Diddy Is The Greatest American Gangster…

“What’cha wanna do? You wanna be a baller, shot caller, brawler?” –P.Diddy

When Diddy poses this question he is really describing all possible facets of gangsterism. There are several positions that you can play within gangsterism. The shot caller is the top spot. He is the boss. The shot caller issues the edicts and directions to the mobster, or the baller. The mobster enjoys the benefits of being close to the boss. The mobster gets to spend money that is made from the backsweat of others that he collects on behalf of the boss. The mobster balls out. When shit gets thick for the boss he tells the mobster that work has to be put in. The mobster then contracts the thug, or as Diddy has noted, the brawler. The thug is the foot soldier of gangsterism. The thug is the shooter. Or knife user, or knockout artist. Whatever it takes.

Diddy has at one time or another occupied all the above positions in gangsterism. He transitions from each one almost seamlessly and continues to remain an icon for Hip-Hop throughout his maneuvers. I think he empowers his bodyguards when he shows then that he is willing to put in his own work in knocking someone the fuck out. It makes them realize they need to go the extra mile if they want to be of any use to him. At the same time corporations are still attracted to Diddy because like the best mobster he still collects their money and directs them to the place they can get some more of it. Pass the Courvosier bitches. Even with no visible artists on the horizon Bad Boy still maintains their offices and a staff. That’s boss shit if you ask me. Diddy knows how to keep the lights on.

In a few weeks we will see a movie that depicts a character that comes from Harlem who had the world in the palm of his hand. In my opinion this movie would have been truer to life instead had it been a documentary of Diddy’s life. What hasn’t he done already? The next thing for Diddy will be to throw his 40th birthday party on a space station. Why hasn’t Barack Obaama contracted him to help him become president? Prah’lee because Hillary Clinton already has dude signed up.

P.Diddy is the King of all Jigs.

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  • smac

    Inspiring stuff

    • Chuck Basel

      “Yo what’s up?
      This is hip hop manifesting as the Blastmaster KRS-One.
      Bringing you 60 minutes of funk with my man Funkmaster Flex
      so I say…

      Me never never never cross over
      Me never never never never go commercial la la (x2)

      I got mad skills and style I will get wild
      Feel my file
      Conceptually ahead by miles
      Who’s to blame when your lyrics are lame?
      No octane just can’t play the game quite the same
      I’m in the passing lane
      Shoooom I go by you like a Japanese bullet train
      I heard you trying to damage my name
      But can…you…stand..the…rain?
      The one’s I don’t kill go insane
      Fuck the flamboyant MC I come plain
      What you tryin’ for?
      What you lyin’ for?
      You gotta think is hip hop worth dyin’ for?
      So lets settle the score with rhythmic metaphor
      Strickly the motherfuckin’ God core
      So I say”

      Please Puffy, Puffy, Puffy, Puffy go away…

    • Anonymous


  • Benjamins

    Ive always said this, great blog people hate on diddy saying he soft or cant rap or watever they can find to hate on him for. Diddy is not a rapper he just does it because he can, just like he does everything else because he can because he is the boss and has been for a long time and there is nobody thats more gangster than puff just ask the lox.

  • Incilin

    True story.

  • AZ40

    He got the whole world shook…See how he made 50 squash that shit about ma$e a while back.

  • kritiq

    what a useless post

    and diddy aint no gansta the only time he couses trouble is when he’s with like 5 of he’s bodygaurds and note he only gets into trouble in clubs where there’s plenty of bouncers and shit. let him try and go to the hood and try shit like that without he’s bodygaurds and lets see what will happen

    stop giving this pussy all those stupid praises, fighting over a bitch wow how gangsa!



  • these posts are racist

    Creative writing man. Diddy gets mad props. He accumulated wealth (just as the dope dealers of the 70′s and 80′s) but has done it legitimately – and as long as some hater doesn’t wack him out, he’ll live a long wealthy life.

