The Greatest Rapper Ternt Sanger Alive…

I’m listening to the Carter III advance and I’m looking for a sign that Lil’ Wang is going to take over this rap shit. Something to make me shut the fuck up about his rhyming skillset. Something to make me realize how talented this dude supposedly is. I’m just not hearing it though. The beats from the C III preview are some of the best joints that Wayne has ever had to rhyme over. There’s still something that dude is short on. Maybe it’s too much of that syrup in his blood?

There’s a track with Babyface on the hook and Mr.West on the beats. Most people would say that is the sure shot hit, but I don’t feel like Wang goes in hard enough [ll]. There’s another track called ‘Kiss Me Baby’ and just the title make me laugh my ass off. Thank God nowhere on that song did I hear Wayne talk about lip-locking his record label owner and surrogate father. Whew! Then I came up on the real hit on the advance. Lil’ Wang doesn’t even rhyme on this joint. Maybe that’s why it was so good.

Lil’ Wang lets one of his weedcarriers and presumably his best ghostwriter do all the rhyming. That was a good move. The next power move Wang made was to sing, nee sang, like a goofier Akon, or an O.D.B. on the drank. Wang gets wild on some talkbox vocoder type shit that all the kids are doing now, except Wang is perfect for the talkbox like Roger Troutman was because Wang just says whatever is on his mind. Kind of like how I blog on this XXL Mag Dot Com shit.

This is how Lil’ Wang is going to take over the music business. He is going to become the greatest rapper ternt sanger alive. Imagine T-Pain on that HGH with a Maybach space shuttle parked out back by the pool. This shit is about to get crazy. The Black Robin Thicke is Weezy KissyFace and he ain’t playing no more. I expect to hear duets with Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. Fuck that, Weezy and Madonna in concert together. Madonna Effs Baby. And with that talkbox shit Lil’ Wang can team up with Daft Punk and Donna Summer and bring disco music back. Do you not see the potential of this Carter III R & B album?

I was totally wrong about Lil’ Wang and his Carter III project and this song made me see the light. So put on your shades, your shiny spacesuit and get you a Solo cup of that “Lean”…

Lil’ Wayne – About U

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  • BirdsFlySouth

    You Lil Wayne addiction is really getting out of hand. I think you wanta be his daddy so you can kiss him.

    Carter III is finally coming people

    • Ghost

      AYE YO no aint got shit on lil wayne, he is the best rapper alive, n e one else suck a dick

      • EReal

        What makes Wayne the best rapper alive? He has no metaphors, no wordplay, no rhyme schemes, no story telling ability. Dude is swagger and similies. If you think Wayne is the best alive, you’re probably a Game fan and under 18.

        • shamoney

          What makes Wayne the best rapper alive? He has no metaphors, no wordplay, no rhyme schemes, no story telling ability. Dude is swagger and similies. If you think Wayne is the best alive, you’re probably a Game fan and under 18.

          trillz ma dude, aint nothin special about weezy, lol @ that true but funny blog, i have no respect for a dude that kisses another man on the lips. and then covers it up with a lie… that shit aint mob either…

    • Skeazaleo

      What’s with all the Hate dude? Its boarderline rediculous…

    • Fire

      No question about that, BirdsFlySouth. Billy has Lil Wayne on his mind all day and night, and it’s getting way scary. Are there really that few things to write about? I like your shit when you don’t have Wayne on your mind like an obsessed fan, seriously. We get that you don’t like Lil Wayne, and I’m not a Lil Wayne stan, but you must be skimming through some of his music because some of the things he spits are insane. Like I said, he needs more versatile subject matter, but that still doesn’t change the fact that he’s a good rapper. I haven’t heard other men talk about another man that much since Fox News started attacking Nas over and over again. How’s that Haterade taste, Billy?

