R.I.P. Ray Barnett

Sometimes I get so caught up in the fuckery and the fun that I have talking shit with y’all over here that I forget about the real world. I forget to pay my cable bill, or my electric bill and then, bam! I come home and the lights are turned off. That’s why I really don’t keep food in my refrigerator. I know that any second the lights can go out and I will be sitting on the couch eating a can of tuna under candlelight. XXL Mag Dot Com helps me forget about the real world.

This week I had a jarring reminder about reality. No, my lights weren’t shut off, that’s prah’lee gonna happen next week along with the cable. This week I lost a good friend and a co-worker to some of the worst random and sensless violence that could occur. My homey, my brother, Raymond Barnett was killed when some cowards shot at the window of the pub that he watched the door for. This was worse than being senseless. It was shameful and cowardly. I’m not a proponent for the death penalty because it has never been adjudicated with equity towards people of color, but this is one instance that I wish death upon man.

Peep the New York Daily News article…

Ray worked at the bar on weekends to get a few pieces of paper to supplement his day job. He and his wife were raising two daughters and such is the American economy that everyone without a Masters degree must grind that much harder for their chips. You still don’t go to work thinking that day could be your last unless you are a police officer that kicks in doors, or a fireman that kicks in doors.

Speaking of policemen and firemen, this crime occurred in the middle-class Bronx neighborhood of Pelham Bay Park. It’s an isolated neighborhood in the Northeast part of the borough that is a residential enclave for policemen and firemen, who want to maintain a city address, but don’t want to deal with the madness inside of the center city. I just pray that the cowards who committed this crime aren’t cops or kids of the police because then they will be shielded from any repercussions.

The bar was located on a strip where there are several taverns and pubs. The cowards tried to enter the bar after 4 a.m. which is closing time here in NYC. Ray denied them entrance. They left the bar, and when they drove past one of them opened fire at the bar. How cowardly is that? That isn’t Hip-Hop. That is bitchmade bullshit. But the damage has been done forever. Ray leaves behind a wife of eleven years and two daughters who will spend their lifetimes picking up these pieces. To think, dude came back home from the Persian Gulf War in 1992 only to meet his demise from a gun while trying to make money to put his kids through school.

Like I said earlier, I kind of lose my perspective sometimes when I hang out here, but now I have been crushed by reality in the worst way. To all the friends of this column, and the haters… Do me a solid today and pour a little something on the ground in honor of Ray Barnett and all of the fallen soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and America who were only trying to make life better for their families and for us.


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  • The Kanadian

    Word Homey!! R.I.P. Ray
    Moment of Silence.

  • Ty


  • og bobby j

    sorry for your lose cuz….i virtually send my condolences….and will be sure to spark one “in honor of Ray Barnett and all of the fallen soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and America who were only trying to make life better for their families and for us.”

    • Around and Around

      Urrrrr nope sorry they aren’t making our lives better, they’re making the lives of Haliburton, Blackwater and oil companies et el better.

      As Billy said in his article “such is the American economy that everyone without a Masters degree must grind that much harder for their chips”

      • Worley

        For real. Some of these corporations and politicians treat the US government like its a big piggy bank.

        I’ll remember to pour a lil something for Ray and let’s not forget Jam Master Jay. RIP.

        • Doobie

          Defense spending is the biggest corporate welfare scheme in the entire world, and trying to cut spending in that area is basically political suicide, because you’ll be accused of hating America and having hot amorous trysts with the terrorist or some shit like that. Republicans, with their bullshit ass supply side trickle down Economics, are the main reason why we now have an “American economy that everyone without a Masters degree must grind that much harder for their chips”, because they (claim to) believe that making the rich richer will cause bigger crumbs to fall down off the table for the rest of us. But, the reality is that they’re only gonna invest what the demand (which comes from the “bottom”) dictates, because needlessly flooding the market when there’s no demand depresses profits and causes you to have warehouses full of shit that you can’t get rid of. So, the rest of that money will simply be put off into hedge funds and off-shore bank accounts, to give the people at the top even more money to spend on “escorts” and drugs. The Republicans went after Clinton hard when he cut the defense budget in the 90′s because he understood that putting more money into the pockets of the people that create the demand, means more goodies for everybody. Anyway, that was some bitchmade shit when they shot your boy down. Condolences to his peeps and to all of us who have lost someone close to senseless violence.

