Didn’t the Negro Network just host an awards show two months ago? How many fucking awards shows are there right now anyhoo? I don’t see how anyone has time to create any award winning content if they are always going to some awards show. Is there an award now for having been nominated to the most awards shows in one calendar year? If there is then I guess that BeYonce would win that one. That bird stay going to all kinds of awards shows. She’s about to win a Latin Grammy too. She wins awards for languages she don’t even speak. One language I am tired of hearing is that of the Stepin’ Fetchit negro.

How can Magic Johnson have a billion dollars, and all of these business ventures, survive AIDS, yet still be unable to speak without sounding like a stuttering bre’r rabbit? Just asking?

So BET is going to have another awards show focusing only on Hip-Hop while VH-1 is also having an awards show focusing only on Hip-Hop. By now we all know that MTV, BET and VH-1 are all owned by the same tall Israelis from Viacom Corp. Why in the fuck don’t these assholes have a conference call and tell each other what the fuck they are doing. It’s called corporate synergy. I come to my cubicle here in the XXL virtual office and I see what the fuck is going on with Bol and Tara Henley before I open my mouth. Doesn’t the shiftless Black production staff at BET know that the ambitious white hipsters from VH-1 have this Hip-Hop shit on lock for the rest of the year? Methinks that Mr.Hudlin is too busy reading his Black Panther comicbooks to recognize that Hip-Hop lives at VH-1 anyhoo.

Between the (white) Rapper Show, any programming that Flavor Flav is on and the Hip-Hop Honors Awards, VH-1 is the premier cable television outlet for discerning Hip-Hop fans. The only people fucking with 106th & Park sleep in the same tiny little bedroom they have known all their lives. VH-1 viewers like myself have graduated to their parents’ basement.

Speaking of ‘Graduation’, Combat Jack is gonna owe me three pounds [ll] come Monday morning.

Getting back to the subject… Who the fuck cares about BET anymore? That shit is deader than Hip-Hop. Their content is dead. Their programming is dead. Their whole staff is washed up. Except for Steve Hill. That niggas ice cold, but everyone else is trash. Sorry BET, y’all niggas have become Channel fuckin’ Zero and whatever you broadcast is gonna flop. If y’all were smart you’d put in your job applications at VH-1. Them white that’s over there know some good Hip-Hop when they see it.