Err, well, sort of. The illustrious print mag once known as Scratch still no longer exists, so don’t get your hopes up. But the folks at Harris Publications understand that the book has a fan base, so they created the Scratch blog, an online destination where points of interest in urban music production can still be brought to light.

My name is Paul Cantor, many people on both the media and music sides of the business know me as Gooch. I will be your distinguished Scratch blogger. Since I have my own qualms with reading blogs from people who I generally think may lack the qualification to be offering critiques (I guess that’s the beauty of blogs), I offer a bit of background info on myself. I’m 25 years old and I call Staten Island, New York home. I’ve been in the music business professionally for about five years, and it’s largely been an incredible experience so far. As a producer I’ve had the chance to work with some incredibly talented acts, met executives with extraordinary foresight, and A&Rs who’ve not only played electric guitar, but acoustic too! Additionally, since 2004 I’ve been writing or have written for media outlets such as XXL, King,,, and assorted others. I formerly held the position as Scratch’s Technology Editor.

I subscribe to the motto that in life you need to do what you feel and feel what you do, no matter the consequences. For many people, music, and to a further extent music production, is about hopes and dreams and making something of yourself through your passion. It’s about offering your unique musical vision to the world and being a) respected b) recognized and c) paid, for it. I won’t go on record and say that at times this blog will not be harsh, but for the most part, I hope it inspires some people to make some tracks and pursue their musical dreams, or at the very least, a healthy dialogue about those who are already doing so.