When KRS-ONE was accepting his I Am Hip Hop Award at the BET Hip Hop Awards the other night, a couple of things he said stuck with me. First he said something along the lines of Hip Hop needing to step up and adress issues that aren't even theirs, and second he hinted that Hip Hop needed another "Self-Destruction" movement. I tend to agree with him.

Now is the perfect time for artists to come together on a track and actually say something. I mean its cool to see a gang of rappers get together to rap about taking over, how hood they are or what they like to do with their money. But can we get some songs about taking over a community and evoking some change? A track about how to change some things in these 'hoods they love so much? Or maybe a collaboration about how to manage that money they're stacking, or a song about donating some bread to places other than the strip club?

Sure, having songs like these does at least exhibit some sense of unity in Hip Hop, but, 9 times out of10 these cats aren't in the studio together. Besides the rare instances where they actually perform the songs on stage together, having these songs is almost the equivalent of having a fantasy football team; they're together, but not really.

That's why I'm asking can we get a song about the Jena 6? Mychal Bell is back in jail for having priors and the other 5 are free on bond but still have to go to court, its still a relevant topic.

What about a song talking about Genarlow Wilson? It could be called something as silly as "All White Girls Don't Give Good Head."

Or a song bringing attention to the San Francisco 8? Or Detroit's fucked up Education System. Or Aaron Patterson? (like this guy did) We never saw or heard that Katrina record, what happened to that one?

Maybe I'm trippin'. Actions speak louder than words and folks like T.I., David Banner & Saigon to name a few have proven that through their King Foundation, Heal the Hood and Abandoned Nation efforts respectively. Oh yeah, and Plies too.

I guess all I'm saying is, we could use another "Self Destruction" record right about now. It only seems appropriate since folks are still dying in the streets (and even on songs, especially if you're a hater fucking wit my bread!) and getting locked up. I don't know about you, but songs like "Self Destruction" and "We All In The Same Game" played a huge part in me not going down certain paths in life. Plus, Hip Hop is back to being Public Enemy #1, so why not conjure up those songs?

Matter of fact, it could be done like how Pharoe Monch recorded "Trilogy" on his last album, you know, get 3 different producers to do 3 different tracks. Then get everybody and their mama (ala the "One Blood" remix) to hop on it and just go off on the system on one beat, drop some real life game on the second beat and then just speak thier minds on the third beat.

Just a thought.