T.I. + Atlantic = Titanic…

There was a news flash yesterday at XXL mag dot com that not too many people commented on, but I found it to be precisely the reason why commercial Hip-Hop is in the druthers that it currently resides in. Apparently, the record label personnel at Atlantic have decided that the best defense for their label’s most transcendent commodity is to blame his travails on the internets. As if anyone of the writers or commenters on one of the ka-trillion websites had somehow arranged for T.I. to host his impromptu NRA convention in a strip mall parking lot.

Sandra Rose was the immediate target. Why that is so fucked the fuck up is because without Sandra Rose’s website I would not have heard hide nor hair of T.I. five years ago. I wasn’t into trap rap after ‘Only Built For Cuban Links’ set the bar too high for anyone else to climb over. By the time ‘Bring ‘Em Out’ was a top 40 hit here in New York City I already knew who Tip was thanks to Sandra Rose and her coverage of Atlanta’s underground Hip-Hop scene. Without websites that deal with these artists on a daily (and nightly) basis I wouldn’t know of half of the people that are running around with their underdrawls outside of their pants [ll]. This brings me to my point…

The record, nee, entertainment industry is populated by people that are reactive, and not proactive. There are too many people who only care about preserving their employment status and don’t have a clue on how to preserve the talent that facilitates their jobs in the first place. In T.I.’s case you have an artist that is rising through the industry like a rocket ship. He has the talent and the fanbase to be a class ‘A’ matinee idol. Where is the Berry Gordy that tells T.I. “No, you have enough guns already!” Or at least tells him not to buy the shit that is used to flip over Humvees in Iraq. A gun collector buys a musket from the Lewis and Clark days that they used to kill an injun squaw. A fool buys some covert ops shit with a double magazine of armor piercing rounds.

I blame Atlantic Records as much as I do T.I. since they had to know his fetishes and hobbies after all of this time and they choose to simply let him exist without anyone being honest to him and telling him the plain truth like, “Man, you are about to fuck up my kid’s college fund!” If someone from Atlantic could have been honest maybe T.I. would have performed at the B.E.T. awards with only a revolver, or maybe just a knife. But I suppose this is all par for the course since this is the same Atlantic Records that threatened to sue Nah’Right for embedding a YouTube video of Lupe Fiasco. When has a rapper’s nickname been more apropos? If the people at Atlantic that are scrambling to assign blame for T.I.’s travails were proactive (no Diddy face cream) they would have sent an e-mail over to XXL and asked E Dubbz to present some of that PR magic that he did for Eminem after he was caught on tape using the dreaded ‘N’ word.

Okay, maybe Atlantic can’t afford E Dubbz ear, then they should have put their tail between their legs and crawled over to Nah’Right and begged for his assistance. Do you think anyone would have really cared about ‘Kingdome Come’ if Nah’Right hadn’t given it the big co-sign? I don’t say all of this to put my bosses on the spot, but the point is that Elliot Wilson and Eskay have an equity inside of Hip-Hop that the staffs at all these labels lack, combined. More importantly, they have the access to YOUR ears and YOUR eyeballs. Those four items are of tremendous value. The internets is part of the first wave of trendsetters and tastemakers. Plus most of you have your shit together enough that you aren’t like me who uses a public library to put these drops online. So when I see one of the internets being attacked as being a problem I have to expose the real problem. Just ask your boy DJ Drama.

Industry Rule #4,080…

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  • smog

    The internets is part of the first wave of trendsetters and tastemakers. Plus most of you have your shit together enough that you aren’t like me who uses a public library to put these drops online.

    thats funny shit man it gets tougher to defend lupe every day of the week

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  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Lupe is dead.

    Anyway, T.I. is going to jail, and Atlantic has dropped its anchor on his trial. If he sinks, they do too. So if he does miraculously get some type of leniency, don’t expect him to come out acting differently…

    I’m tired of talking about this.

    Real Hip-Hop lives on the internet. As far as the geezerly music business is concerned, Hip-Hop is dead, no matter what Kanye and Fitty did to the charts.

