Is the dream over?

I was having some issues with my computer, so I figured what the fuck. I’ll just cop a new one. I’m big-time like that. I might have to live on lunch meat until the end of the year, but I kinda like lunch meat anyway. And I’ve found a lot of different things you can do with it. Nullus. Plus, there’s only like, what, three months left in the year. That’s nothing!

Only thing is, I got to the store a little bit early, so I either had to wait a while or head back home and try again later. I suppose that’s what I get for waking up before noon. I wasn’t trying to drive through road construction just so I could sit at home and stroke it to on-demand cable pr0n wait for an hour, so I went around the corner to a McDonalds and had breakfast.

The good news? Monopoly is back, and one of the pieces on my hash brown was an instant win piece for a free breakfast sandwich. So I had a pretty substantial breakfast, and I didn’t get that weird feeling in my chest that I get when I eat more than one sandwich in a sitting at McDonalds. I may even be getting healthier in my old age. Sweet!

The bad news? According to a story on the cover of today’s USA Today (I know – it was McDonalds, give me a break), it looks like Barack Obama’s campaign for the Democratic nomination for the ’08 presidential election may have hit a wall.

I know, no one who spends a substantial amount of time reading (rather than, say, watching professional sports) should give a rat’s ass what happens to Barack Obama one way or the other. But whatever. He was, after all, the “hip-hop candidate” in ’08 - the fact that he came of age before there was a such thing as hip-hop, and that he doesn’t listen to hip-hop, and that he was endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, and any number of other issues notwithstanding.

So I guess some new poll numbers have been released, and he isn’t doing any better than he was at the beginning of the summer, this despite the fact that he’s managed to raise way more money than anyone else and stays on the cover of magazines and what have you. He’s still trailing Hillary by something like 20 percentage points, and he’s doing especially bad among old people and people who do jobs that don’t require the capacity for abstract thought – pretty much the two groups of people you need to win an election.

On the other hand, he does seem to do well with wealthy limousine liberal-types, people with several postgraduate degrees, and idealistic college students. Not well in the sense that he’s leading Hillary in any of these categories, but at least he’s not losing by like 50%. One of the guys he’s paying to spin the news for his campaign claims that he’s actually leading among college students, but you just can’t tell, because kids these days prefer cell phones to land lines, which is what they use to conduct those polls.

So he might actually win the young people vote, and you know where that gets you…

But of course none of that’s the real issue. Six weeks from now, one of the Jews over at the New York Times is going to put all of the pieces together and end up winning the Pulitzer. But if you’re a young brother such as myself, almost as obsessed with race as you are with pussy (almost), the shit should have been obvious to you a long time ago. At any rate, I’m gonna go ahead and spell it out for you.

The real reason Barack Obama won’t be elected president next year is because he’s black, and there’s no way a black person could be elected president in this country. White people who vote Democrat may be liberal, but they aren’t that liberal. It’s one thing to let your daughter have sex with a black guy (as if you have any real choice in the matter), but it’s a whole other thing to let a black (in this case, black-ish) guy run the country and, by extention, the entire free world.

This became especially obvious to me when I read that the two groups Hillary is doing especially well with are old people and blue collar workers and the three groups she isn’t doing as well with are rich people, smart people and young people. If I’m not mistaken, the USA Today, which is the most bullshit newspaper possible, may have explained that this was a matter of Hillary being better on the kind of “kitchen table issues” that resonate with people who struggle to put “food on their families,” but come on.

It should be obvious to anyone with the sense god gave two fleas that the real reason Hillary is doing especially well with these groups is because old people and hard hat-types are fucking racist as shit. Rich people and people who are well-educated and college students (i.e. people who are on their way to being well-educated, if not rich) aren’t nearly as racist, because it does kinda take being dumb to be that racist. Unfortunately, there’s still quite a few people in this country who fall into the former group, and they turn out to vote like a motherfucker.

Maybe in the long-run, old racist-ass white people will die off, and white blue collar-types will lose their jobs to Mexicans and begin to be incarcerated at the same rate as black people (i.e. as if it was going out of style). But, for the time being, we’re probably fooling ourselves if we think a black man has a serious shot at being elected president. I mean, even if one did somehow manage to make it through the primaries, there’s still the general election. And when’s the last time even a decent white man managed to win that?

