The Brown Fox Kicks Rocks In The Box…

Foxy Brown is actually saving the Hip-Hop generation with her incarceration. Not because there’s less nail salon techs getting thumped on, or conversely less people getting pistol grip whipped with Blackberrys, but because she is showing us the price we pay when we don’t confront mental illness directly. In the hierarchy of shit that is bad for your rap career actually being 7-30 is the worst thing. It’s even worse for selling records than being a lady rapper. Foxy Brown is trying to come up in the game with two strikes against her. Let’s be honest with each other, when was the last time you considered copping a lady rapper’s record? You need to consider this new Foxy disc then, if for no other reason but to help ol’ girl get the treatment she needs for being insane in the membrane.

Being 7-30 in the African American community is also effed up too since we tend not to be able to afford to place our families in the institutions on the outskirts of town where crazy people are kept. Before you can even get into one of those facilities you have to be diagnosed by a physician. When is the last time you saw a Black person going to a doctor? I mean a real doctor, not some motherfucker in a white jacket at the clinic. This is because the African American community itself has a deserved distrust for the practice of medicine and frequently shuns receiving prescription drugs. Except for those of us with the sugar. I’ll do anything to keep from getting insulin shots. So now Foxy Brown’s situation highlights what we face when we don’t get the medical attention we need.

Since I went to a community college instead of an Ivy League school I gained an education that allows me to combine many trades simultaneously. Community college degrees are the equivalent of staying a month at a Holiday Inn Express. I will put on my Dr. Billy Sunday stethoscope and propose that we create a treatment program for Foxy Brown. We’ll also combine this with a marketing campaign for her latest album. Instead of creating a show where entertainment industry has-beens lose weight we make a show where we get psychological treatment to crazy ass rappers. The first season will have us trying to get Foxy some anger management counseling and medication for her bi-polar affliction. We’ll also feature Lil’ Kim as she plunges further into her plastic surgery fetish, and we ‘ll go to the STD clinic and then afterwards the clubs with Trina. Lastly, we will follow around Amil as she tries to shop her material for another album. Are you not entertained?

Okay, so maybe we need to consider another marketing plan. How about an instructional shoplifting video? ‘Crank Dat Pilfer’, ‘Shoplift Dat Ho?. If we get thirteen year old white chicks to make YouTube videos of this shit we’ll be like thousandaires, or hundredaires, or something rich. At the end of the day even marketing campaigns are foolish for someone who is fucking crazy. And Foxy Brown is fucking crazy. Record labels don’t offer health plans with their deals and since Foxy is signed to Koch or some shit I don’t even think they have a box of band-aids in their office. Before she goes on to promote her new record she needs to get herself examined and treated. For all she knows she could very well be pregnant with a demon spawn that is making her act so banana head.

FYI: If Foxy is indeed pregnant you will get extra points in the Q4 cRap Music Fantasy League.

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  • Colron

    Billy..did you tell YN about his contests yet?

  • Billy Sunday’s Father

    Come on pregnant Foxy….how many points is that getting ya? Son? Answer me!!! Cuz your father needs to make a comeback or he is going to beat your mother mercilessly….

  • John Brown

    YES, I had Foxy on my Crap Fantasy team…lol

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    I really don’t care about Foxy at this point. She is just a dumb hoodrat to me who will never get her act together.

    She deserves to stay in jail for smacking up folks. They were total strangers, even.

    She had the gall to miss a court appearance for petty reasons, i.e. hair & makeup, she was hungry, and she simply didn’t want to get on the bus. What kind of bullsh*t is that?

    Her new album is going to flop too. I know for sure that I ain’t copping it. No one buys records anymore, and people surely won’t purchase a female’s record. Real talk.


    It is kind of unfortunate that Foxy is obviously tilted. That whole Deaf Jam fiasco (no Lupe) always seemed like a way to get people to sympathize, which of course was super weak. With all the tone-deaf singers and rappers making $$$ off the industry, it shouldn’t have been too hard to finish the album.

    It would have made more sense if she would have just said, “I’m not sane.” Then she might really get a buzz going.

    I actually thought that Foxy could have beaten the odds and delivered a dope album until last year.

    Claiming pregnancy before a jail sentence is the new “I shot myself in the ass to avoid getting drafted”.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Drugs are bad, mmmmk.

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  • Hard Rap Cafe

    great idea for a show, i would never miss it

    need to get game and x on there too


    Is Hip Hop to blame for Foxy’s mental state? Stay tuned to Fox News for the answere.

  • Dead wrong

    Most blacks dont go to get treatment for mental disorders because they dont have the money right, but because being 730 is looked down upon and made fun of. F’kced up part about it is pieces like this dont help either. shit is not that funny.

  • DARK

    yo billy I’ma make a video on youtube adressing your ass since you banned me from ya threads and talk shit bout me,i’ll just adress your ass with my own words not typing!I don’t care if this comment get posted or not i just want to make sure yo bitch ass can see and read it!nigga you say the dumbest fucking shit i’ve ever read,your a bitch nigga,pussy ass cocksucker.fuck you and xxl this site is wack as fuck!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    You are a simpleton shitbag. How am I gonna read it on YouTube?

    Kill yourself by drowning in a toilet bowl.

  • gash

    Kill yourself by drowning in a toilet bowl.


  • LaFaye

    LOL @ the post Billy X. It gave me quite a laugh. Your “real” community treatment program tv proposal for ‘crazy ass rappers/r&b artists/and anyone in the media for that matter’ is a great concept. I would watch.

    Is anyone reading this?