    Neither H. Clinton or Obama will sign him on, directly to help their campaign. The right wing conservative bigots will have a field day quoting any “negative” lyric uttered by Diddy and focusing on any “negative” aspect of his life. It’s way too much of a political liability.

    That’s why us liberals are losing right now. We don’t exploit all the bad stuff these right wing cats do and say. We need to make them think twice about who they sign on too. Right wingers will create some catch phrase like “Obama and Gangster Diddy ‘rap’ election up” or something and repeat over and over so older Americans link Obama with Gangster and Rap music…

  • Doobie

    I don’t give other people props for accumulating wealth unless some of that money is going into my pocket, nor do I take into account the size of someone’s bank account when judging their quality or credibility as an artist—it simply isn’t relevant. You’re absolutely right TPAR about Diddy being too much of a political liability though. Not to mention the fact that endorsements by celebrities seem to have an at best negligible effect on the outcome of elections anyway, so there’s no benefit and a whole lot of risk.


    Diddy a Gangster? Hell 2 The Naw ! Why was Diddy more worried than a Chicago Pimp when his Trick gets Pregnant when Suge Knight was trying to “Steven Segal” his bad-Perm having Arse in the early 90′s ? Why everytime a Africoid like Suge, Tupac or any REAL Negroid with REAL “Connections” to “Street Organizations” came at Mr. Puff-N-Stuff this kid would act more Pussy than Paul Reubens at a Strip Club? Diddy a “American Gangster”? Diddy a Black Member of the “La Costa Nostra”? Diddy is more like a member of the Hollywood League Of Brothers On The Dow Low ! Check his Sexuality or ask anybody really in the “Business”.

  • Cuban Link

    Fuck Obama, Diddy should just run for president himself.I think hes old enough, and come on who has the balls to go against Diddy?

  • Around and Around

    Nope that title goes to Joey the Clown

    • these posts are racist

      Co-sign Around. Joey the Clown Lombardo, is a fucking gangster.

  • http://www.myspace.com/crockerishiphop Crocker

    Diddy brought you the G.O.A.T. (Biggie)

    Brought the hardest beat of all time (Benjis)

    Crucified himself with Nas (Hate Me Now)

    And Passed the Courvosier upside Steve Stoute’s noggin (God Bless You For That)

    Co-Sign ^^^ Sunday, Diddy is the kingpin of all kingpins, the Don Dodda, Diddy Is Hip-Hop, Bitches.

    It truly is, DIDDY TIME! Take That… Take That… Now gon and diddy bop bitches. ;)

  • HollisX

    Doobie, This point of this post wasnt about him as an artist, so that argument goes out the window. On the points made, all are true. Diddy doest have to do anything. Hes doin it cuz he can. There has been no figure in Hip Hop that matches the role diddy has. Now that Jay’s gettin his corporate on, he might start slidin into a spectre of that role. But Jay’s focus has always been more that strictly of an artist. But as having the title of a “hip hop figure” that just happens to rap sometimes(because he can!!), and being a boss, man has it hands down! “10 years from now, well still be on top”

    • Doobie

      You’re right HollisX, that was just a general aside that came to mind at the time. But, this whole idea of Puff being a gangster is so ridiculous that I didn’t even consider it worth addressing. You made some great points but they all just add up to Puff being a good, remarkably resilient businessman. How that supposedly means that he’s some sort of gangster is beyond me.


    Diddy is cool on some “Commercial Sheet!” But as far as REAL record Moguls with REAL “Connections” to the Streets and with “La Costra Nostra” and such, Suge Knight is the Frank Sinatra of this Rap Shiiiiiiitttt !! Plus who would you rather not EVER get Bitch-Slapped by, Diddy or Suge? Also Suge is like the Most Notorious(not trying to be insinuative) Guy in the Industry with like Legendary involvement with Beatdowns,shakedowns,pimping,money-laundring,royalty check rip-offs,shoot-outs,killings,extortion and “Alledgedly” Murder. Also his “Affliation” with the Piru Blood Gangs of California and “Affliation” with the “La Costra Nostra” are realer than when Keepin It Real Goes Wrong(here’s looking at you TI).


