Unless you're a fudge or something, no one wants to go to a club where it's just all guys, as if it was a Wu-Tang concert or some shit. Even if you're not there to dance (and really, what kind of guy goes to a club to dance?) you're still going to want to find a girl to take home and boink eat croûtons with at some point.

Hence club promoters will often run a promotion where girls can get in free, even if they're not quite 21. Sometimes they'll even let girls drink for free, which is even better, since you don't have to come out of your own pocket as much trying to get some stank on your hang-low. You can just let that well vodka run its course until you don't look like quite as much of a loser as you would otherwise.

Only thing is, sometimes you go to these ladies nights events, especially here in the Midwest, and it's nothing but fucked up-looking women: older broads who haven't been worth a shit in 10 years; fat girls; hairy women of indeterminate ethnic origin. But it's not like there's a whole lot these club promoters can do. Otherwise, I'm sure they would have tried that shit a long time ago.

I bring this up because I'm sure at least some of you have heard of "light skinted girls night" as some club in Detroit. The way it would have worked is not unlike your typical ladies night promotion, except only light-skinted women could get in for free. I'm not sure if this meant only light-skinted black chicks, or white chicks as well. If it was my club, it would obviously be the latter.

It probably would have worked out especially well, since what kind of black chick do you know who would pay money to get into a club she could have gotten into for free, if only she could pass a paper bag test? It would've basically been all light-skinted black chicks and white chicks. Only thing is, of course it had to be shut down by the burgeoning community of Internets drive-by activists before it could even happen.


A flyer for the event got posted to somebody's blog and of course it spread like the human papiloma virus through the community of women who have come to the conclusion that the best way they can get a man to like them is by restricting a black man's freedom of speech. A phone and email harassment campaign ensued, and the shit was cancelled faster than you can say "Don Imus."

According to this story in the Detroit News, some bloggers were even suggesting a lawsuit against the promoter, though I'm not sure if they would have had a legal leg to stand on. Perhaps TPAR can enlighten us (no pun intended). If this was a white girls only night, obviously that would have been discrimination based on race. But there's no law saying you can't discriminate based on shade, no?