Playing sounds in Propellerheads Reason via Nintendo’s Wii remote

Seems some students have made progress with a thesis they are working on where they are trying to make music with the Wii remote while at the same time being able to visually represent that music in 3-D. So they’ve got the Wii transmitting to a Mac via bluetooth, transmitting MIDI note commands with the Wii’s buttons, in turn triggering sounds in Reason. Then that information is being relayed to a PC via UDP and that information is being displayed on a screen.

In all honesty, even though I’ve seen the videos and have a basic understanding of how this is working, I don’t have enough experience with Wii and enough knowledge about how the Wii actually works from a technological standpoint to really get it completely. I just haven’t gotten into the Wii yet, I’m still trying to beat Mario World on my Super Famicom

In any case, I can see this being the starting point for some development for beat-oriented video games for the Wii. Obviously beat making games themselves….that’s nothing new. We just got Traxxpad on the PSP, Guitar Hero been out, and MTV Music Generator inspired quite a few people to get into beatmaking way back. I’m sure i’m leaving a few out.

Just saying though, that video of playing drums with the Wii looks crazy. Not saying it’s going to replace a v-drum set-up, but shit, who knows?

More videos here and check out the students’ site here- Paul Cantor

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  • Tha Ace

    everybody get that?

  • Bang

    you failed with the link

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  • Dan99

    Beats fruit loops

  • Da Kid

    Shit, its hard enough tryna make beats the normal way, this shit looks extra hard to do and time consuming, not interested.

  • BK Cyph

    I bet Just Blaze is workin on a Wii-Beat as we speak.

  • Voice OF honesty

    nobody reads dese blogs just give it a rest, scratch is finished

  • durdy burd

    man look ive been in a studio before and made beats the original u,actually think mutha fuckaz are gone start makin,beats this hard ass,lame ass,complicated way when they can do it the original way and it sound ten times more better and easyer and not to menchin 10 times more creative???!!!

  • yoo

    durdy burd, you’re a fucking idiot who can’t spell. Go kill yourself

  • D In An Mbox

    Watch the next Soulja Boy make a beat on Traxxpad or Wii and the tinny voice of honesty will be silenced.

  • D In An Mbox

    Watch the next Soulja Boy make a hit record on Traxxpad or Wii and the tinny voice of honesty will be silenced.

  • Mattric

    This shit is stupid, and u suck if u can’t beat super mario world that game was so easy

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