The Race To The Bottom…

Between artists no longer being able to remember lines to songs and being proud of this fact and Diddy smacking the shit out of another clubgoer, we have this most recent parade of rappers being arrested for shit that is decidedly NOT smart dumb rapper shit. Clifford ‘T.I.’ Harris is the latest casualty of the rap music race to the bottom. Why the fuck T.I. needed a shitload of guns in his possession will be examined and discussed in the next few weeks. Because I’m a blogger and I don’t do much else other than sit around in my mom’s basement and hit up free pr0n websites I have the free time to think about the reasons why one of Atlanta’s most popular pop music icons would be building a private arsenal on his palatial compound. Guess what bitches?! Yep, it’s another list.

1) Research for the ‘American Gangster’ sequel titled ‘African-American Hitman’. How ridiculous is the idea that some Black dude was running a narcotics operation that netted millions of dollars without any white hands getting paid trillions. Keep in mind that Blacks don’t harvest poppy or coca leaves, nor do they own the manufacturing systems that refine narcotics into a usable product. Blacks don’t even own the factories that make the tiny little baggies or the vials that couldn’t hold anything usable but drugs. Blacks are the last stop on the chain and it ain’t like white isn’t counting every single ounce. You ever see the ledgers they maintained during the Atlantic Ocean chattel trade? White knew exactly how many niggers he was getting for a barrel of rum and several canes of sugar.

2) Staging a Civil War re-enactment with live weapons and ammunition. Who knew T.I. was such a history buff? It could be that he was just putting together a high school production of the battle at Shiloh with some Gwinnett County teenagers and instead of using those crappy old muskets from the 1800’s he decided to give the production an updated feel with assault rifles and handguns equipped with silencers. Instead of arresting dude people should be giving him credit for pursuing a realistic angle in this re-enactment. Kids should be given real firearms if you are going to teach them how to pose for pictures pointing the guns at the camera and scowling.

3) Arming the Ugandan rebels in order to overthrow the dictatorial regime in that African nation. The higher purpose that T.I. had for buying all those firearms was really to spread democracy throughout Africa. After watching the Leonardo DiCaprio movie ‘Blood Diamond’ T.I. was inspired to help the Ugandans and Sudanese and the Eritreans obtain their independence from foreign oil or some shit like that. Listen, I don’t know nor do I give a fuck about that shit that is going on in Africa, but maybe T.I. does so don’t hate the man for trying to reconnect with his African brothers.

4) T.I. was just keeping his shit extra Hip-Hop and ordered all those guns from XXL magazine owner Harris Publications related websites.

5) T.I. needs all those guns to defend his bowtie collection. In the latest Complex magazine T.I. admitted to spending over a million dollars a year on clothing including 100K annually on handmade silk bowties. Don’t hate T.I.’s southern dandy steez. Blame it on Tip. Take that Fonsworth Bentley.

I can’t imagine any other reason that an entertainer would need to be purchasing military class assault rifles equipped with silencers, but I sure am happy I didn’t review his trainwreck of an album this summer. If I had I would definitely be watching my back.

BTW, all cRap Music Fantasy League label owners with T.I. net a cool 300 points for his arrest as opposed to only 100 points for his appearance on the B.E.T. Hip-Hop awards show. Whack entertainment network stays losing.

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  • BklynBandette

    I don’t even know what to say on this one.

  • rhickey

    this post sucks

  • rhickey

    i mean, you must have downed a few bottles of nyquil before sitting down to write this one

  • Casper

    … FRREE PRONO??!?!??!??

  • nation

    the south stay losing… on a similar note, dudes who spend their days in the xxlmag comments section waiting to get moderated stay losing too

  • http://RapSpace.TV MMG

    Good title & subject. Modern day hip hop needs a serious enema. This shit makes ODB seem like a brilliant academic, bless his soul.

  • Joe_p

    This tip shit is funny to you huh.

  • DevoG

    Damn, Tip, Prodigy, Puffy, Isiah, all in the same month. OJ, Vick, Shaun Bell, and hell Stringer Bell all in the same summer. These feds aint fukin around man. I been telling niccas for years it is virtually impossible to be a successful gangster and an entertainer at the same time. There are just some things that the entertainer has to do that the gangster can’t be apart of and vice versa. You wouldn’t take Will Smith with you to make a drop, or a pick up, and I damn sure wouldn’t invite Tony Yayo’s ass to the Oscars or anywhere for that matter. Like TI should have left Tip ass over in bankhead instead of letting him take that trip to Walgreen’s with him. The sad part about it is that this shit aint new. Look back at Sinatra and the Rat Pack, Death Row, Rap a Lot, hell even Murder Inc. had to drop Murder from their name(kinda like nigs cutting there braids off when it court time (lol).

  • lukee lefty

    the south is the only place where people re-enact a war that they loss.

