.

    Please tell me who wants it tonight…

    • EReal

      So lets get this right, you had 3 shots, a couple beers, and a margarita (female drink) and you hop online to ask people who want it like you’re on “The Re-Up” album?

      You know you look like the E-Thuggiest bitch right now right?

      *SMH* You must be good at E-Ethering, cause you just murked yourself, Herb.

      1 hunned.

  • jg420

    I seriously debated doing the Dipset mix, since a Power Hour is such an ign’ant pursuit in the first place, but I’m just not gonna listen to 60 Dipset songs in a row unless I absolutely have to. Like if a girl told me she’d blow me.

    ^^^^^ Thats some funny shit, classic line. Keep that shit up

  • julie

    a man of your stature? stature denotes height, my dude. you’re just fat.

    • That Guy

      Bitch, get back on the track.

  • og bobby j

    This pre-k nigga Undercock stays swinging from my dick….The fact that you have to try and tell people that you ethered me just proves that you didnt. UNless if by ethered you mean that your commented at 4 in the morning and made yourself feel good. You are simply looking for some acceptance or boost in self confidence. Your a cornball….go play the the alto sax you fuckin joke….band camp ass nigga.

  • I Ether Internet Geeks

    Brian Crawfish censors my etherings by not posting them.

  • party

    yo Bol, try the dipset 1, it’s top shelf and it’s FRIDAY!

  • marlon

    what a fucking loser! lol.

  • yeh right

    I haven’t seen this much cat fighting since the girl’s locker room in high school. keep it up the bickering ’cause u guys are looking real manly right now. f@ck waiting for a smack dvd to come out to experience a battle, Bol you’ve got e-smack going on right here. I luv it!!

  • J

    100 shots in 100 mins is called Centurion….

    Gets with the times!!!!!

  • Cuban Link

    ive done power hour before, but never with Beer. That shit just doesnt do it for me.ive played it with some of jose cuervo tequila, cuz that shit is east to do shots in with but if u wait about 5 minutes after the hours up you wont know what hit you.dont play that shit wit vodka though, little kids who arent experienced drinkers die from doing to many shots of that shit.

  • Karmen Bradfute

    Is usually blogengine better than wordpress in a roundabout way? Has to be because it is ever more popluar lately.