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I had the privilege of attending the 2007 BET Hip Hop Awards this past weekend. Its pretty much safe to say that the weekend surrounding the show started with a bang and ended with a silencer.

But in between those two instances, it was a peaceful event. Which begs me to ask, where was the West Coast?

Not only were there no West Coast artists there to fuck the show up (word to Murs), there were no West Coast artists nominated for any awards. There were no West Coast artists scheduled to perform. Hell, outside of Keyshia Cole, I don’t remember any West Coast artists even presenting any awards. I want to say I remember Crooked I being in one of the commerical break cyphers, but I’m not absolutely sure (blame my memory and Blackberry typing).

But really, what’s good with that. Is it because BET doesn’t care to involve any West Coast artists or is it because the West didn’t do anything this year.

Didn’t Snoop and Game drop albums at the end of 2006? Meaning that both of them at least qualified to be considered for nominations? Wasn’t Game’s “Wouldn’t Get Far” video in rotation in 2007? I thought it was dope and original enough to at least get nominated. I mean, shied, it was better than 50′s “I Get Money” video.

Couldn’t they have nominated The Fixxers for Ringtone of the Year or something? Couldn’t they have made up a Mixtape of the Year award and nominated Bishop Lamont’s Nigger Noise? Couldn’t they have nominated DJ Skee for DJ of the Year? Couldn’t they have made up a Worst Verse of the Year and nominated DJ Felli Fel? Couldn’t they have Ice Cube speak on the current state of Hip Hop alongs side MC Lyte, David Banner and Michael Eric Dyson. Couldn’t they have created some West Coast catagory the same way they did for the UK rappers? After all, the network seems to be treating them like foriegners anyway.

I don’t know who to point blame at for this oversight. Should it be BET for overlooking an entire coast? Or the Coast itself for not doing anything to get looked at?

Well, hold up. I just remembered. They had E-40 act as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. But, that shit don’t count. First, because its a half-assed attempt to cover up for not nominating 40 for shit last year when he EASILY had two of the hottest songs of ’06. Second, because it don’t look like they gave him any face time what so ever.

Oh yeah, about the show. Um, it was cool. Much better than last years Atlanta Popularity Contest. Don’t get me wrong, I love my A-Town shit and my Southern shit, and we deserve the shine we’re getting, but damn, I love Hip Hop from all over. Last year came off as a ploy by BET to get in good with the Atlanta music industry’s brass. Can’t be too mad at that though.

But yeah, West Coast, where ya’ll at? We need you back at the award shows, they’re boring without you.

(update: They included Ras Kass on the cyphers)

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  • Word Up

    YoYo (remember her from AmerKKKa’s Most and Ice Cube’s other early work) didn’t perform or get nominated but she showed up and might’ve went on a date with Q-45 (from B.E.T.) during the afterparty.

  • Word Up

    YoYo didn’t perform or get nominated, but she showed up.

  • Larry Brite

    I feel you dOOd

  • B

    Yall is whack fuck in the world, the fans it is what is wrong with hip hop, the west got artist yall are just caught up in the wrong image and have all this dance shit..,Its the station snoop had a Tight album, tighter then anything Kanye has put out.


  • og bobby j

    west coast died with PAC and no amount of butterfly tattoos can change that.
    Detox = west coast ressurection. fact!

    • kinsnspace

      PEACE,good music from all coast(especially west)have dope artists that never get the credit,shine,respect and or attention desserved.If you want the truth(raw,purified,potent) you must seek it.It’s there, trust me!
      come vibe;,kin

    • dumbass

      you a dumbass, Bow Down brought back the left side, know your history nigga

  • N.O. 4 life

    on the real the west is NOT HOT…no disrespect…but where they this summer where it really matter????

    the west didnt even have a lame ringtone rapper come out…lol

    • http://NONE west UP


  • AZ40

    I’m not from the west, but it’s clear that BET is showing favortism to certain artist, when did Waynes last album come out? was that T.I album that hot? It’s not a real award show just some shit they threw together, put hip hop in the title and hope stupid niggas watch. They don’t have anything worth watching on the network anyway

  • Kane Corleone

    og bobby how u gonna take the name of a fictional west coast character and then hate on the Dub,and this is a real 6star general callin you on that wacc shit!! kill yo self cuz

  • J

    Yo Yo is a radio DJ here in LA.

  • bakerboi

    As a matter of fact you are hella right, snoop dogg and E-40 had way better records than TI, Kanye and 50. I mean “tell me when to go” had hella spins everywhere and didn’t get no play at BET awards this year or last. The Blue Carpet, had about 3 or 4 songs that should have been left off, but that was out of 18-19 songs. Kanye and 50′s albums have both lost steam, where are they now. don’t get me wrong there were alright record, but damn I don’t hear nobody bangin them in da trucks.