  • 50 cent

    yo dis is 50 cent from g unit

    g g g g g unit!!

    lil wayne is the best rapper alive

    ya heard ya heard that GOSSIP

    he killed me dawg, im gonna hide now like camron

    he killed me and didnt even mention my name

    he killed me on TV dawg!!

    lil wayne is HIP HOP

    anyway but my album curtis please

    • Kenny

      man thats not even funny

      we all know how queer lil wayne is dont even front

    • Cuban Link

      dude, thats not funny…

  • Iceberg Slimm

    Hilarious. Classic post

  • Ass Hat

    dead right. except that by december, lil’ wang will be doing something entirely different yet again.

  • redd

    you gotta be shitting me…….that song is so terrible it is downright appaling

  • Redd

    and personally, i dont think that nigga weezy can live up to his hype. yes, i believe the carter 3 will be garbage. dedication 2 to me was the best thing he has come out with to date. im not hating i do hope that shit is not disappointing, but it will be probably

  • wu tanger

    probs guna b wack n e way

  • shutup

    stop hatin

    listen to gossip and stfu


    I repeat Lil Wang is not a Dope Rap/Rock/R&B/Pop Hybrid “Artiste” like that Bi-Racial kid from Gym Class Heroes ! Lil Weezy F.Cough Syrup should stick to rappin and spittin 10th Grade Punchlines,Metaphors and Similes(well he doesn’t even know what this is), because the “Experimental” Rap/Rock shit is for the kids who sing “Viva La White Girl(which is my favorite song of 2006)”. I like him better when he is mimicking a In My Lifetime Vol.1 Era-Jay-Z on his songs and not Overdosing on Crack and Children’s Medicine,his raps are funny just like his demeanor so he should leave the Emo-Rap/Rock/Pop to Pete Wentz and others who make this shit sound so Flamboyantly alluring. Lil Wang needs to battle 50 Cent for his respect or some MC with a decent Lyrical vernacular so that he can be really “The Best Rapper Alive”.

    • EReal

      The dude from Gym Class heroes has more rap skills than Little Wayne.

  • boner jams 03 aka cold war kid

    c’mon man….he REALLY has a song called “kiss me baby”???that shit is too easy….the joke just writes itself

  • Benny Bluntz

    Maybe you shoulda done your research first cuz those tracks arent even from the Carter III, they’re from the Bad Azz Grasshopper Album, a mixed genre album with his Young Money artists which basically renders your entire post moot…


    lets see if lil wayne can hold on to the hype and make a classic albulm(i doubt that).i dare say he is only goog at mixtape like fabolous and lloyd banks but nigga cant tansit it 2 make a lcassim albulm.shit at least 2 or 3 songs with the rest garbage.

  • Fhataz

    that shit at the bet awards was crazy…..wayne must have really pissed these posters off… damn dude got more haters than pac……

  • Fhataz

    that shit at the bet awards was crazy…..wayne must have really pissed these posters off… damn dude got more haters than pac……wtf

  • ?

    advance tracks rarely are the finished product…. billy sunday must like sumwaynedick…. cause he keep it in his mouth

  • J S-O-T

    i try to keep a open mind regarding hip-hop but to be honest this is possibly the worst “rap?” song i’ve ever heard in my life, seriously, this?, i’ve never heard a wayne song that i’ve ever wanted to rewind or nuthin’ like that, to me, he’s below average an’ his voice is the most annoying in the WHOLE music industry,call me a hater i don’t care, Wayne sucks balls…but you knew that.

  • houston’s finest

    is jim jones or juelz santana gonna be on the album?

  • derfla

    Iam starting to think you got a fettish for this lil boy, daim sunday cant you stop posting usless shit about this fag, what? do you dream about wayne when you sleep at night or somethin.

  • Calibud

    Sorry to kill niggas buzz, but these aint C3 tracks. These shits come from a rock band that Weezy plans on comming out wit called Bad Ass Grasshopper. Some experimental shit you might not like but still gotta respect a nigga for tryin different shit.

