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Live from La La Land, I’m too lazy and busy to fix the typos and errors. But I’ve been out the loop for a coupla weeks so I miss you fucks. As far as I can see two songs still haven’t leaked from Jay’s new ish. So I hit Minya with the Beyonce jewel and here’s the lyrics to the new version of the “Ignorant Shit.” I’m back on Monday with mo’ extensive Jay-Z coverage. I’m goin’ hard til it officially drops. Y’all ain’t seen nothing yet.

“Ignorant Shit”

Verse 1
When the tops come down
Chicks tops come down
When them shots come out
Make cops come around
When the blocks come out
I can wake up a small town
Finish off the block
Then I make my mall rounds
When them stares get exchanged
Then the 5th come out
The tough guy disappears
And the bitch come out
That’s him
Im usually what they whisper about
Either what chick he with
Or his chip amount
Cause I been doing this since chips was out
Watchin Eric Estrada
Baggin up at the Ramada
Table full of powder
AC Broke
Bout to take another shower
On my 25th hour
Spike Lees everywhere
Game or the fight
You might see me anywhere
Day in the life
Only thing changed
The tail number on the flight
I can touch down and take off the same night

Pre Chorus

I’m so bossy
Bitch get off me
Trick get off me
You cant get shit off me
I’m so flossy
No 6 exhaust
Maybach, laidback
Don’t even talk to me


This is that Ignorant shit you like
Nigga fuck, shit, ass, bitch, trick, plus ice
C’mon, I got that ignorant shit you love
Nigga fuck, shit, maricon, puta, and drugs
C’mon I got that ignorant shit you need
Nigga fuck, shit, ass, bitch, trick plus weed
I’m only trying to give you what you want
Nigga fuck, shit, ass, bitch, you like it don’t front

Verse 2

They’re all actors
Lookin at themselves in the mirror backwards
Can’t even face themselves
Don’t fear no rappers
They’re all weirdos
D’Niros in Practice
So don’t believe everything
Your earlobe captures
Its mostly backwards
Unless it happens to be
As accurate as me
And everything said in songs
You happen to see
Then actually
Believe half of what you see
None of what you hear
Even if its backed by me
And with that said
I will kill niggas dead
Cut niggas short, give you wheels for legs
Im a K-I-Double L-R
See yall in hell
Shoot niggas straight through the E-R
Whoa, this aint B.R., No
Its S.C., CEO
The next Lyor, No
The next leader of the
Whole free world
And the 1st thing I’m a do is free Sigel, Go…

Take off the cuffs
Unlock the gate
Its that ignorant nigga
That you love to hate
The ’07 Ice Cube
B-Sig So rude
Tell a trick, Get these nuts
Eat a dick like food
Wow see if I care
If this verse get aired
Even if you mute it
The curse is there, yea
Im so raunchy
Bitch get off me
Keep my flea collar on
You lil ticks get off me

Verse 3
I missed that part
Where it stopped being about Imus
What do my lyrics got to do
With this shit
Scarface the movie did more
Than scarface the rapper to me
So that aint the blame for
All the shit that’s happened to me
Are you saying what I’m spitting
Is worse than these celebrations
Showing they kitten, you kidding
Lets stop the bullshitting
Till we all without sin
Lets quit the pulpitting
Scarface the movie did more
Than the rapper to me
So that aint the blame for all
The shit that happened to me
Lets stop the bullshitting
Till we all without sin
Lets quit the pulpitting


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  • crack

    i didn’t read it

  • Dexta

    wow, sounds like it’s gonna be the dopest dope on the CD

    I would say first but that ain’t cool!

  • prozo

    i heard that shiz somewhere b4 thats alresdy leaked raw tho pimpreff shiz

  • Sean Carter

    Yellow Nigga GET OFF MY NUTT SACK!!!

  • Blizzie Mac

    “I’m a K-I-Double L-E-R, See-Yall In Hell, Shoot Niggas Straight to the E-R” WHOOAAA!

