The Most Downloaded Of All Time…

Remember like last year when everybody was talking about the latest Clipse studio album, but no one had actually BOUGHT the Clipse’s album? Them dudes was officially the M.D.O.A.T.’s in my book. There was this Clipse mania everywhere and their CD bottomed out barely eclipsing 300K. Now in this day and age 300K is the new platinum, but when dudes like Common can push over 800 stacks and T.I. and Fifty Cent both reach old millennium platinum status you have to wonder if the Clipse were really that good to begin with?

This drop isn’t about the Clipse though. It’s about the new M.D.O.A.T. Jay motherfucking Z. How the fuck are you gonna go platinum in the space of twenty four hours strictly off of downloads? Illegal downloads at that. That’s some heavy shit. This beats the amount of illegal downloads that ‘Kingdome Come’ racked up. If this shit keeps up by the end of this weekend dude could be triple plat. Some of y’all will argue with me that his marketing plan is from the future, and I agree Jay-Z does find a new wrinkle, or a new concept to push himself into a new space with each album. But even with the best marketing in the world you can’t replace the excitement of having a good album in your hands.

T.I might have had the best marketing this year. He should have at least bagged up the entire rap music consuming contingent that is also bi-polar. Common did a good job too appealing to the ironic sensibilities of white folks that want to appear to hate racism, but love expensive coffee which just happens to be farmed in countries that pay their workers sub-poverty wages. Even KanYe’s marketing strategy was effective as he threw bitchfit after bitchfit on his way to the highest selling album for rap music in years that didn’t have a major motion picture connected to it. At the end of the day it isn’t marketing that makes an album listenable. It’s all about the beats and rhymes.

This is why Jay-Z stays winning on wax. He just says that sexy shit that motherfuckers want to hear. He ain’t talking no shit about racism or classism or politics or anything that an average minded motherfucker can’t wrap his head around. At the end of the day therein lies the genius of Jay-Z. Who needs to worry about a marketing plan when you have the best rapper ever to make you want to go out and copp some shit? JAY-Z IS THE MARKETING PLAN. And giving away over a million free albums on the internets is already figured into the budget.

Def Jam will suffer the loss of a million illegal downloads to recoup on the back end of all the consumerism that their most influential artist will generate. Let’s face it, music is like the ketchup to the retail industry’s pizza. It just makes it taste better. Music is used to sell all kinds of other product from apparel and footwear to much higher end items like electronics and motor vehicles. Do I believe that Island Records, nee, Universal Music Group benefits from outside corporations that will be connected to Jay-Z? Hell fucking yeah! Jay-Z has got motherfuckers buying shit they can’t pronounce. UMG provided the vehicle for motherfuckers to learn about those brands through their recording and music videos. You don’t think white would let that money slip through his hands do you?

Just recognize that you owe ten times that amount when you download someone’s music illegally and white is gonna make damn well sure that he gets it out of your ass [ll].

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  • kane corleone

    At the end of the day it isn’t marketing that makes an album listenable. It’s all about the beats and rhymes.
    ^^^^^10 years ago I would cosign but not now cuz so much wack shit is out it makes u think the other way around^^^^

  • sonny cheeba

    so u got my email lol… -RoxStar

  • complexity

    First of all….

    “Kingdom Dumb” was one of the wackest shits I’ve heard from a mainstream rapper to go platinum in A LONG ASS TIME!

    Second of all…

    “Kingdom Dumb” went double platinum but I been up in the Best Buy and there were a whole lotta them falling off the shelves. The only reason it sold as much as it did was because they shipped too many.


    “American Gangster” may be better than “Kingdom Dumb” but it still isn’t that good. Jay has fallen the fuck off lyrically and at this point and time if Jay farted over a Just Blaze beat all his dumb stans would call it a classic (you included Billy).