    Ya’ll niggas is clowns on this site you guys would believe harry potter was a gangster if the story was presented to you in the right fashion… Lets me tell you why diddy is only a paper gangster… When shit hits the fan diddy does not ride for his people perfect example (Shyne) where was Diddy when Suge was making threats on his life (scarred as a bitch) a real gangster don’t care about your reputation if you threaten me or my fam i’ma see you… 3rd diddy ain’t even from Harlem and is not acknoledged by the people of Harlem as a native and it’s easy to lay hands on somebody with 4 security guards around you, what trigger has diddy ever squeezed???… Let diddy try that to some real niggas and see what happen… You see clowns it takes a real gangsta to know one and the clown that wrote this blog is not a gangsta (Billy Sunday) and none of you clowns that believe this blog are… Diddy never had a history of being a gangster before he got rich and is not a gangster now nor will he ever be.









  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Chicago G,
    You are something like a hater. Diddy has been doing whatever he wants to do for the last twenty years. All kinds of niggas come up and sit the fuck down, but he is still standing getting cake off lord knows what.

    Read the drop sonn, being a gangster is about creating your own lifestyle no matter what the fuck someone else says. I ain’t no gangster and I ain’t no clown, but more importantly, no matter what you say you can’t stop my bread.

    If y’all niggas don’t resopect Diddy now you will one day when he busts you upside your head with a forty ounce.

    • CHICAGO “G”

      Sunday you are a clown i respect niggas for what they are, i respect diddy’s hustle as a business men but how in the hell does that equate to being a gangster… Beating up niggas with 4 bodyguards with you ain’t gangsta you clown, and diddy would not be caught on the southside of chicago where i’m from… Everything i said was fact if you don’t like it suck a dick… Suge Knight is a real gangsta mogul get off Diddy’s dick fag… So i guess i’m a hater for being a real nigga and telling it like it is then i’ll be that

    • Doobie

      How has Puff created his own lifestyle? It seems to me that he’s pretty much living the same lifestyle that most rich and famous people live. He may throw a few more parties than most and he may have a few more illegitimate children floating around out there than some, but his lifestyle pretty seems to be the same. That sounds like “emulating” more than “creating” to me.


    And for the record a gangster does create his own lifestyle true but a gangster must also be a rider and ready to die at anytime and puff is too pussy to squeeze a trigger or ride he to busy fighting over bitches which is something gangters don’t do.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Squeezing triggers?!?!

    What the fuck are you talking about? Thugs squeeze the triggers fool, bosses and gangsters tell them niggas where to shoot.


    Al capone squeezed triggers, Larry Hoover squeezed triggers, Frank Nitti, Gotti, Frank Lucas, Walter wheat, jeff fort you dumb fuck didn’t wake up gangsters they had to ascend to that level and on the way up you gotta squeeze a trigger or two you dumb fuck…

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Chicago G,
    The G must stand for generic. You dumb ass poppy seed head generic ass e-mail thug. Go do some G shit and shoot somebody or sell a G pack. You sitting here on the internets masturbating to cartoons and fictitious crooks means you stay losing.

    How do you know who popped what? And that stupid shit you talk is just that. Diddy re-invents his steez every fucking year to keep his paper flowing. This nigga never wrote a rhyme ever. This nigga never made a beat. But he did bust a nigga’s melon with a bottle of cham and he did pop off when niggas threw money in his face.

    I remember when niggas trampled each other to come to one of his parties. This nigga has been organizing jigs for nearly twenty years as a roadie, an A & R, and a fucking intern. If your stupid ass had any power of reading comprehension then you would understand the point I was making.

    You prah’lee from Champaign anyhoo. Go kill yourself playing in Stoney Island Ave traffic or drown yourself in the Calumet.

    • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

      and by “re-invents the steez”he means dropping another posthumous biggie album and caking up off the royalties he never pays out. lol.