    • Detroit P

      you have to respect bad Music?…what if Lil Wayne became a lawyer and lost all his cases would you still have to respect that?..naw thats just dickridin, you gotta know when to call foul homie. Lil Wayne killed it with Gossip at the Hip Hop awards(that shit was cold as fuck) some lyrics were iffy, but the overall presentation was great(i hope Carter 3 keeps that pace or better)…this song could actually be good if Wayne wasnt singin so terribly on it(maybe Prince should do it..but yea, bad music is bad music regardless

      • Calibud

        Wethers its bad music or good music is debatable, but in todays climate of stagnant rappers, its scary to see a rapper try different shit (a so-called hood/thug/bling rapper at that). This is where cats like TI and 50 come short. They stick with the same formula and by the 3rd album you’re burnt out. This is Waynes 3rd installment of the Carter series and niggas is buggin out over that shit waitin for it to come out.

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  • Ryan

    Where’d the other Lil Wanyne blog go? The comments on that one were gold.

  • Black

    First of all let me say that all of yall are hatin on the boy Weezy because none of your favorite rappers are selling records and Wanye got the game on lock. If your Dumb Asses would have seen the BET Awards last night, then you would realize that even your favorite rapper is feeling Wayne right now. Stop Hatin and GET MONEY niggas!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Detroit P

      LOL..I’m just sayin My favorite artist Jay-Z sold records on his last album…Kanye sold records, even 50 sold records(not sayin he’s a favorite, I’m just sayin)…Lil Wayne hasnt sold records in like 3 years(since the Carter 2 came out)…so I dont really see your point, what rapper are you talking about?..he gettin money from features, sure, I’m not knockin his hustle..I’m just sayin, why mention record sells?

      • Black

        Jay is one of my favorites as well, but lets be honest Kingdom Come wasn’t his best work!! And by the way, The Carter 2 was his last album. The point I’m trying to make is everyone hatin on Wayne but he’s the best thing smoking right now

        • Detroit P


  • these posts are racist


    Come on man. I’m not buying the hype that he’s the best rapper out right now, but he is one of the few best rappers out right now. Lyrically the man can spit. He has a nice flow, unique rhythm and while substantively he can’t come close to say, The Firm or Wu, he does have witty lines and puns that are fun to listen to. He’s a good rapper man.

    • Around and Around

      Your crazy his lyrics are hot garbage. His lyrics are not witty they’re fucking stupid as shit.

      Watch me and my click go all out
      Like the ball in the stands we balls out
      Boy I don’t know what y’all ’bout
      But I just spit like a dog mouth
      Pink ice just looking like a hog mouth
      VRRRMMM …I had to bring the hog out
      Light dem trees bring the log out
      Everyday Christmas I’m egged nogged out
      & Hip Hop Is My New Bought House
      My flow just grew legs and walked out

      -Real difficult rhyming the same word over and over at the end of your verse. A good lyrist can rhyme multiple times in one verse

      And what the fuck does ‘I’m egged nogged out’ even mean? He just says stupid ass shit.

      Doctor Suess rhymes better then this dude bottom line.

      • Detroit P

        LOL..And what are you the Fox News of this shit..I noticed that you didnt pick one of Lil Wayne’s better freestyles..I agree Lil Wayne can be whack at times, and he’s been kinda whack lately(excluding Gossip)..but if you’re tryna make a point be respectable and pick something better like say…shit from Carter or Carter 2 (Walk in, BM jr., Aint that a Bitch, Tha Mobb, Fly In, Carter 2(the song))..theres better songs

        • Around and Around

          Okay Carter II: (I don’t think commentary on these lyrics is necessary they speak volumes)
          Word to my momma I’m gonna continue bombin
          Til they gettin out the game it’s like comin out of a coma
          I’m tryin… but I’m normal when this rap shit get borin
          All I ask is that you pray for me (Please)
          And the beat keep cryin and I’mma keep beatin her
          Fee I’m fuckin her I’m deep in her sleep in her
          And what happens when the reaper come (huh?)
          I’m just hopin that he sends that elevator up
          I made enough I ain’t meant shit
          I have no idea what your Faux News reference means? And quite lyin you ain’t from the D you from Bloomington Hills boushy ass ho