  • Blackwater

    White be on bullshit

  • Incilin

    “He ain’t talking no shit about racism or classism or politics or anything that an average minded motherfucker can’t wrap his head around.”

    Well I aint heard AG yet, and maybe he’s not. But he has often talked about those things. Good examples include “Minority Report” on KC and “Justify My Thug” on Black. True he doesn’t do it all the time, but he does visit such topics on a regular.

  • Public Domain

    Since when did Jay-Z become the best rapper of all time??? Y’all really got to stop pandering to that corporate bug in y’all ear and develop your own opinion as to who you personally like and not who is the consensus best…It’s sad that to be considered the best rapper in of all places the U.S you have got to (admittedly)dumb-down your music so us idiot Americans say your the best…Ain’t nobody winning when we gotta do that period…

    • REESE







      • BK Cyph

        Hov is the best rapper of all – time. Since when did he dumb his shit down?!? His supposed dumb down material is still more complex than 90% of the rappers not named Lupe.

        Who is better than Hov? Not Nas, not by a long shot. Rakim and Kane lacked the longevity (not that there was a such thing as rap longevity back then). Its not KRS or GRap. Snoop couldnt stand a chance. Shit Cube had some shit, but its never exactly been “All Eyes on Cube.”

        Big died way too soon, a case can be made for Pac. Slick RIck never put out enough material…

        Jay-z has really been at the top of this shit for an unprecendent amount of years.

        “There’s never been a rapper this good for this long…” – - Hov (What More Can I Say) Thats real talk.

        • the one

          You are dumb.

  • Casey

    lol I actually bought that album

  • Cuban Link

    I havent even heard it yet, I figured since itll be at least a few months till the next CD that ill be hyped for and the streets will be buzzing over (next one will prolly be Saigon, Eminem if it comes out, or Lupe.wu Tang just really isnt getting me hyped) Im gonna pick up the CD, dig up my old Walkman, and actually browse through the city and listen to this thing.If its as hot as Im hoping, i’ll even through this shit in my car. The last CD I listened to straight in the car was I think the Documentary, or the Massacre when it first came out, the buzz on that died quick for me.And I only had a permit back then, now I have my real license, so listening to this in my car is gonna be big for me.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Emcee >> rapper.

    BXS told you so. Get familiar.

    • EReal

      OKAY, Clinton Sparks.

  • gh

    i heard the new album yesterday.and now i have ordered two copies on the rocafella website.the joint was that nigga dropped a hot one.i knew he wasnt gonna go out like that on kingdome come.

  • Rues

    You put ketchup on pizza?

    • smog

      yeah wtf

    • EReal

      Its a fat man thing, we wouldnt understand.


    That Clipse album was pretty sus. Beats were cold though. I almost got caught up in the Hell Hath No Fury hype until they kept getting drilled on their release dates.

    I think Jay’s new album might be the one though, and I haven’t heard shit but “Blue Magic.” I can’t lie, that shit sounds great over the right car stereo speakers.

    The music industry is really, really dying. It’s ill to think about it, but it’s pretty clear and obvious.

    • complexity

      Sorry to say this but your a dumb ass….

      How does the songs beat have anything to do with it’s lyrical content, which SUCKS ASS!


    Yo billy,common at the moment is not at 800K.dude is just sitting around 400.It is sad.I cop it and to tell you the truth his albulm is the shit.Go and check soundscan.He should have gone platinum by now if it is our younger Generation who just listern to Garbage like laffy taffy.They prefer good beat over thought provoking lyric.Cant blame them .Anyway jay z will sell regardless of wether his albulm is good or not cuz he is jay z.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Could you get me those Com soundscan numbers? I read somewhere that he was over 775K. If this is the case then Com loses points in the cRap Music Fantasy League.



    Roc Boyz was the whip anthem tonight… heavily cosigned by streetwalking, rubbernecking ladies. Almost enough to make me ghostride the Regal…

    Not so sure about Hello Brooklyn. Is it me or did pairing up with Jigga make Wayne lose some of his heat?