      Im convinced badboy only contracts artists who cant read. hahahaha.

  • fred

    where was this tuff talk when suge knight and pac was punkin his azz? where was this gangersterism when suge knight punked him in new york on his own turf mind you….niggas from cali was on the new york stage poppin shit at puffy while he was on some lets have piece shit when real g’s was punkin his azz
    that was the truth ..give da nigga props he makes his bread but lets not give the nigga
    a pass on being a g if he hit a real nigga he would have been dropped if his guards didnt jump in..IF IT WAS NIGGAS WITH AN ARMY LIKE HIS HE WOULD TUCK HIS TAIL…


    I respect Diddy’s Hustle as a Mogul in music and fashion and such, but, as far as REAL Gangster Shit he is Micro-Soft,never HardBody with the G-Card Membership like Suge “Hang-Your-Favorite-Rapper-Over-A-Balcony” Knight. As far as the dissin between you Billy X Sunday and CHICAGO G, yall both got vaild points, but, Diddy is more of a Hustler than a Gangster, BUT, with Money comes Power then Respect. Yet a cat like Suge could be broker than a Project DoorKnob and still command your Respect(and Fear!), so you know what it is………………….

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Y’all confusing thugs who is the weedcarriers to the gangsters. Thugs are expendable and interchangeable. The gangsters stay in place and move the pieces around.

    No doubt Suge is hard body, but where is Suge now? The gangsters stay in power because they know how to generate that scrilla. Thugs can collect the money but they can’t create the wealth.

    The reason Diddy stays in power is because he makes wild paper for the t.I.’s. Them niggas ain’t gonna let him lose because he has the track record of finding some kid in the ghetto with immense artistic talent.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Diddy is definitely alive and well out here. I completely shitted on one of my NY-bred college homies’ heart when I told her that I was looking forward to Puff’s No Way Out more than Biggie’s Life After Death back when they were dropping, when Bad Boy ruled the world and Puffy had everybody trying to sign.

    The truth is that almost every young “mogul” in the game today wants to do what Puff did. Even Jay.

    • Anonymous

      mos def


    Billy Sunday you’s a bitch nigga man…LOL if you wanna see where i’m from come to Englewood @ 69 & throop i’ll smack fire out yo bitch ass…LOL anyway i ain’t wit this internet thug shit man.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Chicago G,
    Go do some G shit already. It is definitely NOT being a G that you hang around an internets comment thread and tell niggas to come see you. Why don’t you do some G shit and come see niggas. I will be exiting the Franklin Avenue train station on Eastern Parkway at 6:30pm tonite. Shoot me when you see me. That would be a G move. Otherwise you are clownshoes by hanging around an internets thread and threatening to smack fire from people’s mouths. That’s not G, that’s GHEY.

    Diddy is a gangster, the same way Quincy Jones is a gangster, the same way George Bush is a gangster, the same way JP Morgan was a gangster. All these niggas cake up from exploiting other peoples hard work. And they throw motherfuckers under the bus when shit gets thick to protect their monies. You see how George Bush threw Colin Powell under the bus over this Iraq shit?

    Some of y’all dudes have grown up watching television without being able to separate fiction from the larger context called reality. Diddy is a fucking gangster trust me, just trust me.

  • nappy_pappy

    lol you guys are too funny. you both have valid points. I think Sunday is sayin Diddy is gangsta, by the fact that he continues to hold his shit down. Diddy is not the “posted up, strapped, movin weight, ready to die gangsta”…he’s more the “ima strive and work hard to get things in life, and im not gonna let someone take it from me gangsta” and everyone has that “gangsta” in them, we just pick our battles. I’m not movin packs, i got a piece but i’ve never popped off at anyone, and i’m not willing to die for just anything, but im sure that, God forbid, someone harms someone close to me, and im sure yall would do the same, i will get gangsta in a second! i will hunt that faggot down, put hot lead in his throat, and spend the rest of my days in jail, if i have too, for the sake of “riding” for one of my own. aaaaaaaand im spent

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