        • Detroit P

          lol..I guess I’m from Bloomfield Hills, I guess you’re from Michigan..and since YOU mentioned, I guess that you’re from some suburb..I’m from Detroit, but that doesnt matter..If you can’t understand the lyrics you posted(including the lyrics that you didnt post, before and after your selection) then you gotta learn too dumb for rap..and LOl@boushy ass ho..why you so mad

      • kevin marci

        you my man,,you oddly enuff aint been around and around,,cause if you cant grasp what lil wayne was obviously dont know rap and the diff styles it has..what wayne did was the most difficult form of rap,,egged nogged out,,got yu stomped..well you must have been in jail durin the x/mas holidays..egg nogg is a drink,that consist of milk and other additives includin liquor..silly rabbit,now that your out..have a drink on wayne,,,

  • real homie

    Why do you spend your life worrying about what the fuck lil WAYNE is doing? You a wack ass nigga who wouldnt have a job if you actually wrote about um….shit that you like. Weezy is the best rapper out, so quit trying 2 change everybody opinions cuz you a “black thought” corny type nigga. Weezy is a lyrical genius, period point blank.

    Go suck 50′s dick bitch!


    shut the fuck up nigga.wayne has got five albulms but only two went platinum.he probably will go platinum yhis time because of dumb ass like you.that nigga is only a mixtape rapper nothing more.go cop that nas still bumping it was writen and illmatic.

  • Lil Wayne

    “Drag my Body through mud watch i come out clen”
    Lil Wayne

    • Little Wayne

      “Im hot like light”
      Little Wayne

  • Dwayne Carter

    wat it is people of earth it is I weezy f baby for people getting that worked up about a side project i got going on u people sure are gullible sad sad sad carter 3 is the truth holla at u boy weed and sizZurp till i die

  • Fiddy

    Protect ya Neck Wayne!!!

  • SK

    This off B.A.G. Album A-Hole not the Carter 3; so the question is are you trying to seem important by saying you have the Carter III advance?

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Lil’ Wang is neck deep on that Lean for this track. Heeeelariussh

    Who knew he had a copy of Yes 80′s classic ‘Owner Of The Lonely Hearts’?

  • smog

    damn dude got more hatters then pac -Fhataz
    while i wouldnt say thier style is that similar the reason why you hate on pac and wayne are the same, billy you take to much wieght of lyrics man or a “skill set”, you look at rappin like a dude can make a masterpiece, like some leonardo divnci type shit, you only like represintation down to earth shit, look at your list, jay, nas and kool g rap, little wayne is on the dark side of the moon, when wayne makes a fool of himself just sit back and be entertained its all in show, no reason to hate, plus lil wayne is the ice-t on this rap shit more then anything else

  • Tyler

    Dude, U way tha’ fuck off. If what U are sayin’ is true then why did CamelFace get Wayne for his album? ? This joint is tight and will be killin’ the clubs & whitehoes harder than Justin & TimberFake’s SexyBack and his album is going 2 kill everything bro. It’s just weird enuff 2 win. Nigga peep tha’ CowBell. U heard him go hard on ‘dat Gossip joint? Maybe not cause U can’t offord cable. aka
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

    • Detroit P

      Do you even know why “Camelface” got Lil wayne on the song?..Im sure you havent heard it yet so, why even use that in an argument? maybe he got him on there to settle who’s better or not(like that will actuall settle it..yea right)..who also havent heard Carter 3 yet, so you dont know if it is gonna be good or not, stop dickridin and speculatin please, and just stick to’ll sound smarter..and why insult someone you dont know..what did Jay-Z do to you…did he rape your mother or somethin..if so, then go have every right to be mad

  • Dashon

    What the hell was this dude thinkin when he made this track. This shit is exstremely funny to me. The T-Pain machine has got people getting way out of hand

  • these posts are racist

    On a side note, the hottest verse in Hip Hop is the second verse for Affirmative Action in Nas’ “It Was Written.”

