Someone with the tools and the talent ought to conduct a survey, but I wouldn't be surprised if quite a few of the people who read this site are planning on voting for a Republican in the next election. Er, at least more than you'd think.

Of course I wouldn't piss on a Republican if one caught fire (especially before I was certain he was dead), but at the same time I'd be lying if I said I would be too pissed off if one managed to win next year's election. As far as I'm concerned, these assholes are all cut from the same cloth.

If you notice though, Rudy Giuliani, who's leading the Republican candidates in the polls, could very well be the most polarizing cracka-ass cracka in politics whose name isn't George W. Bush. Obviously quite a few people on the right are riding with him in the next election, but pretty much everyone I've ever met from New York can't stand the guy. I wonder why that is.

Obviously his main claim to fame is that he's the Mayor of 9/11. Where as President Sieg Howdy himself spent 9/11 down in Florida reading My Pet Goat to some ghetto kindergarteners who are probably in jail by now, and Dick Cheney was holed up in a bunker out here in the flyover states, Giuliani was out there in the thick of the asbestos dust getting his leadership on.

Granted I'm not sure what he did on 9/11 that was really that impressive, but his record in New York up until that point pretty much speaks for itself. I had never been there pre-Giuliani's tenure as mayor, but I heard that shit was fucked the fuck up: people doing all kinds of drugs right there in the street; pr0no theaters in Time Square; stick-up kids. You go there today and the shit's like Disney World.

Any of you d-bags are certainly free to enlighten me, but I think the main gripe with Giuliani, especially from the hip-hop community, is that he went a little overboard in cleaning up the streets. He may have made it so you can walk around at night without having a gun shoved in your face, but he also threw an insane amount of people in jail, not to mention the ones he let the cops kill and rape with plungers and so on and so forth.

Admittedly, noted contrarian that I am, even I'm not gonna come out in favor of raping a guy with a plunger. But I do wonder if Giuliani doesn't get a bad rap.

At the risk of using what's gonna come off as a "you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet" argument, I'll put it like this: Jigs get killed by the police here in St. Louis all the time, and you should see some of our rough areas. I would imagine they're way worse than New York, back when it was fucked up. Lest we forget, St. Louis is currently considered the most dangerous city in the US. If you 'bags don't want him up there, I'd be glad to have him work some of his plunger magic down here. Nullus.

Also, it's been a while since Giuliani was mayor. I've spent a decent amount of time there during the Michael Bloomberg era, and I can't imagine it's that much different than it was back then - except, of course, for the big-ass hole in the ground. Crime is still way down, and there was even a Diallo-style shooting a year or so ago. And yet, Bloomberg doesn't seem to be nearly as reviled. If I'm not mistaken, he was even backed by Russell Simmons in the last election.

Which is not to suggest that Russell Simmons is any sort of standard bearer when it comes to political attitudes in the hip-hop community. For all we know, Michael Bloomberg, whom I believe is Jewish, could be a member of the DeBeers family, which would of course make him business partners with Rush and hence explain everything. But I wonder if this seemingly irrational hatred of Rudy Giuliani isn't just more evidence of the same lack of emotional maturity that leads black people to vote for the Democrats in such overwhelming majorities.

What do you 'bags think?