And The Winner Is….

RedBull’s Big Tune Beat Battle Finals

For the past few months Red Bull has visited Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, New York, and San Francisco, conducting their Big Tune Beat Battles, which was actually conceptualized by Vitamin D and Jonathan Moore. The finals took place November 2nd in Seattle, where 12 winners of the earlier battles competed for a chance to work in Red Bull’s Los Angeles recording studio with their choice of either Young Buck, Talib Kweli, or Redman. The champ also received a pair of Genelec monitors, which is not a bad prize considering how much Genelec’s cost.

The finalists were Algorythm and Marco Polo from NY, Babu and Swiff D from LA, Cambo and Beat Roc from San Francisco, The Are and S1 from Houston, Tall Black Guy and Rio from Chicago, and Seattle natives Sabzi and Brainstorm.

The final round pitted the two hometown guys, Sabzi and Brainstorm, versus one another for the championship. The Blue Scholar (Sabzi) came out victorious. So congrats to him. L’Chaim! Here’s a toast to some upcoming major label placements and a fat royalty check from the “Motown Philly”-inspired Boyz II Men comeback single I predict you will produce in the future.

De La Soul also performed, and the big homie Just Blaze was in the house. Perhaps the good folks from Red Bull can hit me and the rest of the SCRATCH/XXL fam with some plane tickets to the next one in ’08 :-)

Check out the video and some pics

The Trophy

The Winner: Sabzi

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  • smog

    i got kicked out of that for buying a underage girl drink (no rkelly) but she was the one who was giving me free drink tickets , aint that some shit

  • Ike Barnes

    What tracks has the winner produced? Never heard of him.

    • Jacob

      Hes apart of Blue Scholars a local hip hop group here

  • SayQua

    Wow-how is DJ Babu (and Marco Polo, kinda…)a part of this??? Ain’t they already got placements?

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  • Gooch

    why would having placements take you out of contention for competing?

  • seatown

    Sabzi and Blue Scholars are up to big things. Check out their music festival – they are doing it like now one else.

  • dwilks

    Only reason that seattle dude won is coz the competition was in seattle(crowd decision) not saying he was wack but he certainly wasn’t the best producer there nor did he have the best beats of the night.They need to figure out a different voting method.
    Also, Babu and marco did’t belong there coz they already make a good living doing beats, those slots could have gone to some hungry newjacks with potential-give the kids a chance!