The Masquerade is NOT Over

Countless producers have jacked different pieces of David Porter’s “I’m Afraid The Masquerade is Over,” from his 1971 concept album Victim of the Joke? An Opera. Here are a few notable ones. My personal fav is Rza’s usage of the opening pianos for Gza’s “Duel of the Iron Mic,” although the new Freeway joint, “It’s Over,” is a good flip.

David Porter “I’m Afraid The Masquerade Is Over” (1971)

GZA “Duel of the Iron Mic” (1995)

The Notorious B.I.G. “Who Shot Ya?” (1995)

Freeway “It’s Over” (2007)

LL Cool J “Ill Bomb” (1999)

Faith Evans “Alone In This World” (2001)

Ghostface “It’s Over” (2004)

Mary J. Blige f/ Ghostface “Your Child (Remix)” (2006)

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  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    A whole bunch of wack NY MC’s jack a wack 70′s song. what’s new?

    • Moniker

      A bunch of wack NY MC’s like the WU and Notorious? I think your name explains it all

    • Re-Yo

      Would you rather they snapped & leaned?

  • D.A. On The Track Man

    interesting piece. whoever put this together is doing their thing.

  • Colron

    More of these different tracks same sample joint. w0rd to YN.

  • Doc

    That Freeway flip is pretty nice – Dynamic Producer got some up and coming producers (Frequency, Jim Bond, Parafino, along with myself and 6 others) the original master files for this and we all flipped the sample in ridiculous ways. You should holla at DP and put some of those up, people would definitely feel em.

    • Josh


  • Crocker

    ATL = All Trannies Live says:

    A whole bunch of wack NY MC’s jack a wack 70’s song. what’s new?

    Yo, I’m a southerner too, and I realize everybody is entitled to their opinion but uh…. Next time you have a thought….. Just let it go.

  • Durty


  • Incilin

    Nigga who you think you are? YN?!?!? Lmao. He been did this post.

  • Gooch

    it’s a new dawn, a new day ninjas.

  • LB Fitted

    ive sampled that track about 5 times! thats the greatest song to sample ever!

    • Reemycks!

      I made my first MPC beat with this shit back in 97. It is fire but Nautalis is really the greatest track to sample. You can litterally flip every bar. JMO.

  • TEK

    Lord Finesse used this too… Ya Better Recognize

  • bbatson

    David Porter = That Dude

    Check his work on the Rance Allen Group for lesser known bangers.

  • Arcey

    ATL = All Trannies Live

    Mr. David Porter is probably from the South just like Isaac Hayes who co-wrote this extremely dope song.

    they should block comments sometimes.

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    If you pay attention to the name I’m hating on the south as well dummies.

    Eef NY and Atl

  • BK Cyph

    That OG David Porter joint is one of my favorite songs of all time!!!
    De La Flipped it too.

  • BK Cyph

    And you’re all smokin if you dont think Who Shot Ya wasnt the best shit to come from that song.

    As far as which producer flipped that sample the BEST? DJ SCRATCH – ILL Bomb! Hands down! But Biggie’s version is the greatest.

    • ClearBlue


  • eptowey

    ill bomb was the best use-age.

  • the G.O.D

    1.-Duel of the Iron Mic
    2.-Who shot ya?
    3.-It’s over(2004)
    4.-It’s over (2007-minus the Lyrics)
    the rest in any order