    You are Right we need some Dope West Coast MC’s to come out and Change The Game, maybe the Good Dr.Dre or Bishop Lamont can help bring the West back to the Limelight. I think The Game’s album was a certified Banger(no pun intended) and the fact that it was overlooked again speaks to my Rap Conscious that says certain East Coast dudes still be playing “We Only Support Our Own” when it comes to Hip-Hop Politics. I know that if The West Coast was in the building like they were back in the 90′s that the Jay-Z’s(yes yall remember niggas treatin him like a Lame?), Lil Waynes and such would be “Shook” when they roll up in the spot.

  • Styles

    Thanks for bringing this up. The West Coast is alive despite the lack of media coverage.

  • dr.raskizzo my nizzo

    here’s a better option for west coast hiphop artists and fans….boycott the BET awards. It’s true, west coast get no love at awards or at the BET shows.

    Its all good, BET love trash, commercial, chickn noodle rappaz!

    ….”WE-STarted this gangsta SH*t….
    and this the muthaf**ken Thanks we get!??”

    -word up to Cube!

  • Incilin

    Well I don’t bother to watch the BET awards, but it would be nice to see West Coast artists there. In fact, it would be nice to see or even hear West Coast artists anywhere. The only people I ever see are Game (My fave rapper at the moment, altho he’s been noticeably lowkey as of late) and Snoop. But that aint nearly enough.

    I like Crooked I, and haven’t heard much from Bishop Lamont, nor Slim The Mobster, but as good as they may be I don’t think any of them have the kinda profile to incite interest in the West Coast again. But props to Game, cuz a few years ago this wouldn’t even be a conversation. At least now adays there’s west coast dudes coming up that I can name.

  • Ace

    West coast gets no reps because it’s not as corporate as east coast and southern rap. Once some suits get wise to the fact that there are mad mc’s out west that are spitting heat, they might bring back the western component to the bet awards. On a different, yet related note, the west should revel in their outsider status and just keep innovating. We know that shit’s not happening out here in the east or in the south.

  • young d

    yeaa i feel ya dude no homo

    wassup with our coast mann

    atleast invite some of uss

    fuck B.E.T. man foreals dey dont support the west…

  • Gamma


  • Cuban Link

    You are such a shitty blogger and I still have no idea who you are.

    How about introducing yourself before you barge in here like that you cunt.

    • Fire

      Wow, Cuban Link must be on his cycle.

      Anyway, MGG, you’re right about the west having a lot of hot albums lately and it pisses me off that E-40, Snoop, Game, and others aren’t getting as much shine as real shitty rappers. The West Coast made gangsta rap popular in the first place and the West changed the game with The Chronic, Doggystyle, and 2Pac (although he was from New York, he still repped the west a lot). Not saying the past reflects the present, but still, the west needs to get more shine. And you’re right about hip hop from all over being great. Fuck all region haters.

      • Fire

        Not to mention the West changed the game with MCs like Too Short, NWA, Ice T, E-40, and Ice Cube.

  • Chanel

    LOL, yeah this dude is a teacher at our school…He’a damn Ass Clown!

  • Spitta

    Ras Kas was there westside!

  • Official!

    I can remember when southern rap wasn’t even shown at awards so I could care less about some west coast artist who arent even being talked about right now being there. Wayne killed the show by the way. Hip Hop is alive! DALLAS TEXAS BABY!

    • Styles

      The South has always gotten a lot of support in the West. The Award Shows have always been Eastern based until we barged in the door and set the stage for the South to do it later.

  • king

    aint that “a bay bay” dude from the west?

    • G.J.

      nah he from Louisiana


      he from louisiana.i thought the same shit when i heard the title,fuck it would have made a lot more sense.

  • Davizz

    Very good article, it’s appreciated.
    Wess Wess.. by the way I think it’s West Coast artists fault a lil’ bit.. they started sounding like South artits but they can’t, it’s like everybody lost inspiration but I still love the West.

  • http://internetexplorer li pupu

    aint nobody done shit out there in a minute. maybe next year when game drop or maybe e40. i think most of yall shit out there is mostly underground like ours(memphis,tn). we fuck wit yall down here. dont let these media outlets and internet thugs start no tension that aint there. PEACE

  • bizzle

    e-40 was there…he did the narrating for the entire show on tv..ras kas was there…I mean who are they gonna bring out anyways? Snoop is at damn near all the events most of the time…the game hasn’t really dropped anything lately and who really wants to see these wack bay area rappers such as mista fab and all that hyphy shit? Not that the crunk shit is any better but thats what it is.