    For the time being, it only makes sense that the majors fight the blogs, because we aren’t under their thumbs (yet). We’re able to say “fuck them” and mean it, without serious retribution. That is, aside from the occasional cease and desist/lawsuit email threats. Which are often full of typos.

    Yo, I’m really digging the fact that cats are putting major energy in the blogs this month. Time capsule material. Niggas need a screen shot for the ages.

    • add

      hip hop willnever die fool

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  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    What you saying playboy? You think niggas don’t go in all day ‘ay day?

    Check my archives here and over there. My shit is straight prophylactic [ll].

  • DevoG

    What up X? I completely cosign what you said about T.I.. Record lables and NFL teams alike are going to have to start including mandatory mentoring in the contracts they hand out. There is a lot of money being lost behind foolishness that could have been avoided. It’s like I tell my lady friends, you can’t wait till your child is 4, 5, & 6 to start educating/raising them. You gotta gett’em started early as possible. The same with these entertainers. You can’t take a relatively young cat from and impoverished background, and wait until he is 3-4+ albums/seasons deep into a successful career to start molding his ethics. You see how well LeBron turned out, as opposed to Maurice Clarett. Point made. Peace!

  • N.O. 4 life

    on the real..this is the first time i can recall blogs being consistent here back to back to back…usually billy or bol would throw some bullshit up in there

  • Atl’s own

    “…arranged for T.I. to host his impromptu NRA convention in a strip mall parking lot.”

    fucking hilarious!

  • http://www.myspace.com/mikebrowntheremix Mike Brown the REMIX

    I was here… this post is historic.

    No one ever wants to take the blame, esp. labels. The only way T.I. would be in hotter water would be if he performed a song dissing the president in Texas…

    Hopefully, this will bring some truth to light and it can be the final case of this magnitude. I’m not gonna preach, so I’ll end it here.


  • Incilin

    Although I like where your coming from, there are a lot of things wrong with this post. For one, yes Atlantic has some responsibility over TI but their job isn’t to babysit him. TI’s manager and lawyer and all those other people also have more responsibility over him.

    You also write: “between their legs and crawled over to Nah’Right and begged for his assistance. Do you think anyone would have really cared about ‘Kingdome Come’ if Nah’Right hadn’t given it the big co-sign? etc”

    ^^^ Do you really think this is true? I mean YN gave Hell Hath a XXL co-sign (which he later retracted) and it didn’t help Clipse for shit. Plus, don’t you think Kingdom Come was attracting more attention from the marketing scheme rather than just having Nah Right do posts on it? Nah Right covers just about every single track to come out and they often give cosigns but people still don’t always give too much of a shit. Lets face it, internet hype aint really worth shit.

    • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

      Lets face it, internet hype aint really worth shit.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    A lot of y’all sensitive niggas got my words twisted. The reason Nah’Right and this site are important is because of YOU ALL!

    It ain’t about Eskay or Elliot Wilson being influencers, but the fact that you shitbags participate in the discussion at all. Niggas from your generation are supposed to be jaded and ambivalent, but the fact that come out every single day tells the t.I.’s that you give a fuck.

    Even though I know that you don’t have a clue what you give a fuck about.

  • http://bgdboom.blogspot.com Enigmatik

    I checked the post over at Sandra Rose the other day and feel like it’s a dump truck full of manure for the lawyers to say that if T.I. doesn’t get out then it’s all her fault. How about assigning the blame to the T.I. Joe and his gat-fetish?

    These record labels are clueless for some strange reason and while they twiddle their thumbs, the rest of us who really love this hip hop shit who continue to show ‘em how it’s done.


  • http://differentkitchen.blogspot.com ian

    > Do you think anyone would have really cared about ‘Kingdome Come’ if Nah’Right hadn’t given it the big co-sign?

