I had the privilege of attending the 2007 BET Hip Hop Awards this past weekend. Its pretty much safe to say that the weekend surrounding the show started with a bang and ended with a silencer.

But in between those two instances, it was a peaceful event. Which begs me to ask, where was the West Coast?

Not only were there no West Coast artists there to fuck the show up (word to Murs), there were no West Coast artists nominated for any awards. There were no West Coast artists scheduled to perform. Hell, outside of Keyshia Cole, I don't remember any West Coast artists even presenting any awards. I want to say I remember Crooked I being in one of the commerical break cyphers, but I'm not absolutely sure (blame my memory and Blackberry typing).

But really, what's good with that. Is it because BET doesn't care to involve any West Coast artists or is it because the West didn't do anything this year.

Didn't Snoop and Game drop albums at the end of 2006? Meaning that both of them at least qualified to be considered for nominations? Wasn't Game's "Wouldn't Get Far" video in rotation in 2007? I thought it was dope and original enough to at least get nominated. I mean, shied, it was better than 50's "I Get Money" video.

Couldn't they have nominated The Fixxers for Ringtone of the Year or something? Couldn't they have made up a Mixtape of the Year award and nominated Bishop Lamont's Nigger Noise? Couldn't they have nominated DJ Skee for DJ of the Year? Couldn't they have made up a Worst Verse of the Year and nominated DJ Felli Fel? Couldn't they have Ice Cube speak on the current state of Hip Hop alongs side MC Lyte, David Banner and Michael Eric Dyson. Couldn't they have created some West Coast catagory the same way they did for the UK rappers? After all, the network seems to be treating them like foriegners anyway.

I don't know who to point blame at for this oversight. Should it be BET for overlooking an entire coast? Or the Coast itself for not doing anything to get looked at?

Well, hold up. I just remembered. They had E-40 act as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. But, that shit don't count. First, because its a half-assed attempt to cover up for not nominating 40 for shit last year when he EASILY had two of the hottest songs of '06. Second, because it don't look like they gave him any face time what so ever.

Oh yeah, about the show. Um, it was cool. Much better than last years Atlanta Popularity Contest. Don't get me wrong, I love my A-Town shit and my Southern shit, and we deserve the shine we're getting, but damn, I love Hip Hop from all over. Last year came off as a ploy by BET to get in good with the Atlanta music industry's brass. Can't be too mad at that though.

But yeah, West Coast, where ya'll at? We need you back at the award shows, they're boring without you.

(update: They included Ras Kass on the cyphers)