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  • Abeeku

    Quite brilliant, Jay. I thought I was the only one who thought that this was like two people on the verge of a divorce: each so in love with their side of the story and their pain they wouldn’t dream of considering that the other party has a valid point.
    Kind of like war factions negotiating at the table during a civil war or something. Same emotions, same stubbornness, same…blindness to the painfully obvious.
    Trying to cure the symptoms without acknowledging the disease itself, while others focus on the disease, ignoring the symptoms which are problems as well.
    Good post.

    • Flymasta


  • Fire

    Awesome vlog, Jay. You made a lot of good points, although I was surprised you weren’t harder on Stanley Crouch. You’re right about both sides needing to acknowledge each other’s valid points, but I feel that the average person will say a lot of the people that attack hip hop are less willing to see other viewpoints than the actual artists themselves because they seem to ignore the real issues and the root causes, and some extremists get off on a censorship tangent. My 49 year old dad saw some of the congressional hip hop hearings and agreed with David Banner above everybody else. It’s mainly about personal responsibility and choices, but artists do need to be responsible for their actions and work to stop the cycle. But why not worry about more important issues at the roots of these conflicts instead of going after hip hop? Attacking the effects without going after the causes just doesn’t make that much sense to me.


    What’s up with this nigga’s hairline?

  • Incilin

    Great post as always. Why don’t they have people like you on these shows?? Fuck that, give Jay his own TV show.

  • Around and Around

    Really good drop Jay, there isn’t much in this world that is as black and white as the majority of talking heads like to argue.

  • dsread

    When I see Al Sharpton or somebody arguing against the use of words in a song I think don’t we have something better to argue about at the end of the day it is the societal problems we need to fix not Tip Drill or Oooh Cha wally and people attack the artest but I think the 100 pound gorilla no one likes to talk about is the corporate control of the whole thing or the self rightous backpack rapperswho would rather argue what isnt Hip hop instead of makeing music the main problem is it’s become M.O.B. Money Over Brotherhood or crab in the bucket in closeing the only way your gonna be able to get artists to affect change is hittin em in the pocket book

  • Garrett

    Great post! I’m always discussing these 2 points with my friends, parents and pretty much anyone would listen. And it feels too good when I hear somebody saying exactly what needs to change in the culture that I love.

  • Dan99

    Easy said then done.

  • these posts are racist

    Something that is always missing is this:

    Somehow the images, both literally and lyrically that are displayed in hip hop; the quasi-pornographic and glamorizing gangster/drug dealing lifestyles has proven to be very profitable. If Nelly or any other rapper was just a brother in the unemployment line, he would get no attention. Nelly has made over 60 million dollars because of these images that many in society deem to be a breach of his personal responsbility. Jay Smooth, you introduce the concept of “personal responsbility” as a given, without explaining why we such a duty.

    In the end, if it’s between poverty and breaching the duty of “personal responsibility” by saying words or displaying images, is it productive at all to criticize Nelly, et. al.? In other words, the man would never be a millionaire, but-for the images he was being critcized for putting forth.

    The soul of our Nation’s financial system is corrupt. It is impossible for me, considering the corruption and defective nature of our health care and overall ecnomic systems to look at an individual like Nelly – and condemn him for breaching some obscure duty that says he’s bad for displaying these negative images.

    Yet, nobody on that panel would be discussing Nelly and how society breached its duty to Nelly -if Nelly was a brother in the employment line.

  • lol

    so we ban all x-rated hiphop videos and , convince nelly to stop? now wat?

    if i wanna see a naked chick i can still go out and buy playboy.

    they act like if black people are cut off from all other entertainment.

    if i cant get black tail, i’ll buy hustler.

    if i cant watch american gangster , i’ll watch the sorpranos.

    so just coming down on black entertainers is futile.

  • Moe Real

    I think the point, TPAIN or whatever the fuck your preachy name is, is that Nelly is helping breach society by swiping a woman’s ass with a credit card. That is the fundamental point that anti-rap crusaders live by. We can’t say Nelly was brought up in a corrupt society and therefore must swipe. We can only say he’s on the same moral level as porn or movies, so attack us all or leave us all alone. It’s those sorts of double-standards – the Rolling Stones can be misogynist but Ying-Yang Twins can’t – that are killing us. I believe, and I’m sure everyone here agrees, it’s rooted in racism.

  • lil j smooth

    use some lotion nigga!

  • accurate

    i dun think its a big deal, as long as niggas know right from wrong, keep doin it.
    Way i see it, u cant tell nelly to stop. Das infringment on freedom. But, he cant keep doin it and influencing perv ass niggas to keep raping chicks and, as Pimp C said, poisoning the pussy population. So i guess, only real thing that can be done is a) stop making chauvanistic singles or b) do ti in moderation. Either way, this finna be an interesting battle.

  • lol

    lol@nelly making men rape women

  • jg420

    awesome post, jay smooth is the best bloger on xxl hands down

  • Purple Hulk


    • Certified Negro

      If you hate his posts so much, don’t waste the time to watch and analyze them. Maybe ask the nurse to move your wheelchair to the window.

  • LDN

    ^^ sorry for dumbass above, he probably listens to D4L.

    You drop hottest blogs ever dude. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!

  • East Is Over

    Bottom line, Nelly got his Rap dough and could care less how many minds he’s corrupted…And the White Man gets paid off of all of that!

  • SUCKS 2 B U

    As long as there are willing ignorant young Jigs with demo tapes and greedy Jews with labels there will be destructive lyrics/images in Rap music – Period!

  • Benjamins

    Nelly had fun swiping that credit card between that babes ass cheeks and seems from the video she or any of the other ass shaking hos were ok with it too, so i dont see what the big deal is here if you dont like it dont watch it. Me personally id rather watch nelly and his ass shaking hos than soldier boy and his gay ass dance. I think women who get offended by stuff like this are the women who are hos and stuff like this hits to heart if your not like this then why get offended?