        • Around and Around

          Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering of Nazi Germany once said:

          “Naturally, the common people don’t want war … but after all it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked….”

  • jg420

    Man I always hate to hear about anyone passing, much less in a senseless way. I am sorry for your loss and just hit the cinderella 99 out of the bong

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sinistah

    R.I.P. to ya peeps and condolences to you and his fam and other friends….

    i go thru bullshit like this damn near every other month, i’m numbed to an extent, saddened to anotha, and just happy to still be here overall…

    cowards with guns…..

  • Changeups

    Ray was a good dude. We both grew up in 5, he was a few years older than me but I knew him. He wasn’t no wanna be thug in any form. When I heard he was shot over the weekend all I could say was why him? He didn’t deserve it. He was a real good dude. Cowards took his life over absolutely nothing. May he Rest In Peace.

  • Fire

    Sorry for your loss, man. Hope you’ll be all right. It’s a damn shame that people have to die from acts of senseless violence committed by cowards all across this world. Like Sinistah said, cowards with guns…

  • http://www.myspace.com/crockerishiphop Crocker

    Sorry for your loss man. Keep ya head up. After the storm comes the sun, hopefully some rays are on the way. Be easy.


    Sorry for your loss, keep your head up.

  • http://xxlmag.com kane corleone

    thats fucced up cuz,these niggaz have no balls,no respect anymore,I’m going to the liquor store……i’ll pour out somethin

  • TheUltimate

    I caught this story in the Daily News the other day and thought it was so tragic. I’m sorry to hear it hit so close to home.

    R.I.P. Ray Barnett

  • beeyo


  • that guy

    condolences…thats fucked up. whoever did that is a coward and a bitch

  • NiQue

    Peace & Love..

    Ray Barnett R.I.P.. I worked with Ray for 3yrs.. and recently saw him about 2wks ago on my trip back home to NYC and just like Ray he showed me enough love after being away from NYC for 2yrs. Ray and I talked about the “kids” his little girls adored him and you could see in his face they were the reason he kept going on everyday.. I broke down in tears (literally) when hearing the news I couldn’t believe it.. not Ray!! not my dude, it can’t be. Love my dude like a brother.. and as I write this I’m still mourning and will be there Friday to pay my respects. My people pls cherish those close because like UGK song say “One day your here and the next you’re gone”.

    Peace & Love Ray.. R.I.P. playboy
    Gone but not forgotten.
    ya boy, NiQue

  • MAE

    I knew Ray and he was a kind man, he will be missed. I used to work with him a long time ago. It’s hard to understand the events in this world. I didn’t know he served in the military. My prays go out to his family and other friends. God bless and may he rest in peace.

  • Ali

    thats real….i lost both grandfathers in a span of 19 days last month……thats real

    rip ray

  • Ali

    thats real….i lost both grandfathers in a span of 19 days last month……thats real

    rip ray

  • dolo

    RIP ray .. its ill cuz i go to the chinese food spot on the same block. Its not a gully neighborhood like that . what a shame . i saw da article and wonder why these cats gotta do dumb shit to folks who are just tryna get by and make it home to their family at the end of the day

  • Men

    R.I.P. — Sorry for your loss. Ray was all about love and helping people. While he was in the Army, he NEVER went to war and NEVER served in the Persian Gulf. I know that doesn’t lessen your loss, but let’s keep to the facts. He worked hard, He loved his family and He was murdered by cowards!

  • Kay725

    R.I.P. Ray

    My heart goes out to the family, especially his girls. I would like to make a correction to your article — Raymond was in the Army but he did not go to war and he was NEVER in the Persian Gulf. Let’s stick to the facts –he was a hardworking man who loved his family and was murdered for a drink.

