Just got off the phone with Swizz Beatz who was obviously not pleased with this issue's editorial which put him on blast in paragraph 5. For you Internet geeks who are too poor to afford to buy magazines, I basically felt a way about Cassidy not showing up to this issue's Leaders of The New School cover shoot and went in on him and his Full Surface boss.

So like two bosses today, me and Swizzie talked it out and corrected the miscommunication that when on between our camps. There is no beef. And we will move on. I ain't no gangsta, and dude was a gentlemen. So to set it all the way straight: I wish dude and Cass the best in the future and I am not gonna be holding any grudges. The slate is clean for Kasseem Dean and Barry Reese.

There's still plenty of rappers and producers I can continue to despise though.

Sidebar: Mgmt has given me the go sign. Jay-Z’s American Gangster album preview post coming up next.