    This statement is delusional. Of course they would have…

  • The Infamous Mr. P

    what we dont realize is that hip hop died when we started to let the media decide what qualified as good music and what we should listen to. including stan like bloggers who pretend anyone actually gives a shit about what they have to say. im more interested in how people react to the columns and if they can see thru the bullshit. everyone is quick to point fingers when the shit hits the fan but like they say when you point a finger three more are pointing right back at you. so T.I. is a grown fuckin man and wether we think that he fucked up or not who cares, he doesnt. an another thing if any one really cared about artists and if their absence would hurt hip hop than we should go out and actually support the artist by buying their records instead of burning them off the internet. Busta was right man the computer fuck the game up, and so do gay bloggers who forgot what hip hop was truly about.

  • these posts are racist


    You’re a coward and a bigot. Your Islamophobia negates any good will you have when you preach about supremacy. You’re a coward, hypocrite, bitch and worst of all, bigot.

    Go fuck yourself and go talk shit about Islam with Bill O’Rielly, you bigot.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Before you kill yourself and remove your carbon footprint from the planet you should download this Funkadelic song – ‘Jimmy’s got a little bitch in him.’

    You got A LOT of bitch inside of you. Sounds like your lady is using her whole fist on your colon.

    Take your bitchmade ass to the BET website where all the other fags play internets profanity.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    TPAR hates life.

    *Gives the BXS and other archives the quality assurance stamp.*

    There’s a definite spark this month. I bet when you look back at 2007 next year you’ll notice that October was an ill one. Maybe it’s because so much shit happened – VH-1, BET, T.I., the TIs, new Jay-Z songs, Nas is a Nigger…

    Cats are staying super sharp out chea.

    TPAR hates Jesus too.

  • these posts are racist

    Nah Billy, I got nephews to look after. Only coward kill themselves – I’ll keep swinging.

    I also came from the ghetto and attended ivy league institutions you could only hope your fourth generation kids can get an application to look at.

    No bitch in me homey. I respond directly and honestly to substantive issues – unlike your coward ass.

    Debate me bitch on real issues…and see your bitch ass get torn apart.

    • INF

      TPAR u must be a woman or Al sharpton cause i have never seen somebody find racism in every single topic. We could be talking about ice cream and you would complain that we like the vanilla ice cream too much. Why can’t u just shut the fuk up and stop accusing everyone of being racist. Your like fuckn mccarthy against communism (Read). Good Post Billy X.

  • Nor Cal Mufuckas!!!

    T.I is a grown man who is responsible for himself. End of fucking story.

    The bloggers and humans with working minds will always have an opinion as long as the internet exists, whether we listen to each other or listen to the lame ass marketing (no longer a JayZ fan thanks to Kingdom Come) of mainstream artists and their labels that are pimping them is up to the intellect of the individual. And by reading some of these comments on these blogs and some of the terribly horrible music that gets put on this site and other sites with BET and MTV rap, I say they are the ones that make rap look like a joke.

    And who knows maybe TI sales have gotten a little burst of life since this dumb shit happened.

  • yeh right

    Now Billy,

    I know TPAR can irritate you but that’s no way to talk to a fateful reader, emphasis on fateful. Always stay professional even in the midst of those that don’t agree. Besides you guys are like a good episode of heckle & jeckle…I never miss it. lol

  • Worley

    I don’t think that’s the real TPAR.

    Big up Sunday on the post. I believe Reebok had some cat rolling with Iverson at one point. You see his antics have cooled down quite a bit.

    • Around and Around

      That’s what I was thinking.

      But a response like:
      Billy X. Sunday says:

      You stay sucking the dick of supremacy everytime you big up the Ivy League. That is a full blown dick suck move to the Church of England.

      -Is akin to saying, ‘You acting white for studying and getting a solid edu’

      Fact is the ‘ivy league’ are some elitist fuckers, but there is no doubt the Ivy League is the pinnicle of education in the world, the best minds go to and come from these institutions, and if we could have more brothers come from these institutions who are down with XXL, hip hop etc, and know the truth, and challenge the stupid shit we see in the country we’ll be moving somewhere.

      like challenging this Yawah Bin Yawah ass nigga. I seen you on that info-mercial BXS

      • http://www.xxlmag.com LOL


  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    You know what? I agree with Worley. This TPAR 2.0 seems a little angrier and less informative. Less correct.

