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“I’ma Drank Til I D-I-E”—Big Moe

Yesterday, Houston Hip Hop icon and original Screwed Up Click member Big Moe passed away due to complications from a heart attack. When word broke that he had three heart attacks and was sitting in a coma, fans started bracing themselves for the worst. People also jumped to the conclusion that he suffered the heart attacks because of his favorite pastime, sippin’ syrup. I can’t blame them. A heart attack is also what took out DJ Screw out on November 16, 2000. Although Z-Ro maintains that syrup didn’t kill Screw.

I don’t know about ya’ll but that Syrup shit scares me. It seems like that people that partake of it the most die. Sad thing is, I don’t think people realize how dangerous that shit can be. Or they do know and just don’t give a damn. That’s probably why we have Lil Wayne starting songs with quotes like “Weed and syrup, until I die…as matter of fact, its gonna kill me bitch!”

I remember when I was in Houston a couple years ago, me and one of my homeboys was ready to try that shit. The whole time we was there it was nothing but Screw music on the radio and it was right in the middle of the 2005 Houston music takeover, so my slight interest in leanin’ was amplified. I had already hit the store for my styrofoam cup, Sprite (remix) and everything. But while we was on the way to get it, the dude that was taking us to go get it started tell us all kind of shit we really didn’t want to hear. Stuff like:

“Syrup hardens your arteries and intestines”

“You can’t shit when you drink to much of it”

“DJ Screw died with alot of waste in his system”

As he was saying all of this I started thinking about how most of the Houston rappers who claim to partake of the syrup look. Just like their namesakes, most of these cats are indeed “Big,” perhaps because of the hardened intestines. Then when you look the faces of cats like Paul Wall, Slim Thug and Mike Jones etc., they have double chins. For emphasis, look at how chonky Lil Flip and DJ Paul are looking in this “Spinners” video from ’03.

In an effort to “not scare ya’ll niggas,” dude told us that if we drink Milk of Magnesia we’d be straight. I don’t know about ya’ll but I ain’t too fond of chasing my drank with a shot of laxative, something about that just don’t sound right. So, of course, we took our ass back to the gas station, got some beer and Black N’ Milds and called it a night.

Don’t me wrong, I’m not shitting on Houston’s culture. Music made under the influence of syrup, or drugs period, is nine times out of ten, our favorite shit to listen to. Classic even. (No, I take that back, most of the shit rappers make after poppin’ beans is either ghey or wack.)

But I have to wonder if Moe’s death will make cats chill out on the drank, or will it simply make more people want to sip and sip and sip in his honor.

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  • lukee lefty

    dumb shit, but then again if they dont sip syrup they do other types of drugs to elevate their conscious…….i juss make dope ass beats

    • http://www.myspace.com/buc_boy2007 ray ray

      Yea, that syrup shit does have alotta infuence in the creation of all dat music. i tried dat shit, went in da booth and killed it jus fuckin around. I dont know what it is, but dat shit hot. dont do it alot though.herd it fuks up yo body.haha

  • http://www.xsmegazine.com/beta ASun

    wow…no different from any other drug.

    I have never tried any drug that made my life better.

    Thats why I quit. Babies, Money and Pussy make my life better.


  • Detroit P

    Great Blog…yea that syrup shit is for the birds..I’ll just take alchohol and weed…and Wayne needs to lay off the syrup its makin that nigga crazy..and not as good as he used to be..well I dont know if thats the syrup but still..

  • og bobby j

    sippin that shit is fugazey…just burn el’s and sip some hurricane malt….thats all you need….

  • The Dynasty

    who the fuck are these new bloggers?

  • missile 6

    I’ll say this, if you look at history all “great” thinkers and philosophers were on drugs. Who hasn’t had some pretty profound thoughts while they were high. I have taken alot of drugs over the years (no crack or heroin or crystal meth) no shit like that but hey I smoked alot of weed, ecstasy, prescription meds, shit like that. That shit do mess you up in the long run though. I was never a everyday user like the cats elswhere so I could only imgine what that does to their systems. Everything you put in your body affects you one way or another, so you have to be careful.


    Hopefully this will open some eyes to the fact that syrup is deadly.Too many rappers be promoting this shit in they music not thinking about the kids that want to be like them.A drug addict is a drug addict,whether its the crackheads fighting for testers or lil wayne tryin to look gangsta while tryin to get a full sentence out. R.I.P BIG MOE.

  • Gina T!

    Love the blog! I for one will be staying away from that ish!

  • http://www.writersblockmedia.net R.E.

