Lawless In Seattle

With all the talk about Hip Hop Cops following and framing our favorite rappers, its easy to forget that the most dangerous task force are the Anti-Hip Hop Cops.

For example, look at Seattle, Washington. Now, most of us only remember Seattle as the city that Sir Mix-A-Lot calls home and the birthplace of Grunge music. While some you may remember it as the city that had an unspoken 5-year ban on Ice Cube concerts in the early and mid-90′s where local police refused to provide security for his shows, thus making the concerts null and void.

Well, over the last year or so Seattle is becoming known as a place synonymous with police harassment and brutality, with its latest instance directly effecting the Hip Hop community.

Last year, Seattle Hip Hop icon, DJ and Rock Steady Crew member Toby Christian a.k.a. DV One was attacked by the police. The incident happened when Christian was going to pick up his daughter from a football game, only to see that she was being detained by police officers. As any concerned parent would do, he ran over to see what was going on. Evidently his daughter was being detained for not following officers demands to get out of the street, blocking traffic.

When DV got there, he was met by a female police officer, Daina Boggs, who blocked him from his daughter who at this point was pinned against a cop car with her arm behind her back.

According to DV’s personal account:

He identified himself as the child’s parent and Boggs replied “So what?” After that she pulled a flashlight out on him and he backed away with his arms up. Boggs, for whatever reason, feels threatened and calls for back up. More officers approach DV One who has turned his back to avoid being shot or attacked (so he thought) and is slammed to the ground and kicked numerous times in the head and body until he was swollen and bruised. He is then tased twice, beaten more and then handcuffed and told he would have his arm broken “for hitting a female police officer.” After that, the police officers stand over him, search him and then take he and his daughter into custody amidst threats like “how you liked being tased-did it fell good?” and “this is going to be another felony on your record and you’re going to prison now, boy.” [The officer is apparently referring to this.]
Boggs, the female officer, maintains that: DV rushed her, hit her in the face, pushed her backwards and they both ended up on the ground in a tussle. At this point she claims that DV put her in a bear hug as she radioed for help. Its at this point that the other officers showed up and proceeded to do what they do best.

Now, I believe that there are 3 sides to every story. This side, that side and the truth. I wasn’t there to see it go down, but I want to go ahead and assume that DV didn’t so something as foolish as to actually put his hands on a cop.

But the fact does remain that regardless of what he did, he was assaulted by cops using excessive force and then charged with Thrid-Degree assault! Yes, he, the guy that was beatdown was charged with Third-Degree assault. Of course, DV pleaded not guilty.

After months of pushed back trial dates (because the officers involved either refused or were not available to testify) the case finally hit the courts two weeks ago. DV was found guilty last Friday and faces 5 years in prison.

There is more than meets the eye in this case though. One, DV’s lawyer was fighting another battle in trying to get a balanced jury to try the case. She argued that since felons are not allowed to sit on juries, their was a disproportionate number of African-American disqualified from being jurors in the case. The jury make up was also affected by the number of people who weren’t qualified because of unpaid court fines. The end result was a jury that was made up of 9 Whites and 3 non-Whites. None of them African-American.

In addition to that, the jurors in the case have even second guessed their judgement in the case and plan to be in attendance to show support for DV One at his sentencing.

So far there has been a good amount of support for DV One in this case, but I’m sure that he could always use more, especially now that he is facing sentencing.

If you feel compelled to say or do something, you can start by calling or writing his lawyer, Lisa Daugaard who plans to attach all letters to a pre-sentence report to hopefully sway the judge’s actions and eventually appeal the ruling.
Lisa Daugaard
The Defender Association
810-3rd Avenue, 8th Floor
Seattle, WA 98104
ph.:(206) 447-3900 ext. 729; fax: (206) 447-2349

If you have the resources you can handwrite a letter, scan it and email it to her at They prefer that the letters be handwritten.

A date for sentencing has not been set yet, so stay posted and informed by visiting this site for updated info and other news clippings about this case.

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  • N.O. 4 life

    same old same old…black man gettin screwed by some cops

  • Fire

    Those punk ass douchebags. It’s cops like these that give all police a bad name. Those guys should lose their jobs. I know they won’t, but they still should.

  • og bobby j

    I, for one, am not a fan of the bacon. Having said that, I cannot justify sending a letter of support considering that i do not know the truth. I believe the Cops are probably bullshitting…but if not, I dont want to express my support for a degenrate criminal who attacks ho cops either. In any event, miss piggy won this one.

