Sip Champagne When We Thirst-ay

Mtume “Juicy Fruit”

Mtume “The After 6 Mix (Juicy Fruit, Pt. 2)”

Mtume “You, Me and He”

Mtume “Bigger’s Theme”

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  • the one

    I just want to know who “Yellow Nigga” has IN that pic by his name. He looks like Re-Runs little brother.

  • Jaycee

    Bigger’s Theme is my ish! loved it on the Kid Capri mixtape back in the day as well as when he sampled it for Grand Puba’s “Back It Up”, good job…

  • DANJA29

    I’ve been tryin’ to figure out what that was for the longest time… not “Juicy Fruit”, but “Bigger’s Theme”. ‘Preciate it.

    It’s murder… dead or alive.

  • May

    i didn’t know about “juicy fruit”…no wonder BIG called it “juicy”…

    i feel enlightened.

  • Fire

    Good job educating people on the “Juicy” sample.

  • DANJA29

    “I just want to know who “Yellow Nigga” has IN that pic by his name. He looks like Re-Runs little brother.”

    ^^^He always looked like Q-Tip to me, lol.

  • Detroit P

    I thought it was Mike Jordan with hair

  • LowEndofDaChi

    So was “Bigger’s Theme” used to sample the “Barry Bonds” joint? Keep this shit up YN, I’m trying to step up my old school joint game, lol.

  • grapes

    LOL, Coled like Keyshia’s family. As soon as I heard that shit that song had to be downloaded.


    How u gonna school people and forget “You Are My Sunshine”?

    If u really wanna break it down, check out “Inside You” by Eddie Henderson. Mtume composed that also….

  • Dr Flav

    To find out who the pic is google “The White Shadow.”

  • EReal

    Hey Elliott,

    Wheres my fuckin check?

    Think I dont remember that run down I gave you on how to make this site more successfull? I mentioned a community, like the one at AHH, all the sudden BlockTalk pops up… hmmmm….

    Get @ me YN!! I want my money beyatch! lol.

  • MoneyMarc

    Good stuff YN I never knew this was made by Mtume. I First heard it on a Kid Capri mixtape then Puba used it even Jay-z killed it on a freestyle with Sauce Money that seems to go at Tupac. This is Dope!

  • MoneyMarc

    My comments were referring to Mtume “Bigger’s Theme”