    Congrats on the blog and good stuff, MGG. I tried syrup once back in ’99. Me and my homeboys drank some of that stuff and niggas fell asleep and missed the club. Since then I’ve been saying “no” to syrup. Oh and that “Then when you look the faces of cats like Paul Wall, Slim Thug and Mike Jones etc., they have double chins” line was classic.

  • http://www.myspace.com/djwallysparks CRUNKITE

    Good words bro-ham. Glad to see you getting pen pimpin on over here. Congratchamalations..

  • jboog

    people need to stop actin like recreational drug use is cool…and that syrup shit is terrible. but i think cats will be sip, sip’in in his memory… kinda reminds me of the scene in don’t be a menace where dude’s weed was so potent it killed him– and then everybody wanted to hit it…

    it’s sad though, cuz someone is dead–pointlessly.

  • Danny

    No disrespect, but dude was over weight…

    Thats what killed him…

  • http://xx Anamaria

    hey this is bad ass

  • yaboy

    syrup is mad gaykid.

  • http://houstonsoreal.blogspot.com MattSonzala

    Great to see you here man! You should have tried the drank tho, one time is alright man. Just dont go crazy with it like a lot of these folks out here.

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  • http://myspace.com/toniitee14 toni

    I do think the syrup has something to do with Big Moe and dj Screw’s death but hip hop really should be concerned eating right and being healthy because if you think about it that was the number one cause


    Jigs are self-destructive…Most Hood Jigs don’t expect to live pass 25 so they live for the moment and fail to take care of their health – What else is new?

  • Clint Southwood

    Shawty I telling you to many rappers and entertainers are promoting massive drup use. That’s not cool because of these dudes already have jobs and money to support their hobby. A millionaire can support the hobby and then go broke but a broke person it starts as a hobby but ends up being an addict. I went through my drug expiremental stage but I was a true racist only dealt with the “coloreds” dank,drank and a little lean but not enough to fall may staggered a little. This is a great blog please keeep the truth comming HIP-HOP needs it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/gemstardagoldenchild Gemstar Da Goldenchild

    Just Say No

  • ri067953

    Yo, puffing cheeba is cool but drinking beer and alcohol will have almost the same effect on your heart and intestines as drinking that lean. Too much alcohol will fuck with your heart and give you colon cancer. Anytime you get intoxicated you are putting toxins into your body that shouldn’t be there. It’s just a matter of picking your poison. I don’t think it was the lean that killed Moebut the hefty amounts of fried chicken I am sure he was eating. That fool was FAT.

  • Cuban Link

    Alcolhol>>Drugs.Easier to get, legal so the cops dont give u shit, even if u arent legally of age, and tastes better.

    And btw, who the fuck are you?

  • P-Matik

    Big Moe weighed half a ton, that’s why he’s ghost.

  • The Infamous Mr. P

    first of all its not like we dont know drugs can kill you and in the long run they all fuck you up the same. syrup was just another drug, not much different from pill poppin he was known as the Bar Baby after all. regardless hip-hop lost one more soldier respect to the screw movement and
    R.I.P. Big Moe.

  • be-eazy

    none of the younger kats out in houston is on that whole syrup thing. Only ppl who prolly still use it is the older cats that are addicted to it. Slim, Flip, Paul and some of them other htown rappers don’t even use that junk no mo… Flip dun slimmed all the way down even Slim Thug and Paul.. Hmm, Although Paul use ta be a skinney white boy… Now he is chubby… i dunno he might be using it or either eating real good take out food! ha ha ha! RIP MOE!

  • Chuck Basel

    Just for the record, drinking syrup,at least in Houston back in the late 80′s and early 90′s was strictly used for “coming down” when you smoked too much crack or crack and weed (primo’s) you drank the syrup to slow down your heart rate, kind of like a poor mans speedball (heroin/cocaine) mixture. In Houston we had the Dare Police Officers always giving little talks,
    we realized then that Dare stood for Drugs. Are. Really. Expensive.

    Just Say No

  • connor

    damn dude the title of your blog is a william gibson reference

    that is simultaneously the nerdiest/gulliest thing on XXL

  • Doobie

    What the heck is in that syrup anyway? And I never understood what people saw in Screw music. I’m from Texas originally, and I remember going back to visit some of my peoples down there back in like ’97 and, all my cousins were listening to that shit. I had just graduated from High School and I was a DJ back then, and it sounded to me like they just played every record on -8 on the Tech 1200′s and slammed (another DJ term) from one slow ass record to another. That’s some lazy shit that requires no skill and I was not at all impressed (meanwhile, some mix-tapes that I had made that I took down there with me ended up mysteriously disappearing). Anyway, anybody know what the heck is in sizzurp?

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