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  • N.O. 4 life

    lmao…rascist and/or dumb people are a majority of the country

  • Tray

    Eh, Obama has no experience doing anything, if I were a Democrat, which I’m not, I would go with Hillary. Also he hasn’t actually impressed me much as a candidate, all his positions are vague, some of the stuff he says about foreign policy is kooky… I’d have to go with Hillary. Hopefully Rudy will beat her.

  • B.N.W

    lol. black president, black unity, unicorns,….. things we will never see in this lifetime!

  • Fools talk wise men listen

    I totally agree Obama’s not going to when unless he puts in plans to stop shipping jobs overseas. In Detroit jobs are being cut all the time at the auto factories. When I graduated I should have got a auto job but the Motor City ain’t what it used to be. Blue Collar and Old people really don’t matter…no one does really because Al Gore had the popular vote and didn’t when (RE .. Count)
    The electoral college votes pretty much decides who sits in the oval office.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    My vote is for Minister Louis Farakhan.

  • Real Talk

    I do believe that Obabma has as much if not more experience in congress than John (Great white hope) F. Kennedy did. So the solution for change in your eyes is to elect another person who’s spent decades being corrupted by the system who’s just saying they’re going to change things.

    For real electing Obama would be the closest thing you’d ever see to a revolution in modern day America. But the longer this race goes on, the more I see the brotha slippin into playing the game just to keep his head above water. It’s sad really, but everytime he speaks his mind openly he gets hated on by pundits. I mean why the hell shouldn’t we try to talk to Iran, like blowing shit up cause they won’t punk out is such a better Idea. but they made him back off of it, by saying that that was inexperience and not common sense.

  • Casper

    Most people aren’t aware that Lincoln, Jefferson, Jackson & a few other presidents were biracial products (mixed w/ black)

    If Dean got his shit together and could stay stable, I might give it to him. I agree w/ Tray on Obama


    She is iffy with me because of her sudden [view] changes

  • the one

    I thought that yellow motherfucker fired you fat boy?? Anyway, glad he didn’t. Your a funny nigga Kool Wop Ski. Nice read.

  • kritiq

    how long did it take you to realise that shit?
    lol a blackish man run this country not in this era. and Tray please shut the fuck up who cares who you gonna vote for any way.

  • Around and Around

    I’m not for any of these fools. They’re all snakes. But those people that say Obama doesn’t have experience are fucking retarded. What is experience? How much did Dick and Rumsfeld have? What 100 years combined expereince? That worked out well for the US.

    What kind of experience is necessary to become president? I’d like to know? Bush had never even traveled to fucking Europe before he became president.

    Any president has 500 mother fuckers helping him with decision making, policy etc.

    ‘Experience’ i.e. more of the same shit.

  • Moe Real

    First off, congratulations on getting your job back. I’m glad they decided to give you one more chance.

    Second, B.Obama doesn’t say or do anything radical, edgey or extreme. But since he’s black, he’s the radical, extreme and edgey candidate. And there’s your racism, you McDonald’s-eating, Def Jux-listening, new computer-having, facist punk.

  • Bol

    >Most people aren’t aware that Lincoln, Jefferson, Jackson & a few other presidents were biracial products (mixed w/ black)

    Oh, really?

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  • Rich Arte

    Hey ToiletBol, i thought i flushed all the bullshit…ooops, there’s a floater…and it’s called your blog.

    Glad to see you still wipe your ass over at xxl. thought they canned you for a minute, but that would be like an early christmas gift or something.

    Btw, get your fat ass over to and create a fat ass profile for your fat ass, and you might get to chat with say, TPAR personally. For without the ToiletBol, there would be no TPAR. Maybe you’ll make some new friends and some new enemies.

    Obama ’08…if all the candidates are puppets anyway, why not atleast vote for one with some color???

  • brandonsoderberg

    One of the more messed-up aspects of the Hilary or Barack stuff has been condescending liberals who couch their kinda maybe sorta racist non-vote for Barack as some kind of pragmatic, liberal want to pick the winner. They support Hilary because “this country won’t elect a black man” even as you know, they won’t elect a black man themselves. I recall seeing some clip on some awards show of DiCaprio scoffing at Will Smith for supporting Obama…

  • Fire

    It is messed up how so many people don’t vote for Obama and give the excuse of “this country won’t elect a black man.” That does show a level of racism, but it demonstrates more cowardice than anything because they are unwilling to stand up for what they believe in for fear of being looked at as an outcast or some other half-baked reason. It’s an understandable emotion, but it’s ultimately inexcusable. I wonder this: if the rest of the country did something and they didn’t want to do it, would they do it too?

