What I Learned At Morgan State University…

Who’s going to Morgan U’s homecoming this year? I haven’t been to a MSU homecoming since the early 90’s Mobb Deep days. I remember how badly Morgan State wanted to come from under the shadow of Howard University. They would do anything to establish themselves as the top historically Black college in the metro Beltway area. If you ever went to a Greekfest picnic at Virginia Beach (pronounced VAAAAAH Beech) then you already know that Morgan gets little to no respect as far as HBCU’s are concerned.

It’s like this… Howard U is the top, then you got Hampton, Spelman was next (because they had all the stripper bitches), then Norfolk State, then North Carolina Central, then Fam U, Morehouse was always considered a fag school and Grambling had the world’s best marching band for decades. Morgan State didn’t even rate in the top 10 Black colleges. You couldn’t leave MSU with a bachelor’s degree and get anywhere in the world. You still need to get some paperwork from a classy white college if you want to have a career outside of managing a Foot Locker. At least the pre-law classes in Morgan State have benefited some of the MSU students.

By suing Lil’ Wang for a million clams these two young ladies are going to make their college degrees worth more than the paper they are printed on. You could work for forty years with an HBCU degree and never earn a million dollars. At least these ladies will get something out of their college experience other than a whole lot of empty condom wrappers from tattooed nose ring rappers. In some respects it seems a little unfair to Lil’ Wang that he should be getting sued because these ladies were clumsy and got themselves hurt. I mean, isn’t that why people run toward the stage during a Young Money concert? For the moment when these fools throw money at the crowd. Duh. I think these chicks might just be mad that they didn’t score any of the singles that Lil’ Wang threw in the air. They obviously weren’t hardbody enough so now they are trying to sue to get some of that Cash Money cash.

If I were Lil’ Wang I wouldn’t give these bitches shit.. Young Money don’t give these bitches no money, just dick in their tummy. Hey, they said that shit, don’t get mad at me because some scandalous broads want to file lawsuits to get their chips up. That’s another reason that Morgan State stays losing, because if this were Howard University these broads would get their money right by marrying rich. Just look at the broad that Chris Rock saddled up on. She lets him dip off and stab up white panties as long as he doesn’t make no more babies. Howard U bitches have the game on smash. I think I’m going back to their homecoming this year, for the fifty eleventh time.

Copp that new Lil’ Wang album for Kwanzaa so he can pay off these trifling hos.

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  • these posts are racist

    Man. You and BOL make your life’s mission to disrespect black women. It’s sad.

    Being a black woman in America is the most difficult thing to be, but you and BOL stay riding on them.

  • http://xxlmag.com houston’s finest

    good post

    people always look for a hand-out.

  • http://wmdeez.wordpress.com nation


  • Worley

    First and foremost: there is a difference between black women and trifling nappy headed hoes. The former get the utmost respect (from me at least). That last group gets um, you know, and wet singles.

  • Fire aka LOL Silencer

    I said this in another post, but here goes.

    *Thinks of “Gold Digger” when reading this story*

    That’s all that bitch is trying to do, get money in what she views as an easy way. To the people suing Lil Wayne: what do you expect when someone throws money? Look out for yourself. You couldn’t do that, so shut the fuck up and get out.
    This isn’t a race question, it’s a question of intelligence.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Being Black in America is fucked the fuck up on many levels for men and women, but if someone makes their own life harder should I shed a tear? If them ho’s went to a Kenny Chesney/Hannah Montana show would that shit have happened? Prah’lee not.

    As fucked up as Black peoples lives are right now can you for a minute imagine how marginalized the native American must feel? The U.S. Gov’t gave these losers blankets filled with smallpox to wipe them off the map. Legally administered genocide.

    I see you love running up for the arabs and the groupies that sprain their ankle when the niggers make it rain, but where is your concern for the peoples that represent more athletic club mascots than anyone else? Why don’t you start letting a tear run for them losers?

  • Tray

    Arguing over which HBCU is the best is like arguing over who’s the best snap rapper. Go to a real school.

