Say Hola

Tom Brock “The Love We Share Is The Greatest of Them All”

The Dramatics “Fell For You”

Marvin Gaye “Soon I’ll Be Loving You Again”

Curtis Mayfield “Short Eyes”

Larry Ellis & The Black Hammer “Funky Thing (Pt. 1)”

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  • P-mac


  • rb

    oh yea..i can respect it tho.

  • StarrScream

    whts so hot about the samples?
    ooooo that is hot!

    Now List to my Shit?

  • john

    someone sure is riding mr. carters dick.

  • Triple D

    American Gangster is some good shit.

  • lukee lefty

    Say Hello is the dopest song i have heard in years, DJ Toomp is the producer of the year……….Success >>>> PSA ……………yeah i said it………what nigga what…….

  • Calibud

    No Hook let me know Jay is back on his shit. Overall though the album is a good fit for me right now, I rode out to that mutha fucka all weekend on repeat. I aint did that wit an album in years.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Success is cold as ice. It pains me to say that, but it is the truth.

  • onysik22

    Just got done listening to it, and I have to agree.

    WTF is up with Hello Brooklyn though?

    • Billy Kincaid

      “WTF is up with Hello Brooklyn though?”

      Take a trip to Paul’s Boutique.

  • Purple Hulk


  • Yung B Da Producer

    yo da samples for dis cd is mad ill but mosty of em i’ve heard already just cuz ima a lover of goin CRate Diggin real producer knows wat crate diggin or any smart music person should….i got some work wit def jam coming soon check out da myspace Da ILLEST PRODUCER

    “Yung B Da Producer”


    Good shit man. I like to know the origins and shit. Just to see how hte ideas came out.

  • young

    say hello is just tooo soulful


    yo i got AG already.shit is all over the internet.i got them dirty tracks.tell you what shit is gonna be a classic when it drop.yo am gonna cop it for real.

  • Wez

    American Gangster is Classic.

  • sb

    oh shit i thought that jay and nas did was a live band….damn!!!! that’s a mean sample..and all that was added were the drums…wow

  • dream

    this jigaboo stays on jay-z’s nutsack like we care about the new album. nobody is fuckin with jay no more. how about payin attention to other artist beside jay-z. you are a horrible journalist the way you play politics. nobody cares about this shit.niggas stopped caring about jay in the late 90′s jigaboo.

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  • Cassius

    This album is the truth for real. First listen I wasn’t entirely sure if it was on the level I thought Jay needed….but shit, this shit is beyond the mark. I been bumping it back-to-back-to-back-to-back….long story short, i don’t know what everyone’s plan is, but the game is gonna have to get better. Curtis??? How bad does your album look now? Mein, you should be ashamed…HOV IS BACK (no sack huggin)

  • sentz

    let that bitch breathe!!

  • Vito

    What about the sample for Party Life????

  • reggiereg1

    33 classic soul samples here

  • vage eend

    that larry ellis shit is SUPERBAD

    a good look for no i.d. for hooking that up so god damned hard

  • karlitodakid

    im very happy to be a witness