Ski Beatz, who produced "Dead Presidents" and a bunch of other Jay-Z shit over the years, may be the victim of a flagrant beat jack on Jay's new opus American Gangster.

What do you think, did Jermaine and No ID get Ski for his track or what?

Ski Beatz- "Ballin" (Instrumental)

Jay-Z "Fallin" (Produced by Jermaine Dupri, co-produced by No ID)

Upon hearing the track, Ski had the following to say:

"I did the beat first. That beat got played for so many people. I sent it out. [They] could have bit. But that doesn’t necessarily mean [he bit] when you fucking with samples; [they] could have just found the same one. I’ll let the people decide. I got my new artist Pittsburgh Slim signed over at Def Jam, [so] how ironic."