    Verse Two: Cormega

    “Criminal thoughts in the blue porsche
    My destiny is to be the new boss
    that nigga pauly got a die he’s too soft
    That nigga is dead on
    A key of heroin
    They found his head on
    The couch with his dick in his mouth
    I put the hit out
    Yo, the smoothest killas since bugsy
    Bitches love me
    And Queens where my drugs be
    I wear guess jeans and rugbies
    Yo my people from medina they will see you
    When you’re up on your heater all your cream go betweeen us
    Real shit
    My desert eagle got an ill grip
    I chill with
    Niggas that hate Dominicans, box and steal bricks
    My red beam, made a Dread scream
    And sprayed fed team
    Co be turnin’ niggas to fiends
    Ukon and ninja block lexus
    Mega the pretty boy
    With mafia connections its the firm nigga
    check it.”

    • LowEndofDaChi

      @ TPAR

      Don’t laugh fam, but I copped the cassette version of “It Was Written” in the 5th grade, and I thought that verse came from Fat Joe. I had no idea who the hell Cormega was at the time.

      • these posts are racist

        Yo, i responded below…

    • nas and jayz suck fo real

      dont get what makes yall think these dudes are so lyrical, and decent rapper could write those rhymes

  • Real Talk 101

    I will end it by saying this… East Coast(Mainly NYC, NJ or Philly niggas) hip hop heads don’t want to see a southern nigga spit it like that.. And that is the truth. They never gave 3 Stacks his credit or Scarface his credit, so what makes you think they will give Wayne his? Wayne is dope and you niggas are the biggest haters I’ve ever seen.

  • smog

    dude around and around that verse is tight – my flow grew legs and walked it out -thats good dude, the thing about rhyming the same word over and over again is that it gives the rap a really metric feel, and allows the rapper to change up the way a word sounds, like changing championship to cayn-pi-on-ship, second using the same word over and over again shows a rappers abilty to be descriptive and creative in a very limative setting show cassing all the way a word can be used – going back to changing the way a word is looked at, ie flipping the script, the basis of all hip hop,

  • LOL

    LMAO, nigga you lost, this aint no advanced copy of Carter 3, that’s that shit that he’s doing with his “Bad Ass Grass Hopper” alternative rock group.

    LMAO, Billy Sunday got Owned.

  • Tha Ace

    “Imagine T-Pain on that HGH with a Maybach space shuttle parked out back by the pool. This shit is about to get crazy. The Black Robin Thicke is Weezy KissyFace and he ain’t playing no more. I expect to hear duets with Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. Fuck that, Weezy and Madonna in concert together. Madonna Effs Baby. And with that talkbox shit Lil’ Wang can team up with Daft Punk and Donna Summer and bring disco music back.”

    ^^^^^^^^ha…..classic shit

  • brandonsoderberg

    ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’?? I prefer when Wayne sings too (see ‘Duffle Bag Boy’)…dunno if anybody knows or cares but Baltimore Blaq Starr sort of sings like this on every song he releases and has for a while, I wonder if there’s any way Wayne’s head Blaq Starr..

  • Doobie

    Billy said: “The Black Robin Thicke is Weezy KissyFace and he ain’t playing no more. I expect to hear duets with Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. Fuck that, Weezy and Madonna in concert together. Madonna Effs Baby. And with that talkbox shit Lil’ Wang can team up with Daft Punk and Donna Summer and bring disco music back”.

    LOL! That is some funny shit! *picturing Lil Wayne in a video hand-dancing with Donna Summer* I’d do a “duet” with Lilly Allen alright. I don’t dig her music (mostly trite fluff to my ears) but that girl is mighty enticin’ I must say.



    R.I.P. HIPHOP!!!

  • DirtDogggy

    That songs fake, rite ?

  • BK Cyph

    sounds like some Bad Ass Grasshopper shit- Wayne’s BAND- NOT CIII.

    Stop hatin’- Wayne puts work in. He deserves all the accolades he’s gettin’ and hopefully Carter III can live up to the hype.

    I apperciate the effort, he is one of the only rappers who actually CARES about rappin’.

  • Black

    I got a question for all of yall, If Lil Wayne is so bad, then why did Jay try everthing to sign him?

    • Detroit P

      Lil Wayne actually said that Jay-Z passed on him so..