    • BigLewzer360

      mister og bobby j…don’t know if you’re familiar with SPD, but you can youtube them and see it all. this is not an isolated incident by any means. and unless we all stand up together, young blacc men, and women will continue to be beaten in jails, and on the street. hell last year a 16 year ol girl got punched in the face…it’s ill man

  • Around and Around

    That’s fucked up man. Sounds like a shitty attorney.

    And UG Bobby J I’m sure your letter will be missed b/c your letter wouldn have swung the halls of justice. You can mention how your ‘seed’ wasn’t given insurance b/c you’re white….The ‘man’ always holding the white man down…haha

  • Moe Real

    Toby Campbell? Or Christian? That one article from the Seatle Weekly makes him look sketchy…

  • barbarian at the gate

    Jesus, you watch your fucking step around the cops.

    You push your luck with the folks in blue and you are always going to wind up holding the short end of the stick.

  • og bobby j

    dam Around….you really have a complex huh? You keep mentioning my seed because you never met your father? Maybe you mother doesnt know which guys it was….

    Fact is, you will support him regardless of the facts simply becuase he is black and you are stupid.

    Get off my dick


    Ayo TPAR, you are finally needed!


  • gerald n. the birdman

    “…She argued that since felons are not allowed to sit on juries, their(sp) was a disproportionate number of African-American disqualified from being jurors in the case. The jury make up was also affected by the number of people who weren’t qualified because of unpaid court fines.”

    Is this funny? I think it is.


    TPAR aint’ here. You’re stuck with THE UNDERWRITER.

    I can’t believe that the attorney actually used the argument that since “felons” aren’t allowed to participate in jury duty, it automatically negates most Black people…


    Yo, he needs the dude who repped Michael Jackson. He’s the new Cochran. He’s even married to a Black chick, which in my opinion gives him a good relationship with us.

    But damn, you can turn your back on the Seattle po-po and still have to say, “Don’t taze me, bro?”

    Shit is still fucked the fuck up, obviously. But who’s riding for Seattle? Are there any rappers repping the high west coast? Probably not.

    Really good, informative post, my bruh.

  • lee

    man the cops busted me n my friend for drinkin outside in baton rouge last weekend….all the two cops did was jus make stupid ass jokes to each other for like 30 minutes….i guess he was tryin to test us to see if we would do anything. either that or these two cops were just flat out fuckin lame. anyways, u gotta ignore that shit


    Is anybody willing to go ahead and say that TPAR is a sick-ducker?

    Has anybody seen his sorry ass on Garland’s blog? Maybe you have, but I haven’t. At least in the last two posts.

    For all that bullshit he puts on Bol and Sunday’s blogs, when it comes to some shit he might actually agree with, he’s still stuck on stupid. He doesn’t even check out what’s good on this side. And it all fits together. You can’t have shock and awe without Cream of Wheat (that good southern shit that you need to tide you over when hard times hit home…).

    And may I remind you, neither he or any of his prick-tickling stans have their own blogs.

    Can I get a witness? Probably not. But this one was still good. October was a great month for intelligence.

  • Around and Around

    Underwire you’re a dam joke man. I really can’t gun on you anymore because I feel like I’m picking on a kid that just got off the short bus.

    This bitch really did grow up on lead based paint chips, and me ethering this cat up just isn’t right.

    You post people NOT having a blog as if a blog is an accomplishment…What are you 12? I don’t have a myspace page or a diary like you either…you know why? Becauase I’m a grown ass man and you ride the short bus with a Captain America back pack……

    You stay losin, keep posting and making a sucker out of yourself.

  • EReal

    Moral of the story,

    Dont even approach a cop face to face without a recording device, cell phone, camera, hand held DVDR anything, ALWAYS RECORD!


    • Around and Around



    Yo, Around, you’re not worth my time either. So keep my nuts out of your throat.

    If a blog isn’t an accomplishment, as opposed to, say, putting a fake name on somebody else’s blog and hating it when your boyfriend gets clowned by his fatherly superior, then what the hell is the point of your existence here? You’re commenting on a blog. Hell no, you’re not welcome on mine, because you’re stupid. But here, you get to beat off and act like you’re famous, when you’re more of a liability than an asset.

    You are so beneath my cleats. I bet you’ve saved my pictures from my Myspace blog, thinking you could see me in public.

    You’re a public disgrace. I own you. Break yourself.