    Change starts when a few people stand up against what they perceive as wrong. They plant the seed in people’s minds and pass it along until change is worked for and hopefully ultimately realized. I’s not that simple, but you get what I’m saying. Change starts by not caring about what people think and standing up for something you think is right. More people need to realize that in this country.

  • drydock

    “I didn’t know that guy was still alive”. Chris Hitchens on Oakland’s mayor Ron Dellums

    Dellums has signed up to be in charge of Hilary’s urban agenda (whatever that means) which hopefully for Oakland involves some sort of payoff for having some black politician supporting her. Oakland needs some cash because this homicide shit is getting way out of hand here.

    Obama has no chance.



  • LowEndofDaChi

    Damn good drop. Seriously.

  • Bol

    wtf is xxlblocktalk?

    I leave for two days and you jigs have started your own website? The fuck?

    Maybe one of you could fix the comments section of this site while you’re at it. I’ll leave again, if that’s what it’s gonna take.

  • Rich Arte

    Bol, you fat fuckin retard…you work for xxl, yet you are uninformed of their new myspace knockoff…the fuck???

    get your fat ass fingers out of the cheetos and go to, you would think they would advertise that bullshit if they want any members, but seeing as how you work for them and don’t even know what’s going on makes me want to delete the account i started.

    btw, the jigs that started their own website…happen to be the jerkoffs who sign your checks. come to think of it, don’t go there….you would only litter it with your rampant jargon.

    click on my name to see what Bol is fussin about.

  • og bobby j

    This country has too many confederate falg wearin, pick-up truck driving, budweiser drinkin, noose hangin racist to let a black man or a women into the white house. Even if they get elected, neither one will make it into the house….probebly wont even get there hand on the bible. If they do, watch and see how many secret service agents start to retire

  • eauhellzgnaw

    I’m inclined to agree, actually. I’ve been saying it for a minute.

    The funny thing is that the people who won’t back Obama because he’s “unelectable” are throwing their support behind Hillary, who would be just as “unelectable” in the general election. Conservative women loathe her as much as the men do.

    Is the Democratic leadership still that stupid? To win the presidency, their candidate must cut into Republican support among working class men and Southern whites. A lot of these people, as you say, are dense, and only vote based on personality. You can’t ride with effete moneyed liberals (Gore ’00, Kerry ’04, or Edwards ’08?) or a feminist target of right wing venom (Hillary ’08) and expect to win. They’d likely come out of the swamps to vote against Obama too, but if they chose him, at least the Democrats would be breaking with the old regime.

    Republican candidates may be intelligent people behind the scenes, but in public, because of the simplistic nature of conservative rhetoric and thought, we’ll never know. Rudy would be a train wreck of a president. The rest would be even worse, save Ron Paul.

  • JD3

    i thought you left this site to go lose 200 lbs, but then you come back talkin bout eating McDonalds. nigga you killin yourself. anyways, Obama isnt gonna win because Hillary got all the juice(no OJ) in Washington. its fucked up but we gonna have another Clinton in the White House

  • gerald n. the birdman

    BLACK LINCOLN=awsome

  • these posts are racist

    R. Arte,

    Do you realize how silly you sound attacking Byron for his personal appearance? How old are you? Get your grown man on and speak on real issues.

    And for the record, I don’t chat, period and have never heard of xxlblock, whatever.


    eyo Bol on the real you should cut down on that mackie D beef man with all that ecoli epedemic around you may get them worms.

    LOL at that nigga talking about half black Lincoln, Jefferson etc, America has to do something about they education system pronto.

  • sleep

    Yo bol I started saying on all these blogs that elliot got you fired. And these stupid fucking kid believed it. These nigga sre like the anchorman they belive anything on a screen. What a fucking lost generation. You need to talk about this lost generation in your next blog.

