Who the fuck is in charge of keeping Lil' Wang out of jail?!? That nigga should be fired right now. Wang does not have the money to be spending on lawyers fees if they ain't clearing Marvin Gaye samples or some shit like that. He surely doesn't have the money to be wasting on bail in shit stain states like Idaho.

Now if you selected Wang for your roster in the Q4 cRap Music Fantasy League you are sitting pretty right now. His arrest was worth a couple of hundred points and the good news is that his album is scheduled to be released in a couple of months. There's plenty of space to get arrested a few more times and release a couple of music videos. Lil' Wang could be the MVP of this quarter.

What does that say about rap music when your hottest rapper scores more points in a fantasy league for accumulating arrests than he does for making music? That says to me that rap music if fully submerged into American pop culture. Lil' Wang is like the James Dean/Corey Feldman of the rap game. Maybe not James Dean, more like Robert Downey Jr. He's one of those child prodigy stars that can't keep his car on the road. Is that what makes him so damn popular?

All I know is that there ain't but one strip in the whole state of Idaho and how is it that Lil' Wang gets pinched when he comes through this one horse 'burg? There should be no more rap concerts in Boise from now on. I mean, how ghey of a name is that for a town that Wang has to perform in anyhoo. The only town gheyer than Boysy would have to be Gheynsville Florida. Isn't that where T-Pain is from? Figures...

So what's next for Birdboy? Will he stay out of the clink long enough to record his first classic album exec-produced by 'Ye Tudda? Will he stay off the pills and the expired cough syrup long enough to deliver a coherent and powerful set of lyrics? Do we even fucking care? Especially since the father of his style is releasing an album in only a couple of more weeks? Had Lil' Wang released an album in the summer as previously scheduled this would all be a moot point right now. but as it stands he is about to step into the lion cage with no armor and no whip in his hand. Somebody talk some sense into him.

Tell Lil' Wang to leave the fourth quarter to the pros at this shit. The rappers that are truly focused and prepared to go the distance for their brand. The people that actually own rhymebooks because they recognize that their spit is worth remembering. Maybe one year Lil' Wang will be good money on a December album release. Something slick and gangsta for the Kwanzaa gift baskets. Until then I think we should let the fourth quarter belong to the Michael Jordans of the rap recordings. Not the Harold Miners.