    It’s like he/she stopped worrying about being a consistent voice of intelligent opposition (maybe that’s a stretch) and became one of those dudes from the Bill Maher show. Heckling. Jestering, even.

    OH, and not that anybody, including me, gives a fuck, but I think it’s good that XXL tolerates its bloggers defending themselves on the nets. It beats the hell out of having to sit there and take it. Nolo.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    It’s lying ass niggers like Around that I will delete comments of because he is a liar. I don’t equate getting an education with being white. Are you fucking stupid?!? Your daddy comes to these comment threads and acts like he did something by going to an Ivy League college. Whoop dee fucking doo.

    If that Ivy League education is so damn official then why doesn’t he do something with his life instead of trolling the comment threads? If anything that nigger has shown that my affordable and accessible community college paperwork was more worthwhile.

    Real niggers do real shit and when real niggers graduate from Brown or Yale or whatever fucking poison Ivy school they went to those niggers go on to be president of this country. Saying that you went to an Ivy League school in an XXL mag dot com thread is akin to calling yourself some kind of thugged out G. It’s all internets fantasy talk.

    You should sit down, shut the fuck up and just hold that niggas weed.

    • Around and Around


      You’re the bitch talking some dumb ass shit about Schwarzenegger and then getting set straight by someone who actually has studied German, and doesn’t try and come to some illogical ass conclusion based on their limited knowlege. That’s what your fucking community college got you, you get about 1% educated on a subject extraplatte the rest, form that shit to your fucked up belief system and write it as if it’s gospel. And when someone challenges you on that shit, you delete posts that show you’re a simple ass simpleton, that can’t handle a kritiq of your fucked up thought process.

      Now go ahead show everyone your hoe card and delete this post.

      • Around and Around

        If I’m lying, then exactly how is it that someone ‘stays on the dick of supremecy everytime you big up ivy league’? Should we not try to attain the best education or should we stay off the dick of the ivy league? Isn’t the ultimate goal to slowly infiltrate the system and take that bitch over. You Yawah bin Yawah fake lost tribe of Israel ass nigga….

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    This shit is truly better than TV and radio.

    What I don’t get is how cats take out all that good frustration they could be using to beat their wives with and bring it here to the blogs.

    Ain’t no love in the heart of the internets. Hate is what drives this machine, so somebody has to say something to wake up you idiots. It only makes perfect sense. Most of the people outside of here are such baffoons that they think Media Take Out is factual. Some of these commenters are probably MTO regulars on the low. Maybe on the high.

    But don’t stop the hate. I promise this shit goes swell with my ice-cold Killian’s (in the red Solo cup, my nigger), some chicken wangs and my P-Funk Menthol Lights. This shit is real entertainment.

    Intelligence > Hate

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Yo, I went to MoreHoes College, but I cranked that Kanye West on that hoe and left before I graduated – for a great reason. I don’t sit here and proclaim my elitist education as proof that I deserve attention. I’m just out here in the debate.

    When it comes to the actual heart of this debate, which recently keeps being disrupted on your blog and Bol’s by TPAR 2.0 and his distractive fuckery, I can say that Sunday is on point. And it’s quite pissy that cats come here and insert bullshit complaints about the writer being “Islamophobic” when I didn’t read anything in the actual post that came across that way.

    Before TP 2.0 and his friends try to stan me out, I will say pre-empt their attempts by saying that they’re all probably reporting to us live from the bathhouse. You know Sprint even works in ponds now.

    • INF

      all boys college, pretty gay.

    • Around and Around

      No you’re no Stan just a simple ass insurance agent.

      What is Bol/BXS riding a train on you? Is that why you stay on there dicks?



  • http://www.clmnews.com/Entertainment_Sub_Pages/Music/Music.html ISAIDIT

    HA HA – funny title. for updates on T.I. check out clmnews.com or click on the website

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Around, your spelling game is waaay too pus to be trying to come at me.

    And INF, lest we forget that Spelman is next door. Plus Clark. And before the money got stole, so was Morris Brown. My college years were awash in coochie that I never had to try too hard to get.

