So last night I had the honor of witnessing Boss Hova pull out his black laptop (pause) and personally play me the entire new album as it exists now. Of course, the big homie is taking it down to the wire ‘cause you never know when a “Give it To Me” or “PSA” is gonna come out the consciousness. Wish I could give you some details about the new disc but it’s just too soon. And I ain’t gonna risk losing my cover to please you fake tracklist posting pricks. Snitches get stitches.

I will say unequivocally, despite hearing it unmixed and unmastered:

American Gangster > Kingdom Come

Make a better album. Well he did it.

Sidebar: Saw a rough cut, and the “Blue Magic” video’s kinda crispy too. I ain’t jock-riding but truth is truth. Also Hov said he's letting that "Roc Boys" joint loose in a week. Here come the horns!

Sidebar 2: Oops forgot to add that Shawn Corey does a mean Slick Rick impersonation. CK out Angie Mar on the beatbox on this new Hot 97 drop.