  • http://xxl Tesa Richardson

    R.I.P Ray you will be dearly missed but never forgotten… The last time we were hanging out we were christening our God-Son EJ….We prayed together in the church and asked god to watch over our God child…We have an internal bond that will never be forgotten….I will always hold EJ down and rep as the God Father and God Mother…blessings to the little ladies left behind and your wife Edyie, you no Edyie was always strong minded, keep her strong Ray from the heavens above…and I will try here on earth…miss ya and luv ya…Tesa

  • Nydia

    I grew up with Raymond,,,known him since I was about 14 years old..We grew up in Co-op together, we spent summers together, hung out around the buildings together…I moved to Florida, we grew up, kinda lost touch, but through mutual friends I always knew how he was doing…I will miss him, and I pray for the loved ones he left behind..It goes to show, you never know, Last night I found an old shoe box with pictures of us and our friends from summer “85″, and letters he wrote to me when he was in the army..LOL.. God Bless his family and those who read this..Justice will be served,,,I will never forget Ray,,,

  • Changeups
    • Strange connection

      Thanks for the link Changeups. Was exactly what I’e been searching for.

      My deep condolences. You don’t know me but I have an interest in this crime. You see, I knew the gunman.

      My mom told me about a rumor that Frankie, the kid from up the block, was in jail for shooting a bouncer. I was doing research about it and was trying get a solid lead.

      There it was in print: Conte. He was a friend of a friend. We played whiffleball together once or twice.

      He was one of those Italian kids who was always talking tough, a 3 o’clock bully that would pick on smaller kids in the local 2nd rate Catholic school. He became the kind of adult that would be played by Chaz Palmenteri or Joe Pesci in a Martin Scorsese movie. A pissed off wannabe Goodfella.

      Ain’t talked to the guy in about 15 years but I saw him once in a while hanging around his mom’s place drinking in his car with his friends (for all I know the same bastard he was cruising with that tragic night). He always seemed like kind of an asshole so he can rot in Rikers, I hardly care.

      • Eydie Barnett

        Yea you right your friend from the block is a coward Mr Strange Connection!! Im his wife and still CANT get over it!!! I started going to church just so i can make some sense of this and still cant!!!! My girls suffer everyday on their DADDY missing him and still loving him!!!! And so do i. I see these cowards all the time when I go to court FRANK CONTE AND DAVID ROMERO!!! And all i can do is stare at these two wanna be thugs wishing my eyes can be guns so i can take there life away just as they did to us and let the familys feel like we feel. I had one of their family members come up to me and apologize all i can do was wish to spit in this mans face ASSHOLE!! I know in my heart myself and my girls will overcome this but when I dont know!!! I started a new family just so my girls can start a new life without DAD. They know DADDY LOVES THEM NO MATTER WHERE HIS AT!!!

        I wish FRANK AND DAVID rots where every they lay only god can judge you and oh boy he will I HOPE RAY HAUNTS YOU GUYS FOREVER!!!

  • http://xxlmag.com Eydie Barnett

    I agree with you Mr. Strange Connection they are cowards FRANK CONTE AND DAVID ROMERO!!!!!! I am his wife and still cant get over losing my husband RAYMOND W BARNETT!!!!! Our daughters still cry over their DAD!!! We go to church now trying to make some sense of this cowardly act but still cant!!! I started a new family so my girls can go on without their DAD.. Its hard still because its not the family we know but we making it. I look at these cowards faces everytime I go to court wishing my eyes are guns so their familys can feel like we do know. I had one of their family members come up to me and apoligize all I could do was wish I can spit in this mans face ASSHOLE!!! Only god can judge these cowards and oh man he will!!!! I wish one day u guys will read this and I hope you guys rot where ever you lay and I HOPE RAYMOOND HAUNTS YOU FOREVeR YOUR DREAMS, HOMES AND FAMILIES CAUSE IM HAUNTED OF THE MEMORY OF NOT HAVING MY HUSBAND AND FAMILY I ONCE HAD!!!!!!

    • chris

      I was wondering if anyone knew the latest about the murder investigation? Are they in jail? People are tellng me they see them out?? Thanks

      • CD

        Has anyone found out what happened with this trial? Hope these POS get life.