  • LOL


  • Billy X. Sunday

    ^ FIRE,
    No haterade over here. Copp the C III and get your shiny disco right.

  • SWAG


  • N.O. 4 life

    thats from badass grasshoppers not the Carter3…and i dont like that techno….and thats MACK MAINE

  • SWAG

    LOL this blog dude talkin bout he listening to the Carter 3 advance…lmao fuck outta here nigga…you listening to the same shit everybody got on mixtape…you aint special nigga…you probably get paid $8hr…these broke ass blog writers have nothing better to do than hate hate hate

  • Three4

    This is the worst joint I´ve heard in awhile…this shit is terrible


    Yo, I’m prolly going to sit this one out and wait until the album is officially released. With all the Weezy music out there, who knows what the hell is really good.

    This is one CD I’m going to buy. And I “promised” to buy Little Brother. Besides that, maybe American Gangster. Just maybe. Nas… we’ll see if he gets sonned by the real boss, L.A. Reid.



    Right now, as I call it, Phonte is pretty much gunning for Wayne’s “BRA” title.

    Lol @ that.

    But seriously, Tay’s verse on “Breakin’ My Heart” is something else. Co-signing the Radiohead move by Little Brother.

  • Elz

    that about u shit by lil wayne i dont kno y he gonna use that damn tpain machine on that song tryin to sound like a fuckin robot

  • INF


  • these posts are racist


    how old are you homey? No doubt, as a shorty most of my music was dubbed tapes, so I rarely knew exactley who i was listening to as well. Except D-Nice and Spice one, I somehow got their tapes with their names on them. Man I miss that Hip Hop!

    • LowEndofDaChi

      Man, I’m a youngin’. Barely touchin 23. But at that age I was dubbing shit off the radio as well as tapes from other people. Mom dukes wasn’t about to buy the kid tapes with cussin’ on them, you know what it is! She did cop me those Kriss Kross shits and that Coolio “Gangster’s Paradise” though.

      • these posts are racist


        I’m 28, not too far off. But you definitley come off as an older cat with some more life experience than most of these lames.

        To be real, i never bought a tape or CD in my life. When you grow up poor and come up on some money later in your life, you tend to go two ways: (i) ball out of control and buy expensive shit or (ii) you stay wise and don’t copp shit you don’t need, keep your hustler mentality, stack mad cash and think about securing your future.

        i fall in the latter category.

        • LowEndofDaChi

          Word, and I owe it all to how Mom dukes raised me. Pops was on some 21 General shit with that Jeff guy (you know about 39th and Cottage Grove, the Fort).

          But yeah man, what you got going on for lunch today? Let’s get up if possible, and bring some of those fine paralegals I know ya’ll got up there in the Sears Tower!

        • EReal

          MAN DATE!!!!!!!!!!

        • Around and Around

          Don’t forget to bring the Al B. Sure cassette to your date.

        • LowEndofDaChi

          LOL! Brothers got jokes?

          Right. Kiddies, notice how I said bring some of those fine ass paralegals from the Sears Tower!

          If you worked/went to school in downtown Chicago you’d understand that the Sears Tower is filled with some beautiful women. Getting older you’ll learn about expanding your horizons!

  • jigga

    This shit is not on Carter III. This is the shit for his new mixtape. If you think any song like this will be on The Carter your dumb as fuck.

  • karmelslim

    Aye baby, you are what we call a true dick rider. Wayne is by far one of the best LYRICISTS. I am a female, and I KNOW that! I know what it is, you envy him, you wish you were him……right? come on….right? ha ha

    come on

  • Billy X. Sunday

    If Lil’ Wang put this shit on C III he will win like crazy. This shit is the future of the funk. This shit is like PRINCE on sizzurp.

    “Good gawd!”