  • zoe pound

    How are they gonna have gorilla zoe performing at the pre show but then let soulja boy close the show? It makes no damn sense. They should have gave soulja boy the back porch stage. Zoe’s single is hotter.



  • og bobby j

    @ Kane Carleone

    You a real 6 starG Huh?? OKAY… Well i will put it simply…My name is the embodiement of the current west coast rapper…..”fictional characters”

    Till the W starts puttin out fire, i will stand strong on the position that it died with 2Pac….I wont say there hasnt been a few sparks….but no flames….and excessive butterflies!!!!!!!!1

  • Big Homie

    Dont forget Ras Kass in the ciphers, which to me was the only part that mattered at that awards. Big KRS winning and Ms. Ford, Lauren London, and Keyshia for looking good.

    Game’s album should of definitely been nominated and a performance with him and Snoop would of been ill.

    I guess they felt Snoop, Ice T ..etc at the VH1 HH Honors was enough. Smh at BET

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  • 110street

    The East coast was not there either. E40 did his thang thizzle. jimmy should have been nominated atleast,ne way the shit as i know it died a while ago. 1hunit

  • Kane Corleone

    Yea homie 6starz minus being behind bars,the west aint neva left jus the fact that most people r dick ridahz who only stick around for a movement,our shit still bang and i dont even live over there anymore Makaveli been gone for a minute and the Dub still shines a a big ass shadow in this rap game,niggas been biting the style for years takin our spit(word 2 40water),way we dress,again kill yo self that name is what it is just a name.

  • The Bay Area!

    We as bay areans dont get no respect. E-40 f/ Keak Da Sneak, tell me when to go as way!!!!!!!! better then that snap music and U and Dat which was featured by T-Pain. They didnt even last on 106 & Park for that long. Matter fact, I only seen it on there twice. BET is fucked up. They get ran by the south and real emcees from new york like fat joe and jadakiss gets on tracks with them saying “change ya style up” to what, that wack snap music? thats not hip hop! even game was on bay bay bay remix. that was weak. now i know sometimes we come out with wack hyphy songs but the good ones dont make it either. I was surprised to see “Kanfani, Faast” song on BET NOW. I dont like that shit either, its wack. yeah E-40 is playing his part like how BET wants him to play and thats as a low standard.

    seems like anything t-pain gets on always stays on 106 & park and other shows, but did U and Dat stay on there? NO!. how come lil wayne is always the best rapper for the shit he says, or even t.i? they both weak to me. they have a couple of things that was dope but barely. none of those rappers from the south are hip hop artist, they just make songs. hip hop is something that you just fall in love with and alays remember that song. not just some song that make you say hay… hay… hay… which was another saying created in the bay. people like artist and producers come to the bay and steal our shit and put it on tv like they came out with it. thats why the bay as mad at the ying yang twins and collipark for coming out with that go dumb song and not putting none of us on it. they shouldnt have came out with the shit period!

    JD getting all this promotion for producing wack rap and dance songs like the franchise boys. only song i liked was white tee. out here in the bay, we wear stunna shades and have been wearing them for years. tell me why jagged edge and JD just came out with a song called stunna shades? good thing t-pain said Stunna shades on his song buy you a drink. Too Short came out with hella shit that yaw see on tv now and its portrayed by others from different states. was he nominated for blow the whistle? NO! was Keyshia Cole nominated for her song “Love” I dont remember? but I know she did not win! and all the girls on 106 & Park was on that song plus it was number 1 for weeks. I wont even speak on MTV not showing her some love, but hey!

    We want our spot back. Hyphy didnt just start, we been dancing like that for years, ever since the luniz “I got 5 on it” came out in 93′ and snoop did not make up the word “Phocheezie” E-40 did because E-40 was out before snoop. go to youtube and look up E-40 and Too Short song “players Ball” Believe me, the south is getting too much credit and the bay area gets none. all the real rappers like busta rymes and all them gotta stop lying on tv saying hip hop now is incredible! because they know its wack. if Nas is saying hip hop is dead, then why he say the south and hip hop is incredible? lets be honest here. show us love and stop calling us Los Angeles! We love LA but we are northern california!

    Be on the look out for my label “We Make It Entertainment as we hit you with our mixtape soon!


  • Biggie

    i barely watch b.e.t. cuz most of their videos is from the south, don’t get me wrong, i love the south especially H-town, but everybody knows that most of that fake hip hop comes from the A-Town which is part of the south, There are some real rappers in the A-town like Luda, & T.I. Hip Hop ain’t just about the south, b.e.t. is forgetting about us up here in the West, crooked I did his thing, & game too, so why they weren’t at the award show?


    If You love the WEST, You’ll love HI POWER ENT., go to !!!