  • SDUB-google-me

    BRILLIANT IDEA- 1ST and foremost if Hilary and Obama put there difference aside they could both be first. I say that in this sense. Has there ever been a woman or black Vice President? NO! Has there ever been a black or woman President? NO! So why in the hell don’t thet run together on the same ticket, funnel all the votes and call this election a fucking wrap. It’s no way they could lose together. Futhermore you don’t have to worry about assination attemps because people are raceist but people are also sexiest just as much. Killing Obama wouldn’t make sense to those peckerwoods because they ain’t about to follow no bitch (they said it not me) white or not down to Pennsylvania Ave. Now if Obama let Hilary take the point for the next eight years it would still give America enough time to get comfortable with the idea of a “Black Man” being our president. I mean it’s not Trig or Calculus people just simple addition(1 underdog + 1 underdog = A formitable opponet you should train your ass off for. Shout out to Kelly Pavlik & Buster Douglas). Just encase some of you slower NexGen Hip-hop heads don’t understand (damn I miss 86-98) it’s like Prodigy and Havoc vs Siagon instead of Siagon vs P. What’s crunk Sia you should a got the hell out of there, them lil niggas did try to set you up. I good run is better than a bad stand. All the shit they use to talk about this and that Damn they so pussy, I use to get chills bumping they shit now I just well we all know. Moving forward expidicilliously being the first to do something of this magnitude still means you did it first Prez of Vice Prez you still accomplished a great deal reguardless of what color you are shit it’s hard enough being the president of my fantasy leauge let alone the nation. So stop bullshitting yourself (Clinton/Obama) and tag team them c homophobic in the closet themselves plunger stuffing Republicans because if your not carful the Mafia affiliated New York cat gone be holding DC/the country down like Gotti. My New York niggas know for a fact we don’t want Gulliani as the president, I heard about how hard it was to get work in NY not to mention finding some Chocolate Tide (matter of fact, what happend to that shit!). In conclusion you got to accentuate all the positives Black men/women, white women (Opra included) and any white male that voted for bill we got you. Now just do you part. Oh yeah by the way fucking Obama your last year in office would be a hell of a payback. Not just cause he’s black but because he would be the Prez or Vice Prez which is way better than an inturn. You probably swallow too so no 3yr old dress scandle just strecth marks around yo lipps (the rumor is true us brothas is hung). So you heard it hear first I gurantee victory if they do as I suggest. Also I know about the Patriot Act and I’m unintimidatable so don’t track me down……………….Please! I went to Iraq for you too.

  • Tray

    So basically you can just walk off the streets and be semi-intelligent and spend a couple years in the Senate and bam, you’re ready to be President. Nah, you need more time holding some real office.

  • eauhellzgnaw

    Tray, in an ideal world, the leader of the country would have a shitload of experience, but experience isn’t everything.

    People with substantial political experience have been fuck ups (see: your hero Nixon). Bush is not a bad president because he was relatively inexperienced; he’s a bad president because he surrounds himself with incompetent ideologues and cronies. Plus, he’s a fucking idiot who does not possess a modicum of critical thinking ability, so he cannot respond to change or, you know…LEARN.

    Obama didn’t “walk off the streets.” Nice try. He is about as qualified as any of the rest of them, to the extent that legal experience makes one qualified for political office. You at least have to admit that he wouldn’t fill his cabinet with losers like SOME presidents and wouldn’t submit looney tunes Supreme Court nominees.


    Bol you are going to have a fit when I say this but, That person who said we already had 3 Bi-Racial Presidents Of The United States. If the “One-Drop-Rule” is in fact still relevant as of Today then the aforementioned Presidents were technically “Black”. It’s just the fact that if you look more Anglo-Saxon then you look Negroids then you could “Pass For White” just like various people in the past did. As far as Obama goes I think that he might have a Chance because librel Anglo-Saxons and College Hippies really think he is The Second Coming Of John Lennon. Bol do the research on the Bi-Racialness of the Past Presidents throughout History and the cover-up of the fact that we have had some “Half-Black” Presidents.

  • accurate

    Bol For President, 08

  • The Spaniard

    “and he’s doing especially bad among old people and people who do jobs that don’t require the capacity for abstract thought – pretty much the two groups of people you need to win an election.”


    “The real reason Barack Obama won’t be elected president next year is because he’s black, and there’s no way a black person could be elected president in this country.”