  • N.O. 4 life

    unless any of those ladies in and out of a coma every few minutes they definately need a mill…back in the day when cash money used to throw money off the helicopters they took to get to stage there wasnt any problems like this…

  • N.O.4 life


    are you the stupidest person alive?..the hardest thing being in america is a black man…what you dont you get about the murder rate and the prison system stats…do you know what group of people has the lowest life expectancy in america?…BLACK MEN

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    billy fagday has tha cock on lock in his mouth.man ur such an ignorant disrespectful shit u can stop posin as a black man now billy we all know ur white.callin the native americans losers,dissin the black race.u aint hiphop u a bush supporter go eat a white dick fagday.”Kenny Chesney/Hannah Montana”wut does these fags have to do wit hiphop?nothin get a real job billy wit a one eyed willy in his mouth u is a bitch.

  • NoMamesBuey

    Speaking of HCBUs

    FYI, my team mate Shondria from my USTA mixed doubles team in Atlanta, sent this e-mail below

    Basically it sounds like the HS seniors & juniors that play HS varsity tennis, may be able to cop full scholarships, by going to this event Sep 27-30 @ Sugar Creek TC in Atlanta

    Pls fwd this to any kids that may be interested.

    ALTA internet directions to Sugar Creek TC:
    2706 BOULDERCREST RD, Atlanta
    (404) 243-7149

    Shondria’s msg:

    FYI……If you know someone who can benefit from this please pass along.

    Historically Black Colleges host a Tennis Tournament at Sugar Creek Tennis Center off of Bouldercrest Rd each year. This year the event is being held the last of this month.

    18 colleges are expected and the coaches are looking to give out full tennis scholarships. Last year they gave away scholarships to some young men but there were not enough girls to so they left without giving away an additional remaining 8 full scholarships.

    The do not have to play like the Williams sisters or James Blake, just play tennis competitively. Please share with any high school juniors or seniors that you may know who play and may be interested.


    HBCU Nationals Tennis Tournament

    Calendar of Events

    September 27th-30th

    THURSDAY – September 27th, 2007

    8:30A.M. – 9:00A.M.: Player Reception/Match Play Starts

    12:00P.M. – 1:00P.M.: Lunch provided for Players and Coaches

    9:00A.M. – 6:00P.M.: Tournament Play

    FRIDAY – September 28th, 2007

    8:30A.M. – 6:00P.M.: Daily Match Play

    12:00P.M. – 1:00P.M.: Lunch provided for Players and Coaches

    6:30P.M. – 9:00P.M.: College Pro-Am Fundraiser

    * Round Robin Play
    * Hit for Prizes and Giveaways
    * FREE Food, Beverage, and Live Entertainment

    SATURDAY – September 29th, 2007

    9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.: Final Rounds of Tournament Play

    8:00A.M. – 12:30P.M.: Kids Day

    * Kids Hit for Prizes
    * Round Robin Competition for Jrs seeking exposure
    * Free Light Refreshments

  • boner jams 03

    Billy X.! where’s the love for my alma matter??north carolina a&T(ass and titties) university???? we got WAY more bitches than central….u must havent been down here lately..there’s more 18 and 19 year old prime pussy than anywhere on the hbcu east coast between howard and swac country….give us our props billy!

  • missile 6

    Hampton University is the shit.

    Wayne just gotta cash them out for about 100k a piece they a chill after that.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    BJ 03,
    I left off NC A & T because ain’t that where the Duke stripper went to? No HBCU community colleges are on my list.

    Why should Wang cash these ho’s out? They know what happens when niggas make it rain. The people go batshit crazy. These broads should have fell back.

  • DirtDoggy

    Let me ask you bitches out there posting with hurt feelings do you like Kevin Federline’s faggot ass for taking Brit to the bank for doing absoulutly nothing but plant a seed ? This is what some/most females try to do everyday of there lives to men, but guess what everybody thinks kevin is a fucking homo bitch for doing that too, but usually it’s a female in his position.

  • LowEndofDaChi

    To suggests that these “bitches” and “hoes” are golddiggers is kind of ill w/out knowing the full extent of their injuries or the circumstances. Many of you on here must not have sisters or positive relationships with your mothers for that matter.

  • http://www.myspace.com/chocolatebun4eva Chocolatebun_DC

    #1 Every1 knows HU is #1 (howard not hampton lol) and if they werent seriously hurt FUCK EM!!!