  • Detroit P

    Thats the New Version?!….all he did was add a beans verse and replace his 3rd verse, probly cus he performed that already on Fade to Black(over the LL beat)

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sour-Kush Diesel-Piff

    shit seems tough lyrically…..

    i hardly remember the original version, is this one to a different track or the same Between The Sheets sample?

  • JDS

    looks good, but i expected more out of that Imus verse. I thought he’d give a little more intelligent insight than the usual, “they do it in movies, blame them too blah blah blah” ’cause even if nigg@s did blame media across the board for shit happening (which is wrong) its not like you wont still be asked to be responsible. cant wait to hear it though.

  • Purple Hulk


  • T-town

    Is he talking shit to Scarface at the end there? Scarface runs rings around Jay-Z, dont hate on Houston.

    • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piff The Lyrical Terrorist

      Nah T-Town, he ain’t talkin shit bout Scarface, he just making a parallel that the Movie Scarface influence more criminal behavior than the rapper Scarface…

      i took it as a slick way of him to say stop pointing the finger at rap and look at the bigger picture….. ya’know because movies and all this other shit they won’t point fingers at have been around longer than Hip-Hop and at times depicts images just as violent and criminal than the songs or artists they trying to use as examples….

      at the end of the day, the lyrical content ain’t gonna change til our actual living conditions change, i don’t think the higher powers in America are really gonna put the effort forth to get rid of drugs and guns in the urban community, so they need to shut this whole censorship/anti-rap crusade down and look at the harsh reality of things, The hood ain’t importing drugs or guns that wasn’t initially distributed from people in positions of “real” power!!!

      so go figure, Jay-Z just made a song called “Ignorant Shit” politcal and still simple enough to touch the everday dude from the hood…..

  • DevoG

    Come on with that up north vs down south bullshit. I mean damn, some of yall is real sensative. We all know Scarface is/was the shit, and I’m from the Southside of Chicago. What Jay was saying is that “Scarface” the movie did way more to enhance the sterotypes placed on minorities than anything “Scarface” the rapper did. All you gotta do is read man. Jay-Z is worth over $500 mil! Hear me $500 mil! That man will come to your city, sell out the venue, and then bring ‘Face out to perform and truly shut the shit down. I know you wanna rep for your city and all, but damn. Stop trying to read between the lines and just read. One!

  • King B

    Damn that nigga ripped it

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  • yolanda

    yawn. jay-z is boring these days. xxl is boring these days (same interviews, same artists, same ‘let’s wait for the new jay-z album’ stance).

    fix it up.

  • yolanda

    “Scarface the movie did more
    Than scarface the rapper to me”

    that’s prolly why you ran out of things to say after album number one…

  • Nonchalant Misfit

    The chorus is on some ghetto Tourette’s Syndrome shit

  • WH

    Ok, i can see there are sum people that r mad ova the Hov line about scarface the rapper, if u were intelligent, u wud kno that he means that more ppl were responsive to the Scarface character than the lyrics of Scarface the rapper…Scarface was the biggest gangster movie of all time, known worldwide, influenced alot of gangs n dope selling, Brad jordan (Scarface the rapper) influenced a fair amount of rappers (even your fav. rapper) n sum people around the world…go anywhere in the world n ask about who is more of a influence, cuz I kno more people watch movies than listen hip hop…Think about the line…Jay didn’t diss Scarface…if u thought so, u are really on sum ignorant shit…n for the record, i listen to both Jay n Scarface n i have seen scarface…use your brain people!


  • ry ry

    WOW WTF.

    im the biggest hov stan on earth and that 3rd verse is ass cheeks.what is he mike jones now?

    i hope you fucked it up or just playin

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piff The Lyrical Terrorist

    lmao@Yolanda and Misfit’s comments

    lmao@my comments must be banned from XXL, or the Feds swipin em b4 they posted…

    lmao@me really startin to honestly think my comments on websites get probed…..