    • EReal

      What do you care about whores liking your Jay-Z CD?

  • daesonesb

    agreed. the album is going to be huge. again.

    >>He just says that sexy shit that motherfuckers want to hear.

    no homo.

    Plus what kind of pizza are you eating that it tastes good with ketchup on it? thats nasty

  • yoprince

    @ complexity..

    the beats always matter with jay-z b/c he uses his voice like an instrument in tune with the track. This is why producers trust their best work with him all the time..

    these other rappers just spit.. line after line.. which is fine if you’re into that all the time..

    but most ppl like music first and foremost and grow to appreciate the lyrics if the music intrigues them enough to listen.. which is why jay-z always sells, 50 always sells, kanye always sells.. they know how to use the music..

    it’s also why jada, cassidy etc. don’t sell, they got good raps, hard lines, but they don’t make timeless, beautiful MUSIC, not at all

  • tseliot

    You said:

    “Common did a good job too appealing to the ironic sensibilities of white folks that want to appear to hate racism, but love expensive coffee which just happens to be farmed in countries that pay their workers sub-poverty wages.”

    And then Com does Gap ads. Fucking kidding me. Go suck Common’s dick.

  • Maco

    Dear Billy Sunday,
    You’re the reason rap can”t progress passed this state of materialistic bullshit.


    Whores liking my Jay-Z CD = even more late night Girls Gone Wild axion for THE UNDERWRITER this month than usual…

    I’m just saying, it worked for me. It can work for you too with the right car and stereo speakers. Or maybe you need to move to Atlanta and see for yourself.

    If you’re not hoemoe like TPAR and Around (not saying you are), you can most definitely win out chea. The ratio is so unfair…

    But let’s be honest. Women buy CDs. Lord knows I don’t.


    *Co-signing yoprince*


    YO billy,
    It bsaid common is at 428k.check this from billboard.
    This week, Hip Hop continues its general decline on the charts. With the emergence of debuting albums from country sensation/ American Idol winner Carrie Underwood, Plant Krauss, and Gary Allan taking the top spots, the highest ranking of any rap artist is Kanye West at #16 (a seven spot fall from last week). Graduation sold 43k this week (1.58M total).

    Soulja Boy Tell Em still maintains a top twenty position at #18 with which sold 35k (235k total), while Keyshia Cole’s Just Like You holds the #19 spot selling 32k (505k total). Jill Scott’s Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol 3 falls from #15 to #23 this week selling 27k (308k total).

    Hurricane Chris (of “Ay Bay Bay” fame) debuted 5150 Ratchet at #24 selling 26k, as rapper/producer powerhouse Timbaland is the only Hip Hop artist to move up in the charts (from #27 to #25). Timbaland Presents Shock Value sold 25k (786k total).

    50 Cent’s Curtis album falls from #21 to #30 selling 24k (1.05M), while J. Holiday slid from #16 to #34. The R&B crooner’s Back of My Lac album sold 22k (199k total). With worse misfortune, Angie Stone’s Art of Love and War (which debuted last week at #11) has nosedived to #46 this week selling 16k (61k total).

    In its fourth week on the charts, Trey Songz’s Trey Day is at #65 selling 13k (127k total), as COMMON’s Finding Forever holds the #71 spot for the second week in a row with 11k units sold (428k total).

    With an all-around slow sales week in Hip Hop, North Carolina natives Little Brother debuted their highly anticipated album (considered by many to have classic material ), The Getback, at #89 this week with just under 10k sold. Texan rapper Trae (who is 1/2 of Screwed Up Click) debuted Life Goes On at #104 with 7.5k sold.

  • green eyes

    Jay-Z has got motherfuckers buying shit they can’t pronounce.

    ^^ damn. so true. so sad.

  • Cyril Head

    If only I had a penny for each time I came to! Amazing writing.