  • chocolate Rain

    yall here that singing track??…Weezy is wiggidy wack type gay

    no other rapper wud get a pa$$ frm that sh&t

  • Cuban Link

    With all the hype around this, I was a lil nervous I might acutally start liking it like how Im feeling right now with Good Life by Kanye, but thank goodness for throwing up that track Billy.I can now sleep easy knowing that it still sucks *knock on wood, no homo*

  • thoreauly77

    yoyoyoyoyoyoyo YO!


    for some reason i just had to write something like that. just once.

  • T.R.E.Y.

    i’m pretty sure this ish ain’t from Tha Carter III except for maybe “Comfortable” and “Prostitute,” he’s got some rock-ish side project he mentioned i think.

    and if you think these beats are the “best shit he’s had to rhyme over” then you jez got no taste in beats man. these are mostly throwaways. guess that makes it not so surprisin’ you’ve been hypin’ Redman’s album like it’s the best album ever though.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    ^ Best album ever!?! Never. That would be ‘Only Built For Cuban Links’, ‘Giant Steps’, ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’, ‘Innervisions’ or possibly ‘Fear Of A Black Planet’.

    Best album of 2007? ‘Red Gone Wild’ is definitely Top 5. RGW isn’t nearly Red’s best album. It’s still better than your favorite rapper’s last album. True story.


    Madonna Effs Baby? nice moniker

  • kevin marcelius

    i realized lil weezy,was nasty wit his,when i heard him do a joint with fabo,and julez santana,,,,,and one bar went like dis,,,it’s,weezy baby,80′s baby, fresher then a johnson and johnson baby….com on man!!!!! com’on man,,i went out and bought some johnson baby powder behind dat,and you know what,,dude is so fresh…

  • Doobie

    Billy said: ^ Best album ever!?! Never. That would be ‘Only Built For Cuban Links’, ‘Giant Steps’, ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’, ‘Innervisions’ or possibly ‘Fear Of A Black Planet’.

    That’s real talk right there. Innervisions is the greatest album that I’ve ever heard period and, I strongly cosign for Giant Steps (you are talking about the album by Coltrane right?–the title track, Spiral and Naima in particular are my shit) and Songs in the Key of Life. I think “It takes a Nation…” has the edge over “Fear of a Black Planet” but they’re both great Freakin’ albums.


    Enough is Enough already Sunday. I’m not a LIL Wayne type of guy either, and I’m not a kid. But by you constantly hating on wayne, it would make one believe that wayne is actually the best. You sound like 50. No one who sucks demands this much attention. On the flip side of that, i’m also beginnig to think that you’re a g unit groupie. you give 50 more credit than any person whose only had 3 albums deserves (expecially when only one of his albums is good). You don’t even acknowledge the fact that 50 is on his way out…no one believes him anymore, and lyrically he’s average at best! You give him credit for “destroying” people who have been here before he was here, and will be here long after he’s gone. How did he destroy the dipset, almost everyday someone is asking where cam is, and jim just signed a deal. As for lil wayne, he’s actually more of a vet than 50, he’s been on more classic records (see bling bling, back that ass up, etc.) than 50, and will be here long after 50 is ran outta the game. Just a lil observation…you do have some good posts though. even though you’re an undercover member of g-unit.

    • EReal

      You said “Bling Bling” and “Back That Ass Up” are classic records? G T F O H!

      Oh, and get 50s dick outcha mouff!

      • Fire

        You’re the one to talk, EReal.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Not an undercover G-Unit stan. I could be convinced to become a DipSet stan again. In truth, I’m prah’lee a Wu stan more than anything.


    • N.O. 4 life

      when did being a stan become cool??


    Yea, Wu is classic shit…I cosign that.

    WU > G-Unit + Dipset + Lil Wayne

  • mc

    Man yall are funny cuz if you like or even don’t like Wayne he’s gat yall talking. I think he’s alright but never the best rapper alive. That shit is all a marketing scam just like all the mixtapes he’s doing. Where do you think he learned that? There’s different types of rappers. Many are good, some sell records, some sell themselves, and the best just rhyme and could give a fuck about the rest!

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  • get money

    on my momma, weezy is killin the game right now. they can not fuck wit him. He the best rapper ever. CHI-TOWN get at me bitch, and we GETTIN MONEY.