  • The Dynasty

    Bol your back? I thought you might have lost your mind and degraded a W.A.S.P for once and done got fired. God knows they wont stand for any racism against them

  • Moe Real

    Both Bol and TPAR are back on the same day…coincidence? Not likely.

    I think they were on something like a honeymoon together…Maybe they hit Cape Cod with Billy Sundick and C Ray Wallz.

  • DARK

    i must say ill give props to bol (even thogh he a bitch) for not acting like a godamn child like billy fagday who deletes ppls comments and wont let ppl voice logical opinions about hiphop.billy fagday a straight up bitch id like to know where that pussy ass nigga lives cause id bust that mutherfuckers head open.pussy ass nigger.

  • accurate

    ^^ Aye, Dark niggaa. Its just a blog. BXS is a blogger, they talk shit. Let it go. Aint like he going atch momma. unless…

  • stoneyisland

    A black president huh? why do blacks think that having a black president is gonna change the way the rest of us are looked at by society? do you honestly think that if Obama wins (he wont by the way) that racial profiling and the hip-hop police are gonna magically disappear? wake the fuck up. Besides Colin Powell had the best chance of any black person being president 10 years ago. He had the clout and the universal support of white people everywhere, not to mention he was a republican in a republican control senate and house. Wake up there wont be a black president for at least 8 to 12 years, that is if Obama plays his position and becomes Hilary’s vice president………..

  • Rich Arte

    @TPAR, as much shit as Bol talks on here about others, you defend him cuz i tell him to get his fat ass fuckin fingers outta the cheetos??? btw, I’m 24…and just what did you add to the discussion???
    hold on to your thoughts.

  • These Bloggers Are Gays

    You stole Black-ish from me posting over in BXS’s blog.

    Fuck you, lisping fat gay retard.


  • asdfjadf

    notice he doesn’t mention the black vote… lol

  • asdfjadf

    >Most people aren’t aware that Lincoln, Jefferson, Jackson & a few other presidents were biracial products (mixed w/ black)

    George Jefferson and Mike Jackson?

  • these posts are racist

    R. Arte, i’m challenging you to criticize Byron for his bigoted positions and not his physical appearance. Just because he may do it, doesn’t make it right…you should know that, at 24.

    Does anyone else notice that Moe Fake says my name in every one of his comments? It’s getting strange, homey.

  • rich arte

    @TPAR, this is a hip hop site…not CNN, let me have fun with the chocolate marshmallow (no homo). And to add to the discussion, he used the first three paragraphs to delve into his healthy eating obsession…hence put down the cheetos.

    @Bol, comments like these “The real reason Barack Obama won’t be elected president next year is because he’s black, and there’s no way a black person could be elected president in this country.” is an opinion that will lessen his chance at actually becoming president. I don’t care who you’re voting for because I know who I’m voting for, but isn’t that Bill O’Reilly’s job to tear down the black man because of his race, and not yours…seeing as how you’re kinda “blackish”??? My mother told me if I don’t have anything nice to say, make something up….but I’d rather just say how I feel instead. I think Obama has a shot at becoming Pres. and I think he will do just as good as any of the other candidates. They are all puppets with hidden agendas anyway. But regardless of that, one of those puppets is gonna run the country for the next 4-8 years. Vote for who you want to, just vote.

    Is that good enough for you??

  • these posts are racist

    >>>”…but isn’t that Bill O’Reilly’s job to tear down the black man because of his race, and not yours…I’d rather just say how I feel instead. I think Obama has a shot at becoming Pres. and I think he will do just as good as any of the other candidates. They are all puppets with hidden agendas anyway. But regardless of that, one of those puppets is gonna run the country for the next 4-8 years. Vote for who you want to, just vote.”


  • Gamepiecer

    Seems the comments have gotten a little rough, but glad to hear about the mcdonalds monopoly promotion.

  • matt

    You’re probably right that America’s heartland, Chevy-commercial type people aren’t ready for a black president. But beyond that, Obama wouldn’t be elected because he’s a lightweight who doesn’t have any ideas, plans or a real cause that he believes in. Bill Clinton and G-dub were both passionate about something and it came through.

    BOL – I guess you don’t really keep up with the NFL but I think you could get a few weeks worth of material out of Travis Henry: he’s black, he has something like 9 kids from 9 different mothers, and he’s currently suspended for smoking pot.

  • beatz23

    Wait..Obama just won the primary??