The Greatest Show On Earth…

I just got home from running around the streets of NYC. ?uestLove from the Roots crew was DJ’ing at this downtown joint. Most of y’all wouldn’t have had a good time since ?uest was spinning sample source classics. Crate digging is old people music for you 90’s babies. That party was fresh and it wasn’t even the highlight of the night. First off, there was the taping of a little Hip-Hop awards show. It’ll be broadcast next week and the new rules at the office say I can’t mention anything that isn’t branded with two ‘X’s and an ‘L’, but you already know what the eff I’m talking about anyhoo.

All I’ma say is that Busta tore shit up with his verse on the OG Shout Rap GOAT track‘Scenario’. Actually, the ‘Scenario’ remix is the GOAT Shout Rap track, but I digress. I haven’t seen Busta perform live in a few years. I thought for sure that he would have reunited with the LONS and ATCQ to perform at the Jay Dilla tribute the Roots hosted at Radio City Music Hall. But no. In any case there were no other LONS members on stage other than Busta. If Charlie Brown and Dinco were in the building they were working as ushers.

Busta came through with Splif Starr, rap music’s ultimate weed carrier. How good a weed carrier is Spliff Starr? Let’s just say that Busta may get pinched by the po po for doing all kinds of crazy shit, but he has NEVER been knocked for holding his own greens. Michael Vick take note: Hire yourself a Spliff Starr. Here’s a man that gladly holds the bags[ll]. He prah’lee rolls one of the meanest blunts you’ll ever puff too. I mean c’mon?!? Dudes name is Spliff fucking Starr! But enough jokes on Spliff. If you ever have the chance to watch he and Busta perform a set together you will see the utmost performance in rap music.

Let’s be clear that I said RAP music. For my money, Doug E. Fresh is the greatest entertainer evar, but when it comes to rhyming with force, energy, lyrical dexterity and just an overall enthusiasm that you wouldn’t expect someone that’s closer in age to forty years old than he is to thirty to still have, Busta is that nigga. He always was. That’s the reason why Busta’s transformation into a street thug is so dramatic and disappointing. He traded in his bounce and the boom bap for some bling and a gun clap.

Busta still pounces around the stage and spits his rhymes like he just wrote them the night before. The show was filled with fun and energetic moments, but Busta’s performance was how the show should have closed. Don’t get me wrong either, it was definitely church to see A Tribe Called Quest reunited and spitting some of their classic shit. They even brought Jarobi through for the party. Jarobi’s presence in ATCQ is legendary stuff. He’s like the fifth Beatle, or the sixth Jackson 5 member. Some people don’t even believe he exists, but he does. Look his ass up in Wikipedia.

My personal highlight of the evening was when some drunk dude from MTV told me to watch my back. Not a random dude from MTV either, but one of their famous braintrust Hip-Hop consultants. The same cats that create all the lists that MTV uses as vehicles for showing people’s music videos. If you did Hip-Hop music and didn’t make any videos they have in their rotation you could never get any light from them. Sean P or Consequence may never make any of their lists. Just as an aside, Cons ‘Uncle Rahiem’ video is that shit.

Blogger beef in the streets is that new sexy shit. Thank goodness dude wasn’t hardbody, because if he was he would have just one-pieced me and kept it moving. Since he introduced himself he wasn’t a coward either like his man though who kept it rather squirrely. I say that niggas keep shit squirrely when they hold a man’s nuts and whisper softly in his ear, “Yo, I think that’s that nigga right there”. I can see why MTV cats would be mad at me because I called shenanigans on their formerly clandestine operation. Niggas caught a sweet gig filtering and disseminating content for the t.I.’s and they don’t want to have to move back into the projects.

Things are that serious in this Hip-Hop shit if you want to just enjoy yourself you better be prepared to fight for your right to party. So I guess from now on I will have to roll out with the goons in tow. I know how mad I’ll be if someone tried to stop my XXL Mag dot com digit. I’d be back to eating $3 Sunday chicken wing dinners from the Chinese spot on Ralph Ave. True story is that is what I’m doing anyway.

What’s The Scenario Remix – ATCQ, LONS. MC Hood R.I.P.

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  • i Fux aka Etheraldinho

    Yo Billy was it that dude that looks something different and does that show on MTV Jamz where he is on street asking questions? Fuck em’ ……..None looking out ass niggas! Busta has been the best to see perform live for a minute, dude has like 2 hours worth of hits. Red and Meth are dope ass fuck too. New Cons Mixtape if you dont got it, hit your boy on the gmail. Cien!


    Billy if you was in the CHI and that happened with that goofy lookin DreadLocks havin’ nigga gave you the Mean Mugg, then if you didn’t “Steal On” homie they woulda called you a “LAME”. It’s crazy out here how “Hip-Hop Journalist” can’t even go to a party to have a good time without random bootleg Jamacian-looking kids givin’ you the “Mean Mugg”, man you shoulda pulled a Jim Jones and slapped the Kufi off that Porch Monkey!!!

  • Worley

    Yea, Busta as a street thug is one of the most disappointing and fantastic things I’ve seen in my life.

  • Cinsere

    I say that niggas keep shit squirrely when they hold a man’s nuts and whisper softly in his ear, “Yo, I think that’s that nigga right there”.


  • boner jams 03

    man billy i need your help with this…it’s something thats been botherin me for like 15 years….

    did jarobi play “monster” in boyz n the hood??

