A few non-Run-DMC musical moments that make me think of the big homie JMJ. R.I.P. dude. Without you, there's no us.

Onyx "BacDaFucUp"

Onyx "BichAsBootleguz"

Onyx "Bust Dat Ass"

Onyx "Da Bounce Nigga"

Onyx "Da Mad Face Invasion"

Onyx "GetDaFucOut"

C'mon you know them skits on the Onyx debut were hardbody. Ha!

Onyx f/ 50 Cent "React" (Hockey video not included)

Afros "Feel It"

Fam-Lee "Runs In The Fam-Lee"

Fam-Lee "Runs In The Fam-Lee (Remix)"

G-Unit "Gangsta'd Up"

Oh fuck it, here's a solo from the homie Stanley Brown.
Run-DMC "Pause"