  • gerald n. the birdman


  • Yinka

    Are you aware that last year his friend got shot to death after a performance at a club? I’m only writing this because it seems most people on the “internets” aren’t aware there is a real world out there – and unfortunately some “entertainers” actually do live in it – sometimes rappers are actually rapping about their lives. Many artist’s lives actually becoming the audience’s entertainment – because the art is in expressing your life. When reality bites are the ignorant comments about “how dumb he is” come out because you can’t comprehend that what you saw as some kind of movie is in fact someone’s life. What people should do is be happy they are not in his situation! The internet gives everyone an opinion – just not informed ones.

    • Ryan

      Ok, than he should get a body guard and a bulletproof vest, maybe a handgun permit and a gun that’s legal.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    “hell even Murder Inc. had to drop Murder from their name(kinda like nigs cutting there braids off when it court time”

    ^^ *dies*

    That shit is why I come here in the first place.

  • missile 6

    Yeah we all know we live in a dangerous world. some people choose to make their life even more dangerous by the choices they make. I’m sure TI does need to have a gun or two….oh wait he already did he was attempting to buy machine guns. Unless he plans on a having a pretty big gun battle I don’t think he needs those. This also shows that you can’t trust anybody, his bodyguard set him up. Wait, if you ot bodyguards why are you buying assault rifles?

  • LOL



    TI + Desert Storm Assault Rifles + Sub Par Raps = Hip-Hop Legend

    TI was trying to defend the South from the “Invading” Northerns would make Africoids below the Mason-Dixon Line use proper English Language and attend Linguistic Seminars on “How To Properly Say Shorty(Shawty!)!”

  • May

    4) T.I. was just keeping his shit extra Hip-Hop and ordered all those guns from XXL magazine owner Harris Publications related websites.


    When I first found out about that story my response was, “Damn, T.I.! Damn!!!!” The Feds ain’t playing with nobody…the dude that bought the guns for him was an informant under the guise of a bodyguard…

    What would he need all that sh*t anyway? He doesn’t need machine guns and sh*t…for what?

  • May

    Another note:

    I like the enhancements of the comments section. It’s easier to reply now when someone makes a half-assed comment, instead of copying, scrolling down, and pasting…

  • Fire

    How could T.I. do something so stupid when he’s got that much fame and fortune? Why risk it? I don’t understand it and I probably never will. Like someone else on this thread said, why would you be buying assault rifles if you have bodyguards? Why the hell would you buy as much guns as T.I. had? It’s fucked up that there’s people risking their fame and livelihood over some stupid shit. Maybe that split personality thing is more real than we all thought.

  • Sinistah aka Sinistah

    i’m diggin this new look, two thumbs up…..

    onto the ill shit….

    damn so T.I. seems to have a fetish for investing in guns that weigh almost as much as himself, either he was planning on starting a one-man war down there in the “A” or was a pretty foolish gun-runner with a nice armory……..

    it’s unfortunate that he’s at a high-point in his career, but they say the more success, more drama (no pun)… i hope the shit is resolved, and all the shit that should happen, does happen and everything will be back in order with T.I. and his personal circle….

    seems like the Gov’t is lookin to get them Hip-Hop Holiday Quotas done early so they focus on the 2nd biggest target this year (or every year): The Innocent Black Male…..

  • King B

    Dope post yo. Still laughing, good post.

  • yaboy

    LOL stays losing.

  • Rizzop

    Shit what happened to the right to bear arms? Dude probably got beef and the Bodyguard ratted on him….Who wouldve thought the guy you were helping make a living wouldnt just take that case like a man? If there was morem than one person in the house they still gotta prove they belonged to tip.Eventhough the wiretap the Bodyguard was wearing aint looking good.

  • Triple D

    I’m pretty sure you lose your ‘right’ to bear arms when you become a convicted felon…

    …and yeah, this post sucks. I would’ve expected this shit from Bol, but what the fuck were you thinking?

  • ti sucks

    Real World? You’re going to face the real world with armelites and baby rifles and LIVE handguns in your house (where you’re kids are)?

    This is obviously a case of him living his dreams as a sort of tough-guy-mafia-thing-ima-kill guy he often raps about.

    Maybe its because TI looks so skinny and he needs guns to re-affirm his manhood. He probably has inferiority complex.

    He probably needs a hug.

    One thing is for sure though. He is one, fucking, stupid rapper.

    What an IDIOT.




  • EReal

    Man, even Osama only needs a fuckin AK to protect his ass. Noone in America needs a fuckin Carbide with a double circular drum magazine on it to “protect themselves”.

    Oh, and I guess in this “Real World” T.I. lives in, he needs to “protect himself” quietly and thats why he needed mac 10′s with silencers on em right?

    Fuck outta here. Dude is a MO-RON. Its called hire security, and move into a fuckin gated community , Mr. “They done gave us 20 mil we a big deal pimpin”. *SMH*

    Nighty Night, Keep Ya Butthole Tight! (NuLLuZ)

  • hairstyles

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