  • Famous

    this is why i read your posts man cause you keep it real out here. you’re from the hood and you’re keeping it the way you grew up. you appeal to the people that actually r on the streets and check out whats poppin in the music world on this page while being on AIM for 3 hours. all the other hip hop journalists can’t do the same thing because they grew up in the subarbs and real niggas can see right through there phoney, “i wanna b down” persona. you’re real and people fuck wit real. my nigga Bol is good and all but xxl’s smartest move was signing you on for this website because you bring an insight that nobody else online does and frankly thats y i wanted to write for dallaspenn but yo keep doin wat you’re doing and let that nigga Shaheem (i think thats who you were talking about from the mtv staff but if not, my fault) hate cause he helps make the bullshit top 10 rap artists lists that NOBODY respects.

  • sleep

    Wasnt splif star suppose to drop a album like 5 years ago. U remember those day when niggas use to buy everybody album no matter is he was nice all they cared. Was that he was afilliated ith their favorite rapper. And that was a good enough reason.freeky zeeky droped a album earlier this year but he missed the boat 5 yrs too late. Was that nigga from mtv sway i cant stand that head wrap bohieman, insense burning, chew stick chewing, i know what real hip hop, non meat eating, figure snapping mother fucker

  • dte

    that summed up my feelings about busta rhymes so well; how he went from well, busta rhymes, to a wannabe gangsta rapper. i mean, pay your bills, but it’s still disappointing for your real fan base. that’s some funny stuff about spliff starr too; especially when on stage, he looks so small next to busta.

  • HHF


    blogger beef has hit the streets…I thot I could lay the steel down but Ima stay gripped up from now on.

    Scenario remix is that ish. Peace.

  • The Mad Haitain

    Flatbush represent, tho’ dude, at least eat Trini or Yardie, them chicken wings will kill your ass!

  • NoMamesBuey

    Co-sign Billy on Busta’s legendary Shout/energetic/spastic rap. That’s Busta’s best steelo.

    There are so many hilarious quotables from Busta’s 1996 The Coming [||]

    “run up in your crib, like my fockin name was Search Warrants”

    “which mothafocka stole my flow/ ini mini meini mo/ throw that type of n right out the window/Blast your ass hit you with my direct blow/ Bo!! Coming through like G.I. Joe/
    Star Wars movie deal like Han Solo

    “Woo Ha I Got You All In Check” might be the most energetic song in the history of Planet Earth. Listening to that song is like at least 2 coffee cup’s worth of cafeine.

  • jg420

    “The greatest rapper alive”, lil wayne arrested. lol, fool is garbage

  • Parker

    And the south shall fall again….can we get someone who does not rap about tippin strippers
    and slangin birds???Man I am from the west and I cannot wait till them fools in the south fall off
    dem country shytz they call porches.

    Seriously I am not hatin but can they talk about
    something else other than a freakin cadillac. We wont talk about the how promotin’ wearing tem bright azz colorz and godforsakin goldmouth planks
    they keep in the mouth either……

    It’s a shame that hip hop has been reduced to
    a bunch of any….mini…miny moes…without anything interesting to say. Screw being a square
    like that broad of a rapper “Kanye” Less but teach these fools thats earhustlin the music these dayz a little more about owning something
    other than jewels,a strap, and a candied out car on some monkey ass twenty four inch rims.

  • Incilin

    Good post.

  • C.Gabi

    LOL@ Spliff Star being Busta’s “weed holder”

    I remember back in college when the “Make It Clap” song dropped and niggas was like “is that Spliff? oh shit, Busta finally let that nigga rap on a major song!”–he definitely killed it on that song. funniest shit was a skit on “when disaster strikes” when busta walks in and catches spliff rappin on his album. classic!

    btw, good post!

  • g stacks

    to bonerjams (no homo) monster was played by baldwin c. sykes meanin nah it wasnt jarobi.

  • bbrolic

    Stop the Brooklyn Ralph Ave. dickriding! Aint you from Queens? All these niggas coming to the borough for the ride now!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    ^ “Aint you from Queens?”

    Yep. And I own a crib in Freeport. What!?!

    I live in BK, prah’lee moreso than a nigga that sleeps in the boro.


    Man they shoulda brought LONS up on stage. Cant nothing beat the original. Plus im sure dinco and brown could need some of that vh1 money right now. They still the truth but busta don´t seem to care shit for his former bredren…
    Still he´s the best live performer in hip-hop…

  • MTV sucks

    Yo Billy, dude that ran up on you was prolly that bitch-ass wangsta Jayson Rodriguez wasn’t it.

    “i hate ya’ll dudes…that get real life and rap confused.”

  • These Bloggers Are Gays

    You called yourself out on being bitchmade, lmao!


  • P-Matik

    F*ck that. You shoulda punched dude in his shit for getting out of pocket.

  • Dr Flav

    Dinco was the better rhymer on the track Busta is just more theatrical. Dinco D is the first to profess that he didnt use a pen and pad, years before Big and Hov. Check the history. Sounds Of The Zeekers was one of the dopest hip hop tracks ever from the LONS. Big up to C Brown I loved his rap style. “… wow how now brown cow, ill with the skill get down for the flex, next is the textbook on to the new, but the rest are do do doo!”

  • Billy X. Sunday