  • boner jams 03

    nah billy…the duke stripper bitch went to nc central…which u actually listed on your blog….and i aint no emotional ass nigga but that community colege line struck a cord with me my nigga…we are 14,000 students deep and graduate more black undergraduates than any school in the country per year..not just any black school…ANY SCHOOL PERIOD..do the knowledge Billy…we are FAR from a community college homie


    I Wonder….Why in 2007 in America the most Advanced nation in the World that we STILL have All Black Colleges that are specifically ALL BLACK!!! I am starting to think that your Average Black Person in America is subconsciously Racist against Non-Black People. It’s like how do we still have ALL WHITE colleges in America where people Know that ONLY White People and Other Non-Blacks go there, it’s like saying “Gosh we wanna be Free, live in America and be apart of this country, but, DON’T wanna interact with other Races!” I mean I understand that most Black People aren’t really caring about enriching their lives with common interaction with other people of various nationalities, but, damn one must wonder how are We as Blacks are gonna make it in a Diverse and versatile business-world and Economy if we only know how to learn, interact and live amongst Blacks? Thats Why you couldn’t pay me to go to a “Historically Black College”, because it’s too many niggas! I am Black, and I grew up around nothan, but, Black people, and I think sometimes that it’s best to Diversify yourself.

  • these posts are racist

    “…but where is your concern for the peoples that represent more athletic club mascots than anyone else? Why don’t you start letting a tear run for them losers?”

    Um, when has anything about Native Americans been presented for me to defend?

  • 2Gutta

    Lil Wang ? Lmao

  • boner jams 03

    where is your concern for the peoples that represent more athletic club mascots than anyone else? Why don’t you start letting a tear run for them losers?”

    cosign that….

    i’m a ‘skins fan, but the actual name “redskins” might be the most offensive shit ever

  • Busarah

    I Wonder….Why in 2007 in America the most Advanced nation in the World that we STILL have All Black Colleges that are specifically ALL BLACK!!! I am starting to think that your Average Black Person in America is subconsciously Racist against Non-Black People.
    and why dont the non-black students go to the so called black colleges?

  • Combat Jack

    ^ “Being a black woman in America is the most difficult thing to be, but you and BOL stay riding on them.”

    Um, last I checked, the unemployment rate for Black men in NYC is 50%. Unemployment rate for Black women, not so much. As a double Ivy League educated hard working father of four (kids by same woman, within wedlock), I beg to difer. No doubt, being a Black woman in America is hard, but I can’t imagine it to be more difficult than being a Black man. Not trying to cause shit, but I gotta call it like I see it.

  • EReal

    She lets him dip off and stab up white panties as long as he doesn’t make no more babies
    I thought there was No Sex in the Champaigne Room???

  • The Spaniard

    “I am starting to think that your Average Black Person in America is subconsciously Racist against Non-Black People.”

    Stop thinking…it’s true.

  • boner jams 03

    chicago papii,

    i think if anything, its a sad commentary on white society that they haven’t integrated hbcu’s and we still have colleges out there that are 95% black while we make conscious efforts to integrate white schools…….i went to an hbcu and iwould not trade that experience for the world…best 6 1/2 years of my life….deep down i knew that i was gonna have to spend all my working years surrounded by a vast majority of whites so i had one last hoorah with my people….and don’t discredit the quality of an hbcu education..some of our best and brightest…like oprah, mlk, langston hughes, nikki giovanni and w.e.b. dubois to name a few went to black schools…

  • Prove it

    I can’t front I don’t think you can succeed in White Man’s America if you graduate from a Historically Black College & University. However, see the double standard. Nobody gives a shit if you are white and have never ‘diversified’ yourself with people unlike yourself. You will still get hired if you have that piece of paper. So ‘THE SPANIARD’ please add something to the convo or don’t post bitch.

  • boner jams 03

    Prove it Says:

    September 21st, 2007 at 1:17 pm
    I can’t front I don’t think you can succeed in White Man’s America if you graduate from a Historically Black College & University

    i did…

  • Trizzle

    obviously “TRAY” is a cracker or a uncle tom. dont disrespect HBCU’s u mildly retarded, ignorant clown


    I attend a Mixed, Diverse College and it’s experiences and things I learned here about other races and how to deal with them professionally and in working that if I went to a Historically Black College I wouldn’t have. Plus the World is diverse, why in HBC’s there aren’t a Diversity being implied like there are in White or Non-Black Schools? And it’s True, to succeed in America, and or in any other Dominant Capitalist Society, you won’t be able to break that “Glass Ceiling” of Success unless you attend a Mainstream College. Unless you wanna work for BET. Do you?

