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  • Super

    WTF is this

  • King B

    Sorry dawg born in 86′, WTF is this?

  • Clammy Claude

    NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR THIS SHIT!!!!! again…how did these bloggers get their jobs. you guys are sooo bad it makes me sick. i would love to know so that i could try and get hired and actually put together interesting stuff that ppl would actually enjoy reading and feel is worthwhile. honestly its unbearable.

  • sleep

    Elliot you are a fycking hater I know you had something to do with bol getting fired you hater ass mother fucker

  • rafi

    Beatnuts forever, die hard motherfucker.

  • ANTO

    This is awesome. Elliot, best music blog on the web. Fuck these losers.

  • Were Read 2 Def

    What bol get fired 4?

  • the one

    Cause he’s a better blogger than Elliot/

  • Roc the Trashman

    Man can you just make your own bangers section, you be cloggin up the whole blog section on the front page. Probably don’t care since you “run” shit.

  • Real Talk

    Good shit as always. Thanks for helpin me step my old school tracks up.

  • steve

    been heard and had this shit for years. ease back

  • Federal Ranga

    Bol, got fired? Like for real?

  • sleep

    You niggas beliieve anything yoh see on a computer screen. Yoh like the anchor man. What a fucking lost generation

  • Windy Miller

    The ‘Nuts. Something from the 1st album. There’s a lot of people who make comments on here who don’t know jack.

    Doooooope record.