"Damn, E, they tried to fade you on 'Dre Day.' But 'Dre Day' only made Eazy's pay day." - The late, great, Eazy E

A story in this week's Newsweek suggests that 2007 may go down in history as the year black women said, "Enough is enough," but I don't know. Neither of the great victories cited in the piece is really all that great, if you think about it.

Last week, Anucha Browne Sanders, an executive with Madison Square Garden, managed to take some TI with the New York Knicks for $11 million, but you get the idea that he's not sweating it too hard. The day after the verdict was announced, he was giving Isaiah Thomas a free ride on his private plane on some bros before hoes shit. Nullus?

So Isaiah might not even lose his job, despite the fact that he was hardly competent in the first place. If anything, this may have worked out well for him. And the fact alone that James Dolan can afford to own and operate a private plane suggests to me that he'll manage to survive having to shell out $11 million.

Similarly, it was announced the other day that Don Imus is close to finalizing a deal that could have him back on the air as soon as this December. And since he already managed to stick CBS for $20 million this summer for firing him over such bullshit, this may actually work out in his favor.

It's yet to be announced how much he'll receive to return to the air, but his old deal with CBS was worth $40 million, of which he received at least $20 million. So if his new deal is worth half as much as his old deal, he will have actually profited from calling a black woman a nappy headed ho. Just like Snoop Dogg.

And since the media's attention has long since shifted to the Jena Six and any number of other silly contentious race issues, it's not like there's a whole lot Al Sharpton can do. Otherwise I'm sure he would have tried that shit already. But I saw him on TV the other day, like, "He may be coming back to radio and more money than ever, but now he'll have to watch what he says!"


Face it, Al (and TPAR, for that matter), you lost. All you did was give the guy an undeserved summer-long paid vacation, as if he was a school teacher. And now probably more people than ever are going to listen to him, just because you kept his name in the papers all year with this bullshit. Meanwhile, I'm at a loss for how the state of black women in this country has been improved.

If there's a lesson to be learned here, and I'm speaking primarily to the ladies here (all three of you), it's that the best way to get someone to like you is to work on making yourself more likable. Sure, you can find ways to use the law to take a man for all he's worth, but what's that gonna prove? You've got most of the money already.

Indeed, the real story of 2007 is that it may gone down in history as the year that black women finally edged themselves completely out of the mainstream. I mean, with these awful Tyler Perry movies, and the ridonkulous spread of AIDS, and them taking mad people to court just for looking at them wrong, who would even want to bother at this point?