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Inspired by Hip Hop Honors mania, I was digging through the Whodini section on my G- Raid and look what I found:

Whodini “Let Me Get Some”

This was from the group’s failed comeback album, Six, executive produced by and released on the label of their former dancer, Jermaine Dupri. Who recycled the groove for this current radio rotator.

Fabolous “Baby Don’t Go”

OK, let me get this straight. Timbo says in final Scratch he gave “Make Me Better” track to Jay for Kingdom Come. Just gave Jay the “Return of The Hustle” beat for the original “Dig A Hole.” And now I even catch Don Chi Chi passing out hand-me-downs. Jeez, can a young nigga from BK get respect? Spell it with me folks: F-A-B-O. L-O-S-T.

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  • http://beatsandrants.blogs.com Trent


  • boner jams 03

    Fab stay losin…timbo should have gave the beat to raekwon for OB4CL2….that shit is a “rainy dayz” 07

  • http://beatsandrants.blogs.com Trent

    And what’s up with Jermaine Dupri passing down a recycled beat he did in ’96 to Fabo? I wondered if Fabo got a discount on the cost of this beat.
    J-Diddy gets like, what, 500k for a beat?

  • May

    Damn. That ain’t right.

    I thought that beat was original.

    I hate feeling duped.

  • DANJA29

    Wow… LMAO

    I can’t front tho’- that track was a lil’ ahead of the loop for ’96, wasn’t it? It sounds right on time for now, but I’d have imagined some different drums or somethin’ on the Whodini track.

    JD = ahead of his time? Can’t be.

  • bongolock

    whodini actually made this song?! lawd have mercy this is bollocks x 2

  • Steve

    Someones lawyer is gonna get paid.

  • Arcey

    I think you snitched on J.D., lol!!?!!anyway i understand why he gave that to Whodini, it’s reminiscent of “friends”. I’m pretty sure Fab was aware & anyways the tracks have ten yrs apart from each other not like what ALC did to Ras & Jada (more to Ras!) in ’01-’02

  • P-417

    Nevermind Loso, what the fuck is up with Jays beat picking game? Passing on Return of the hustle for that wack ass Dig a Hole beat? And passing on “make me better”? WTF?

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