  • Dr Flav

    Fisk University is HBCU’s G.O.A.T, it was written. You do realize by saying Lil Wang, it sounds like a nickname concocted by a disappointed jump off, not alluding to any previous acknowledgement of said nickname. LOL.

  • boner jams 03


    how the fuck does not going to a white school mean you won’t now how to interact with other people?? i’m the ONLY black face in my office and i know how to carry and conduct myself professionally..if u know how to be professional it doesnt matter what the people you “deal with professionally”…i give each and everyone u meet in the working world with common courtesy and respect…from the mexican cleaning lady at my job to the president of the company…u sound real dumb and ingnorant sayin “i learned about other races and how to deal with them professionally”…u sound like the close-minded bigoted person if you are treating people of different races differently based on their race….they are called “people skills” chicago…not “white people skills” or black people skills”…people are people..and if u know how to professionally interact with a peson of one race u know how to interract with all races…u need to wake the fuck up


    My brother attended a HBCU, and he experienced Blacks being “Uppity”, Neo-Elite Kids of wealthy Black affluent people who sub-consciously promoted Black Dominance over overall equal treatment of everybody regardless of Race. To attend one of those places is a Handicap to young African-Americans that are trying to succeed in Life, and in the Real World outside of The Black Community, I am not dissing your experience, but, I am stating the Facts. It goes beyond “Black & White”, there are latinos,asians, arabian and other races and nationalitiy of peoples that within the interaction and different perspectives on Life could enrich anybody’s existence. I am not a Bigot, or Racist(how can I be if I am technicaly African-American?),so why the anger and Hate of my Perspective?

  • boner jams 03

    how is going to a hbcu a “handicap”????????thats one of the dumbest thngs i ever heard…it is the complete opposite …it is an inspiration to see young black people striving for success and witnessing the success and receiving the wisdom and guidance of older black people who have achieved success….u talkin real reckless….

    and your brother must have went to hampton…they know for bein bougie….that shit is like the black duke…


    Like I said to make it in a World that is steadily heading towards a Global Community, we as African-Americans betetr prepare ourselves for The Future. And that future isn’t a all White World, a All Black World or a All Latino World, it’s a World where in a few years all the schools in this country will have to teach the children coming up more than just our English Language, they might have to learn Spanish, French, Italian or whatever. We see now that more and more as the American Dollar decreases and the EURO increases so does the reality where Race or Color will matter, and restricting anybody’s Mind to just a Black environment or a White Enivronment is handicapping them to the New Age Movement. It’s like it’s cool to wanna brush up on your Black Heritage and whatever, but, to become somebody of significance your gonna have to become a Global Citizen. Diversify yourself or get stuck in the past.

  • keygrip

    grambling never had the best, but they are good. Top spot goes to jackson state and famu

  • sleep

    Do these black colleges even have 1 percent of other racist because I’m sure u cent decline acceptance into a college on. Saying that I would neva send my kids to a black college.but its non black who don’t want to go to these colleges. I’m sure 1 black person had to go to havard before other started . So if one white person decided to go to these college I’m sure others would follow. If I was a non black girl I’d try to enroll in these college and the slightest undertone of the resgister office trying the detract my decision I’d sue. And then I would have to be @ wayne concert with the black waiting for him to make it rain. And making rain is stupid put your money in your bank or donate to the homless. I wonder if bill gates, steve jobs, and trump be making in it rain on them hoes.

  • Dr Flav

    White, Indian, Spainish, Asian and other races including a group of students from Bangladesh attended Fisk U, albeit they were a minority. I see many of you know very little about these institutions and the stereotypes and lack of knowledge are why many of them struggle. Im happy to know and attended an institutions that is specifically ours and proud of the brilliant minds that they have cultivated. Some of you have some of the most ignorant criticisms that I ever read. BTW, I was raised in southern WV, Kimball about 16 miles from Big Creek, where they raped and tortured that black woman. NOW WHAT?