    But yeah, MoreHoes does have some strange cats. I stuck to myself. Nolo.

  • Around and Around

    My bad I didn’t know I was in a spelling bee Underwire.

    Here’s some spelling for you, ya alphabet soup eating blogger. Take your self promoting -look at me- ass somewhere and buy some advertising space or some shit. Rather then self promote your ‘dear diary’ ass blog here.

    There you getting enough shine? Everyone go to this fag’s blog before he throws a tantrum. Read his dear diary diatribes…

    Satisfied? Maybe you’ll get some traffic now. Maybe you can write about this shit in your diary later.

  • http://xxlmag.com kane corleone

    I usually dont fuck wit cuz but that shit was funny

    Before you kill yourself and remove your carbon footprint from the planet you should download this Funkadelic song – ‘Jimmy’s got a little bitch in him.’

    You got A LOT of bitch inside of you. Sounds like your lady is using her whole fist on your colon.

    Take your bitchmade ass to the BET website where all the other fags play internets profanity.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^LMAO ,nigga i’m still laughin

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    THE UNDERWRITER doesn’t have to self-promote. You’re doing it for me, you Splenda-ass coon.

    And thanks for reading my blog. Now go start your own so you don’t look like a loser anymore.

    And come up with some relevant shit. If you haven’t noticed, when I’m not shitting on you from the 13th floor, I’m actually engaging in the *original* conversation that occurred when whichever writer posts something I’m interested in.

    If I’m not interested, I don’t post. It’s simple, like your mind. You should try going to Black Planet and seeing who cares what you have to say.

    I’m running you the fuck up out of here, and the drumbeat is getting louder, if you ain’t heard. Fuck my blog – it won’t be promoted until 2008. You’re getting the exclusive. Thanks for being a stan.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER


  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Around and Around is the 15th sibling of THE UNDERWRITER. Born originally as a conjoined fetus attached to TPAR’s skull, Around is nothing without his better half. Weighing in at 13 ounces, Around is expected to pass on any day now from the XXLMAG blog column – if not for fatigue then certainly from lack of attention or sustainability. He is lame.

    When separated after birth, the mother was forced to return to Stewart Avenue in the SWATS, yet the twins retained their bond and became inseparable in terms of their love and affection (nolo) for one another, even though they were always apart. But one day, Around found TPAR’s IP address, and the rest is… homo.

    I’m done.

    • Around and Around

      Dam is this cracker a trekkie or what? Go play star trek fantasy league, and work on your vulcan death grip underwire.

      Aint’ Nobody reading your diary ho. Johnny come lately can’t run out of his mama’s basement let alone run me out of anywhere. I bet you have a little pink book under your pillow with a lock on it and a furry pen homo ass white bitch.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Around, you just want to have the last word.

    The biggest difference between you and I is that I don’t rely on my comments for fame. I rely on you and your volunteer ball-holding services to amplify my cause.

    And get it right, I live in your mother’s basement. You live in the closet.

    If you weren’t busy dick-jousting with tpar and the rest of the “Lost Boyz”, you’d look for a point to make. And you’d start a blog of your own. But you’re too stupid, so oh well for that.

    And it’s funny how you’re mad at me for exposing the fact that without Microsoft spell-check, you’re basically intellectually worthless. Me and your mom have already talked about this, and it looks like she’s going to be selling you to the circus next to pay for TPAR’s breast implants. He’s the star of the family, not you.

    OH, and nobody read my blog. It’s just a diary, like Around says. That’s his code word for saying “Raeding hurst my brane.”

    A Sewer Rat running across a keyboard > Around

  • Around and Around

    Yes underwire you are correct, the blog is the pinnicle of the human achievement. Wow what an accomplishment you registered on some obscure site, gave them a fake name and email address and started your own online diary you have achieved ……….nothing.

    Again with the fucking spelling??? Holy shit man, what am i submitting a dissertation? An application? No i’m firing at a 17 yr old homo who has to talk through his feelings on an online diary. I bet you have a myspace to don’t you? Gay ass homo, go get dinner from your mama she’s cookin some hamburger helper tonight.