In hip-hop, there's this awful tendency to want to label anyone who's made a lot of money playing into stereotypes (some might say truisms) about black people a genius businessman.

For example, this fruit TPAR and I have gone back and forth for months now about my use of the term fake executive to refer to these rappers who pretend to own and/or run any number of ventures, but really just serve as a front for said ventures' *true* owners.

And yet this hasn't stopped the mainstream media from gushing about what geniuses these assholes are. Meanwhile, my thought is: if you're such a genius, show me where it says on paper that you own half the shit you claim to own.

The latest such incident involves this kid Soulja Boy, who's supposedly some sort of marketing guru because he created a YouTube video of himself dancing around like a monkey and singing about popping off on a girl's back while she's asleep (which, admittedly, is fucking hilarious).

And wouldn't you know, this BS has become all the rage amongst the kind of 13 year-old white girls who remind me of why I wake up in the morning buy so many rap albums these days. Wow. Who would have thought that an awful southern rap song with its own dance steps could become popular?

You get the idea that the real reason the mainstream media celebrates such figures is because they play into these TIs' agenda without posing any real threat to the establishment. Case in point: this weekend, some real marketing geniuses used the power of viral media to make an actual point, and I've yet to hear anyone sing their praises.

That is, until now.

If you check YouTube, more often than not, the most popular videos on there are either some shit with a smokin' hot white chick or some shit that's been planted there by advertisers. Usually both. However, this weekend, the most popular videos on YouTube had to do with the show "Real Time with Bill Maher" being "infiltrated" by some wacky 9/11 truthers.

A group of them, called We Are Change LA, had been protesting outside his studio for weeks, because of some shit he said in one of his "New Rules" segments earlier this year about how 9/11 truthers are crazy and should ask their doctors about trying Paxil. So this weekend, a group of them got inside the studio and started yelling shit out during the panel discussion.

If you haven't already, you might want to check out the video of this.

And here's a video two of the hecklers had put together before Friday night's incident, in which they mock Bill's New Rules segment. If you notice, the chick's kinda hot. And you have to think: if she's crazy enough to pull some shit like this, imagine what she's like in the sack.

I actually tend to agree with Bill on this one, but I do think these truthers bring up a good point. If Bill Maher can have Christian Supremacist nutjobs like Ann Coulter and Mike Huckabee on his show, how come he can't have anyone from the 9/11 truth movement? The fact that the one video posted above alone has over 500,000 views shows there's a significant amount of interest in this issue.

Who knows whether or not Bill Maher will eventually be shamed into having these people on his show. Fortunately, thanks to the power of viral media, they've succeeded in having their issue discussed some of everywhere other than on Real Time with Bill Maher. If they were 15 year-old black kids singing about car rims, they would probably be hailed as marketing geniuses and given a lucrative contract with Interscope. Instead, they probably just made one of President Sieg Howdy's lists.

Either way, my hat's off to them.