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  • FuckUPayMe618


  • houston’s finest

    those days are gone like the dinosaur………LONG LIVE THE BOOTLEG


    dude looks like a skinny vin diesel with some hair and HONESTLY, I really never have licked a record before, i swear to god.

    Nice drop, jay smooth, you are one intelligent and honest dude, always enjoy your blogs

  • Atl’s own


    i think yo momma should take partial blame aswell wit all da service she provided da South!

    long live da south ho!

  • lukee lefty

    alrite, alrite we get it……you guys dont like the album Shesus Khryst

  • SayQua

    Let’s just give a citation to Marshall McLuhan on some: Medium is the Message.

  • FuckUPayMe618

    i think yo momma should take partial blame aswell wit all da service she provided da South!

    long live da south ho!

    ^^^lol Aint Atlanta the gay Capital of the world fruit? smh Besides Outkast and Cee-lo who does atl have?

  • Da Kid

    Dats sum true shit right dere!! Dude know what he talking bout, and its really a shame dat most people dont respect the music enough as an art form to go and purchase da shit.

  • Akkurate

    AMAZING. Great concluding sentence BTW.

  • dan99

    What did radio head do this year?

  • L@@K @ ME!!!

    HEY!- Hurricane Chris: “…Don’t Be Mad UPS is hiring!”

  • gkid12345


    Amen to that!

  • Ryan

    Radiohead did a straight to download release. They didn’t release a actual CD to retail, only download.

  • JP

    Wat the hell did RADIO HEAD DO??? to create a buzz , i never heard anything bout them

  • gerald. n the birdman

    RADIOHEAD sonned the industry. All these label CEOs are shook. Mufuckkas better learn how to perform live, cuz thats the only way big money is going to be made in music.

  • Ace

    Radiohead released their album online and allowed the fans to name their price. They didn’t have to pay if they didn’t want to, but many, if not most, did. By doing this, they negated the leak.

    Jay’s on to something. While the physical record will be a vestige of old heads like him and myself, the industry has to adapt to the internet and its ability to release records and such ahead of the stores. In addition, the record companies need to tap into the wealth of file-sharing and come up with a system that suits both artists and fans alike.

  • ga_finest08

    JAY, I feel u!, I remember standing in line after midnight in statesboro, ga., waiting for Makavelli to drop. Waiting in line for a record made u conversate with people u didn’t even know! Everybody hype, and u didn’t need to even get all the way to the crib, cuz the nigga wit the loudest system is gonna bump it right in the parking lot outside of the music store, instant party. But nowadays things just ain’t the same, I dont have enough time to explain, but damn i miss trying to record the new shit off of the radio at night, putting tissue in the top of a tape to tape over shit, and trying to be the first one in my crew to memorize ” no vaseline” from beginning to end. And if u can’t recall the album i was just talking about, then ur young ass missed the train.

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  • Timbo

    That’s a great post – thanks.

  • M.C

    Those days are trully gone…SHt’ga_finest08 really brought it back. But on the real it’s nmore then the south or radio killing it for rappers and us that used to copp’ these albums. The new generation of rappers SUCKS’. I mean no disrepect to JOel Ortiz’-LUpe Fiasco but that talent is really gone. I can’t just blame the south–The blame also gotta fall on the old hip-hop vetz that keep putting out garbage material instead of being a scout to the new generation. Sht’ but besides that to reminice”I remember when TUPAC’s ME AGAINST THE WALL DROP..DON’t get it wrong i’m only 22–but that Album created a major buzz around my way back then..then ALL EYEZ ON ME..SHT need I Say more

  • ri067953

    Yo, I used to work at one of the Wharehouse music stores out here in southern cali a few years back and I remember how exciting Tuesdays used to be. Everybody and their momma would be in the store waiting to pick up the newest release. Now, I walk into the store and it’s like a ghost town. It is kinda sad because buying music used to be a communal experince. That is all gone now. Too bad. Maybe this will be good for hip-hop though because then we won’t care how many albums are sold and focus more on the music.

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  • Ray

    Yo, Ive been tellin people this for the longest, how I hate that music purchasing is headed in a direction that is so lifeless, I thrive on having a physical CD collection (too young for records buddy, tho I remember them when I was little).

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