The TIs over at VH1 wanted to get Kanye West to perform as of their tribute to A Tribe Called Quest for this year's Hip-Hop Honors, partly because the guy's fucking huge right now, and he may have mentioned at some point or another that he likes A Tribe Called Quest. Who doesn't?

But they couldn't, because, like I said, the guy's fucking huge right now. What the fuck does he need with VH1's Hip-Hop Honors? He's probably over in Europe somewhere making some interracial pr0n (to add to his collection) with some smokin' hot modeling chicks. I know that's where I would be!

Is there a connection to be drawn with him shunning XXL to pose with Fiddy on the cover of Rolling Stone a few weeks ago? Who's to say. At any rate, he couldn't be there.

So they called Lupe Fiasco, who's like Kanye West in the sense that he's from Chicago and he dresses like a fruit. He won't sell as many albums in his career as Kanye West sold in one week last month, but people (from okayplayer, who wouldn't know from good rap music) consider him along the lines of A Tribe Called Quest.

Lupe claims he wouldn't have done it, since he's gone on record as saying he could give a rat's ass about A Tribe Called Quest, but Q-Tip (who may not be aware of the Internets) asked him personally. What was he supposed to say? I'd do it, if I actually gave a shit about your music, but I don't?

That just wouldn't have been nice.

And it's not like he could just pull a Kanye and claim he had to go somewhere where people are interested in seeing him. Everyone knows there is no such place. There probably are white girls who would have sex with him, but there's white girls who would have sex with me. Hardly an excuse to miss a rap concert.

So Lupe was on to perform. Now all he had to do is learn to the words to "Electric Relaxation." As a rapper, you'd think this would be just as simple as picking up a copy of Midnight Marauders, listening to the song a few times and committing it to memory, but far be it for me to speculate as to the difficulty of someone else's chosen line of work.

People think this blogging shit is as easy as rolling off of the couch at the ass-crack of noon and typing the first thing that comes to your mind that's vaguely related to rap music, but you see what happened when Lupe tried to blog here last year.

Which begs the question: is blogging really that difficult, or has the system of public education in this country failed these rappers to the point where something as simple as typing words into a little box on a computer beyond their range of ability? For the sake of job security, I hope it's the former, but my fear is that it's the latter.

As far as what went wrong with Lupe in his quest (I know) to learn a few bars of "Electric Relaxation" in order to pay tribute to Tribe, it's hard to say. Lupe, to his credit, claims he often has problems with the lyrics to his own songs, let alone the lyrics to other people's songs that he has to learn in a short period of time, but I don't know.

The fact that he only had like four bars to spit, combined with the fact that he's gone on record before as saying he could give a rat's ass about A Tribe Called Quest, suggests to me that he just plain didn't care enough to make sure he got it right.